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General History Gateways

Index of Resources for Historians
A broad coverage but no attempt is made to evaluate or describe the contents of the sites listed..  Based in Kansas
HISTORY at the Institute of Historical Research
A developing resource from one of the leading research centres in the UK.  The links are categorised by the location of the host institution so that users can choose from lists of online resources for Historians in London, the U.K., Europe, and World-Wide.  No attempt is made to evaluate or describe the contents of the sites listed.
Horus' Web Links to History Resources
In addition to indexes by place and time Horus includes listings for historiography, history of science, historic preservation, etc. A section of Specific Historical Issues has pointers to historiographical debates (e.g. White Man's Burden) and to current events from ah historical perspective (e.g. Northern Ireland Politics). The Special Interests Advocacy area includes links to graduate and war veterans sites.
Internet Resources on World Cultures
An eclectic mix that tries hard to cover non-European and non-U.S. themes.  No quality control is applied however.
Historical Text Archive (Mississippi State University)
Ostensibly a text archive but with links to a wide range of resources.
Internet Sourcebook Series
Source collections desgined with teaching in mind and organised thematically. Originally based on digitisations of copyright free undergraduate sourcebooks but now include links to many full electronic texts across the internet. The collections are mainly primary sources but there are also links to relevant secondary material and related web sites. As a teaching resource the editor has endeavoured to ensure the texts are of a suitable academic standard. The collection currently includes:

Subject Specific Gateways

A gateway for medieval studies
The ECOLE Initiative
Hyper-text Encyclopedia of Early Church History
Argos Limited Area Search Engine
Searches approved sites in the areas of Ancient and Medieval History
Victorian Web
A wide ranging treatment of the Victorian period. Topics include economics, religion, the arts, and technology. The hypertext documents cover a variety of topics covering: Victorian Political History; The British Empire and International Relations; Social History and Economic History. There are also a collection of documents relating to pre-nineteenth century political history, which provide background information for the Victorian articles. An historical overview is also available.
Gateway to World History
Brings together a disparate collection of resources with the teacher of World History in mind (although the researcher will also find this useful).  The site is structured according to a clear historical model (witness the sections on the "Feudal Mode of Production").

General Gateways with a Significant History Section

BUBL: History
The Subject Tree is available alphabetically or in UDC order. Subject links are presented in the same order.  Each link has a short description of the content.
The Exeter Subject Tree: includes
Classics & Ancient History,
English & Medieval Studies,
Economic & Social History
Also listings for countries and regions
A broad listing of a wide range of online resources from library catalogues to Web sites.  Each listing includes a brief description.
Voice of the Shuttle Web Page for Humanities Research: History
The site offers a well categorised listing of links on a broad range of subjects, often linking to individual pages and documents as well as to sites.  Some links have brief descriptive comments.

Exemplary Sites

An incomplete list of sites that demonstrate high standards of design and presentation in additon to historical content.

The Great Chicago Fire and the Web of Memory
From the Chicago Historical Society and Northwestern University the site explores physical, demographic, economic and social context of the 1871 fire and the subsequent rebuilding. Navigation is straightforward offering several avenues of exploration. Offers a mix of media with text enlivened by images, crossreferences and marginalia. Historical content includes many primary sources, several previously unpublished, and secondary source essays.

Discussion Lists

CTICH's own discussion lists
history-methods and history-news
See other related mailbase lists.
Humanities and Social Sciences Online.  Some of the best and most active lists, but with a strong US bias.
A variety of lists concerning economic themes


Institute of Historical Research
Part of the University of London's School of Advanced Study.
American Historical Association
The leading US Association. The site includes many resources of interest to historians outside the US including an online edition of the journal Perspectives which highlights professional and pedagogical issues
Association for History and Computing
An international organisation dedicated to the use of computers in historical research with national branches around the world. The Association organises an annual conference, a discussion list H-AHC, and publishes a journal, History and Computing. National branches provide similar services to their constituencies.
The Economic History Society
Information on the UK society include membership, publications, grants, and conferences. See also Eh.Net

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