Progress in Colour Studies Progress in Colour Studies


Monday 14th July to Thursday 17th July 2008

Departments of English Language and Psychology
University of Glasgow, Scotland

Conference organizers: Carole Biggam, Carole Hough, Christian Kay and David Simmons.

Following the success of Progress in Colour Studies 2004, we plan to hold a further conference on colour in 2008. It will take place at the University of Glasgow, Scotland, from Monday 14 July until Thursday 17 July 2008 (both dates inclusive). If there is sufficient demand, we will organise a tour to places of scenic and historic interest on Friday 18th July.

Our overall aim for PICS08 is to provide a multidisciplinary forum for discussion of recent and ongoing research, presented so as to be accessible to scholars in other disciplines. We therefore welcome proposals for papers from any area of interest, for example vision science, psychology, linguistics, anthropology, archaeology, biology, philosophy, cartography, art history, etc. To submit an abstract, click on the link below.

The conference will be held on the University of Glasgow campus, with accommodation in University residences and local hotels. For further details and a booking form, please see below.

For further information contact:

Dr C. P. Biggam
Dept of English Language,
University of Glasgow,
Glasgow G12 8QQ
United Kingdom.

Further general information can be found at:

Glasgow Colour Studies Group
Glasgow University

English Language Department
Glasgow Tourist Board