Progress in Colour Studies

The Colour Group: an interdisciplinary society

Colour words from the Historical Thesaurus of English

Colour Vision

City University, London: Colour vision test

Color Filter Organisation: View any website through colour-defective eyes

BBCi: Colour Blindness

The Neitz Color Vision Lab with many links to colour sites


BBCi: Designing with Colour

ICI: About Paint

Color Association of the US : Color Trivia Game

Akiyoshi's illusion pages: Visual Illusions

Sanford Corporation: Dr. Gray and his Dechromatizer

Find your family tartan: Tartans of Scotland, House of Tartan, University of Amsterdam (tartan thumbnails)

Aurora Borealis:, Aurora Watch


Institute for Dynamic Educational Advancement: The Causes of Colours

BBC news: The colour of the cosmos

BBC: Archives, Experimental colour on television

Library of Congress: Making Color Images from Prokudin-Gorskii's Negatives

University of Wisconsin-Madison: The Chemistry of Autumn Colors


The Color Academy: A History of Colours in Art

Hunterian Art Gallery, GU, Scottish Colourists

WebMuseum, Paris: artworks online

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