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This list is not exhaustive; it is intended as a guide to some of the materials written about Henryson, his poetry and his language. There is also a brief list of relevant audio and videocassettes, available from Scotsoun.

1. Books and Articles
a) Primary Texts

The Poems of Robert Henryson ed Denton Fox, Oxford University Press, 1981
Selected Poems of Henryson and Dunbar ed Priscilla Bawcutt and Felicity Riddy, Scottish Academic Press, 1992

b) Secondary Reading

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2. Audiocassettes

Scotsoun has compiled audiocassettes of older Scots poetry. These tapes, and a full catalogue, can be obtained by writing to: Scots Language Society
Blackford Lodge
Perthshire PH4 1QP

Tapes of particular relevance to Robert Henryson are:

Robert Henryson, The Makar Some thoughts and reflections by Rod Lyall, Honorary President of the Robert Henryson Society

Poems of Robert Henryson 1 and 2 Two audiocassettes of Robert Henryson's poetry, selected and read by Matthew McDiarmid.

The Trial of the Fox & The Preiching of the Swallow Renditions from Older into Modern Scots of two Moral Fables, with a commentary. Read by Bob Smith and George Bruce.

Robene and Makyne Rendered from Older into Modern Scots and read by Molly Rorke.

Some other titles of interest are:

10 Medieval Makars Poems by John Barbour, Blin Hary, Gavin Douglas, Sir David Lindsay and others, selected and introduced by Alexander Scott.

Poems of William Dunbar Selected and introduced by Edwin Morgan.

John Barbour Extracts from 'The Brus' selected by Matthew McDiarmid

Gavin Douglas Extracts from 'Eneados' and 'The Palice of Honour' selected by Matthew McDiarmid

How to Pronounce Older Scots A guide, with notes, by Jack Aitken, past editor of the Dictionary of the Older Scots Tongue.

3. Videocassette

A 15-minute video guide to the Presence Room in Dunfermline's Abbot House, with a commentary on The Testament of Cresseid, is also available from Scotsoun by writing to the address above. (VHS Pal format)

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