4.2.1 Group I

There are five pupils in Group I: G1, G2, G3, B1, and B2. The male classroom teacher joins the group towards the end of the discussion, but does not speak. The pupil assessed by the S.E.B. is B1, who is assessed as Foundation Level, Grade 6, the lowest grade represented on the film.

The group's task is to design a film script, into which they have to incorporate elements of the lyrics of six pop songs, which are to be the sound track of the film. The songs, which their classroom teacher has played twice to them in class, are "Nowhere Man" by the Beatles, "Only 16" by Sam Cooke, "My Hometown" by Bruce Springsteen, "My little town" by Simon and Garfunkel, "Glory Days" by Bruce Springsteen, "Randolph and Me" by Gallacher and Lyle. The group concentrate in the recorded discussion on the lyrics of the two songs "My Hometown" and "Randolph and Me".

The three girls dominate this discussion, and amongst them there appears to be a hierarchy, headed by G2, who is supported by G3, while G1 is occasionally excluded or opposed. G2 and G3 use co-operative strategies towards one another throughout, and fewer towards G1, who also uses fewer to them than they do to each other (with the exception of back channel support, which G1 supplies more of, to G2, G3, and B1, than any other group member).

The two boys have a very low profile in the discussion. B1 speaks twice during the recording, but is largely ignored by the girls. B2 does not speak at all during the discussion, or even make perceptible eye contact with other speakers. There is insufficient evidence on the film to explain B2's lack of contribution; it might have been a result of his reluctance to speak under any circumstances, or a reaction to any element/s of the context. B2's linguistic behaviour will therefore not be commented on in this analysis.

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