Floor apportionment

In this discussion, both participants appear reticent and speak little.

speaker no. of % age of no. of % age of av. turn

words words spoken turns turns taken length

B3 117 74.5 11 58 10.6words

B4 40 25.5 8 42 5.0 words

total no. of words: 157

total no. of turns: 19

average turn length: 8.2 words

total length of discussion: 3minutes 30seconds

In all B3 spoke 117 words and B4 spoke only 40. B3's turns were longer on average than B4's: the average length of B3's turn was 10.6 words, while the average length of B4's turn was 5 words. Although the distribution of turns and the turn length is far from equal, B3 does not compete with B4 for the floor; his longer and more frequent turns follow long pauses. The speakers do use co-operative strategies, such as questions, to draw the other into the discussion.

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