Summary of Group II discussion

The two boys use some co-operative features. They provide each other with back channel support; they use questions to draw the other into the discussion; they use hedges and epistemic modal forms to soften their proposals. However, this does not extend to the co-operative use of features such as lexical continuity, except at lines 2-4, nor to the use of overlapping or simultaneous speech.

In this context, the two boys do not use competitive forms. They do use some co-operative features, though not all the co-operative features considered in this study, and they use no competitive features.

To look specifically at B3's profile, he uses co-operative and non-co-operative features. He gives only one item of back channel support, talks more than his partner, does not overlap his partner's turns, repeat his lexis, or speak simultaneously with him.. However, he does not interrupt his partner, or use other competitive forms, and he does hedge his propositions.

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