Floor apportionment

The most significant aspect of the floor apportionment results is that almost exactly half the words spoken in the discussion are uttered by B5 (49.4%). His turns are by far the longest. The other two boys, B6 and B7, appear to have largely withdrawn from competition for the floor, while G4, as the chair, attempts to steer the discussion group through the questions to a consensus. Her turns are shorter than B5's, and although she takes practically the same number of turns as he does, the number of words she contributes is far lower. She nevertheless speaks considerably more than either B6 or B7. The distribution was as follows:

speaker no. of % age of no. of % age of av.turn

words words spoken turns turns taken length

B5 538 49.4 40 35 13.5

B6 103 9.4 17 15 6

B7 77 7.0 18 16 4.3

G4 371 34.0 39 34 9.5

Total number of words: 1089

Total number of turns: 114

Average number of words per turn: 9.5

Total length of discussion: 5minutes 30seconds

B5's behaviour is extremely competitive and he overwhelmingly dominates the floor. G4 does not respond by submitting to B5's dominating behaviour; instead she frequently enters into explicit conflict with him.

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