Interruptions and 0verlap

There are very frequent interruptions in this discussion, as is shown by the following extract of lines 19-22.

19. B5: (.) (so) you're not going to get none are you (XXXX)

G4: mhmm (but XXXX)

20. B5: cos you're going to get eh all rocks and that

B7: (XXXX)

G4: they didn't go round the full

21. B5: (XXXX)

B7: (XXXX) they didn't do

G4: loch (.) Christopher (.) they did the sonar scan

22. B7: the full loch (XXXX)

G4: just round the castle they did the sonar scan just round

The above extract shows B5, B7, and G4 in conflict and competing for the floor. A considerable number of contributions are indistinct because they overlap those of other speakers.

There are examples of overlaps in the discussion where the speakers do not apparently disagree over an issue, but even in these cases, speakers seem to be competing for the floor, so the overlap is closer to an interruption than a co-operative overlap:

8. G4: =right (.) Loch Ness is is very large deep

9. B5: well tha. that's true (.) it's deep

B6: (it's large XXXX)

G4: dark (and also of the XXXX)

10. B5: it's deep=

B7: it's hard to get (to get to the bottom)

G4: =it's deep

The discussion is again very competitive in this respect, and again, the girl in the group, G4 participates to the same extent as the boys in the competitive interruption and the absence of co- operative overlaps.

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