Floor apportionment

Both speakers in this discussion take long turns, although G9's average turn is longer than G10's.

speaker no. of % age of no. of % age of av.turn

words words spoken turns turns taken length

G9 367 62 13 54 28.25

G10 225 38 11 46 20.5

Total number of words: 592

Total number of turns: 24

Average number of words per turn: 24.6

Total length of discussion: 4minutes 39seconds

The average turn length for the whole discussion is 24.6 words, longer than the average turn length for any of the preceding discussions, in which speakers received lower grades. The floor is not shared equally between both participants: G9 speaks more than G10, taking two more turns in addition to taking longer turns. The floor normally switches from one girl to the other at the completion of each turn, although on two occasions (lines 20 and 52) G9 self-selects for a further turn after she has completed a turn and there has been a pause. G9 speaks marginally less than two thirds the number of words which G9 speaks.

Difference in quantity of speech is one of the linguistic features which suggest G9 is attempting to dominate the discussion.

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