Floor apportionment

The mean turn length in this discussion is the longest of any looked at in this study; G11, who is awarded the highest grade given by the S.E.B., has longer mean turns than any other speaker in the data. This bears out the correlation between quantity of contribution and grade which is looked at in more detail in 4.3 below. The distribution of the floor is as follows:

speaker no. of % age of no. of % age of av.turn

words words spoken turns turns taken length

B8 214 23.5 8 28.5 26.75

B9 194 21.5 6 21.5 32.3

G11 383 42.0 6 21.5 63.8

G12 95 10.5 4 14.5 23.75

T 23 2.5 4 14.5 5.75

Total number of words: 909

Total number of turns: 28

Average number of words per turn: 32.5

Total length of discussion: 5minutes 0seconds

G11 speaks almost twice as many words as anyone else, and has turns which are twice the group's average in length. The two boys, B8 and B9, speak similar amounts to one another, B8 taking slightly more frequent and shorter turns than B9, as might be expected from a speaker taking the role of chair. G12, the scribe, takes fewer turns than any other pupil in the group, and her average length of turn is shorter than the average for the group. The teacher speaks very little in comparison with the other speakers, but he controls the discussion when he does speak, selecting the next speaker (l.28), and closing topics by evaluating answers as complete (l.31), or continuing topics by evaluating the previous speaker's contribution as not satisfactory (l.76-77).

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