Back channel support

There is a relatively high frequency of back channel items to the number of words in the discussion in comparison to the other discussions considered. The distribution of the floor was as follows:

Giver recipient no.of items Giver recipient no. of items

G13 G14 11 G14 G13 8

G15 13 G15 9

G13 gives 24 items G14 gives 17 items

G13 receives 30 items G14 receives 21 items

Giver recipient no.of items

G15 G13 22

G14 10

G15 gives 32 items

G15 receives 22 items

Total number of back channel items in discussion: 73

Ratio of back channel items to number of words: 1:24

The distribution of back channel support differs from that found in the other groups in that all speakers both give and receive a substantial amount of back channel support, although it is still the case that the pupil who speaks most (G13) receives the most items of back channel support from other group members. The high frequency of the back channel support is one of the features which suggests that this is a co- operative discussion.

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