Lexical repetition

There is a considerable degree of lexical repetition throughout the discussion, and it frequently signals speakers' attention to and support of one another. The degree of co-operativeness between the participants is strongly marked by their readiness to recycle each others' lexical items. An example of this occurs at as at lines 34-35:

34. G13: =yeah= he's got to =I'd

G14: =as a

G15: =he's got to do his job (.) it's his life and=

35. G13: think it probably would be his life (.)

G13 picks up on G15's point, and draws attention to it through emphasis ("it probably would be his life").

Another instance is also clearly supportive repetition. G14 repeats G15's item "cold", and adds to it "unsympathetic". G15 agrees with this modification and backs up G14: "yeah":

39. G14: =cold (.) unsympathetic=

G15: cold character= =yeah

G14's repetition of "cold" links her turn to G15's preceding turn, maintaining the joint topic development.

The final illustration of lexical repetition from this discussion is the most elaborate. It is the only one in the discussion that all three group members participate in. At line 126, G15 says "or something happens". G14 echoes this, modifying "something" at line 126 "something shocking". G15 accepts G14's modification at line 127 "yeah (.) something happens", and G13 also repeats "something" at line 127. G14 modifies G13's "something" with the adjective "dramatic" at line 127, which G15 echoes: "dramatic". The sequence is then concluded by G13, repeating G14's opening words.

124. G14: he might change (.) at the end

125. G15: (.) maybe (.) if he (.) gets married or something he might

126. G13: ((laughs))

G14: (.) something shocking= =changes

G15: (.) or something happens =yeah=

127. G13: =something= ((laughs))

G14: =dramatic= ((laughs))

G15: something happens= =dramatic ((laughs))

128. G13: (.) so he could change like if it was something like to

129. G13: teach him a le.= =a lesson

G14: =yeah=

G15: =yeah=

This example of lexical repetition indicates how closely the group members are working together.

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