Lexical repetition

Very little lexical continuity occurs in the discussion. While B3 has lexical items in his contributions relating to the rules written on the cards in front of the two boys, B4's comments do not. B4 responds to B3 with simple agreement or disagreement, and asks questions ("what's this", "what about that one"). As a result there is little lexical continuity.

There is one instance of lexical repetition at lines 2-4:

2. B3: (5) mmm c. how can you make friends (1) with


3. B3: ah people when you don't know whether they're

B4: (.) friends or

4. B3: (.) aye

B4: enemies

B4 completes B3's turn by supplying "friends or enemies", a completion B3 accepts with "aye". B4 uses B3's word "friends " in his formulation. Although there is very little lexical recycling in this discussion, the single instance is co-operative, and suggests the attitude of the two boys is supportive rather that not.

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