Floor apportionment

There is very little difference between the number and length of turns taken by G5 and G6. G7, however, takes less than half as many turns as G5 and G6, and her turns are only half the length of theirs, on average. G8 speaks least.

speaker no. of % age of no. of % age of av.turn

words words spoken turns turns taken length

G5 457 38.4 35 34.6 13.0

G6 484 40.6 34 33.6 14.2

G7 201 16.9 27 26.7 7.4

G8 27 4 5 4.9 9.6

Total number of words: 1,190

Total number of turns: 101

Average number of words per turn: 12

Total length of discussion: 5minutes 47seconds

From these results, it is clear that interaction is predominantly between G5 and G6, with G7 contributing significantly less, and G8 very little. It was in fact often difficult to distinguish G5 and G6's turns, since they frequently constructed joint turns. G7 contributed less to this joint turn building. G8's position in the group is interesting, since it is difficult to discern whether the other speakers are deliberately excluding her, or whether she has chosen not to participate. Her second comment (l.35-37) appears to be a deliberate challenge to the other speakers, which they ignore.

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