Lexical repetition

There are instances in the discussion where a great deal of co-operative lexical continuity occurs between the turns of G5, G6, and G7. Lines 4-6 are one example of this; G5 repeats G7 word for word:

4. G7: I think she's going to leave I think

5. G5: =she'll just leave=

G7: just leave= =she'll just leave with

6. G7: her brother

In a further illustration, G5 accepts and repeats G6's elaboration of the point G5 has made, which was that Viola is not in love with Olivia, when G6 adds 'as a friend':

16. G5: she's not in love with

17. G5: her but she likes her (.) right and a. as a friend she

G6: yeah as a friend

G5, G6, and G7 act co-operatively towards each other in this respect; G8 on the other hand does not repeat the others, or have her lexis repeated. The use of this feature by the group differs from epistemic modality and hedging, topic development, questions and tag questions, in that there does not appear to be a hierarchical distinction between G5, G6, and G7's use of the features, although G8 is still excluded from the co-operative behaviour of the other three, and behaves non-co-operatively towards them.

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