Floor apportionment

There was a problem in distinguishing one speaker's turn from another, because speakers in this discussion construct joint turns. I resolved this by counting as a turn an utterance which contains a lexical item and is uttered when no other speaker is speaking. If an utterance is spoken while someone else is speaking, but is different in semantic content from the other speaker's utterance, I have counted this also as a turn. The distribution of the floor, based on this method of counting, was as follows:

speaker no. of % age of no. of % age of av.turn

words words spoken turns turns taken length

G13 715 41.0 36 30.0 20.0

G14 460 26.5 46 38.0 10.0

G15 565 32.5 39 32.0 14.5

Total number of words: 1,740

Total number of turns: 121

Average number of words per turn: 14.4

Total length of discussion: 9minutes 40 seconds

G13 speaks the most, and her turns are the longest although she takes fewer turns than the other group members. G14 speaks the least, and her turns are the shortest, although she takes the greatest number of turns. Her being the chair may be a factor in this distribution. G15 speaks one third of the total number of words uttered, and the average length of her turns is also the average for the whole group. Overall, there is less disparity between the amounts the members of this group speak than there has been in the other groups considered in this study.

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