Group VII

There are three girls in this group, G13, G14, and G15. The teacher is at no time present. G14 is the chair, and G15 is the scribe. The topic of discussion is the the same as that of group VI - the characters in Act I of The Long and the Short and the Tall. No speaker in this group was assessed by the S.E.B.. The discussion lasts 9 minutes and 40 seconds.

The teachers who took part in this study were shown the extract marked in bold typeface (lines 37-129), in order to assess G14.

1. G13:


G15: because he doesn't realise that Bamforth's just winding

2. G13: uhuh =he doesn't see that=


G15: him up (.) he doesn't sort of= =yeah

3. G13: (.) but Bamforth's just as stupid for carrying on and he



4. G13: knows (.) I think maybe Bamforth knows that if he carries



5. G13: on annoying him then maybe he might get (.) thrown out



6. G13: or something (.) or maybe that's what he wants (.) to get


G15: that's right

7. G13: put away or something

G14: (.) he doesn't like (being an ally)


8. G13: no cos maybe he was saying that (.) he didn't want

G14: at all (.) cos


9. G13: to be any of the (2secXXXX) (.) just go away from what's



10. G13: happening (.) to become a native on some island (.) or

G14: oh

G15: yeah

11. G13: maybe that's what he wants =uhuh (.) he

G14: that's right (.) on the banks and all that=


12. G13: just wants to be put away

G14: (.) right (.) d'you want

G15: (.) right

13. G13: (.) mmm

G14: to go onto the next question then (.) how does

G15: (.) yeah

14. G13: =mmm=

G14: Johnson treat the prisoner (1) hates him (.)= =he

G15: uhuh=

15. G13: =yeah (.) cruel =uhuh (.) and he

G14: hates him=

G15: =mmm he's sort of the enemy=

16. G13: doesn't care (.) to him it is just a job and the (.) cos

G14: uhuh


17. G13: the (.) other soldiers do take it in that (.) he is a



18. G13: human being (.) he's not just =

G14: =uhuh he just sees


19. G13: uhum =mmhmm

G14: him as the enemy=it's like yeah

G15: =I think Johnson would have killed him (.)

20. G13:


G15: quite easily (.) he wouldn't have thought anything about

21. G13:

G14: =it's just that he's the enemy (.) he's bad (.) let's

G15: it=

22. G13:

G14: shoot him (3) why does he want to shoot him (1)

G15: (1) right

23. G13: mmhmm

G14: it's because he's the enemy (XXXX) =cos

G15: just because he is the enemy=

24. G13:

G14: he thinks it's so mach

G15: (.) and he also thinks that (.) the

25. G13:


G15: prisoner is a risk (.) to take back to base (.) he

26. G13: yeah

G14: yeah

G15: probably is a risk but you've got to think of the

27. G13:


G15: other (.) advantages of taking him back and he doesn't

28. G13: (.) yeah because if they just killed


G15: sort of realise that

29. G13: him the other (.) the big eh eh Japanese guy was really



30. G13: just like him= =because he does have a family and

G14: =uhuh he was just a human being doing his job

G15: =mhmm=

31. G13: everything and he did care (.) he was just on the other



32. G13: side and that's really why (.) he was just the enemy


G15: (.)

33. G13:

G14: rubbish

G15: Johnson treats the enemy as a sort of (.) rubbish=yeah=

34. G13: =yeah= he's got to =I'd

G14: =as a

G15: =he's got to do his job (.) it's his life and=

35. G13: think it probably would be his life (.) cos he doesn't



36. G13: care for the (XXXX)= ((giggles))

G14: ((giggles)) uh where

G15: =uhuh (.) right ((giggles))

37. G13:

G14: am I= =what do you learn about him from

G15: =what do you learn=

38. G13:

G14: his treatment of the Japanese prisoner (.) sort of

G15: (.)

39. G13:

G14: =cold (.) unsympathetic= (.) he's a

G15: cold character= =yeah (.)

40. G13:


G15: he'd be the kind of person I don't think would have many

41. G13: no (1) he gets on


G15: friends (.) I don't think anybody would

42. G13: with the higher (.) authority people like (.) he he does



43. G13: get on quite well with Mitchum (.) cos Mitchum's higher



44. G13: than him (.) it's like he's= =uhuh (XXXX)

G14: =a social climber=


45. G13:


G15: (.) he's really trying to sort of (.) sneak in with

46. G13: yeah


G15: Mitchum (.) really trying to keep on the good side of him

47. G13:

G14: aye

G15: (.) cos it's probably to his advantage (.) he might get

48. G13: =uhuh I think that's all he wants (.) like the


G15: promoted=

49. G13: army is his life and he just wants to get the highest



50. G13: possible position (4) next question=

G14: = (XXXX)

G15: (.) right

51. G13:

G14: what do you think of the way Bamforth behaves (1) what


52. G13:

G14: do you think of the way Bamforth behaves towards the rest


53. G13: (.) disrespect (.) definitely

G14: of the patrol he sort of (.)

G15: mhmm

54. G13: =mmm=

G14: doesn't like him (.) well (.) he uh (.) teases them=

G15: =

55. G13:


G15: he's sort of uncaring and he doesn't bother about their

56. G13: =no= =like he was going on to

G14: =it's just his own=

G15: feelings=

57. G13: Evans the Welsh one that (.) his wife you know had just

G14: mmmm


58. G13: been going away off with a Yank and (XXXX) calling McLiesh

G14: ((gasp of laughter)) and


59. G13: a Scotch haggis

G14: calling the Welsh (XXXX) and singing in the choir (XXXX)

G15: ((laughs))

60. G13: ((laughs))

G14: names (1) a Scotch haggis= ((laughs))

G15: =mmhmm ((laughs)) (.) I think he

61. G13:


G15: realised that Evans wasn't (.) well he was bothered about

62. G13: right


G15: that what he said about his wife (.) but the other things

63. G13:


G15: (1) that he was saying about (.) Evans (.) I think he

64. G13: mmm


G15: realised that Evans (.) just took it in his stride (.)

65. G13:


G15: didn't really bother (.) but he was really winding

66. G13: =oh yeah (.) and he knew that MacLeish didn't


G15: MacLeish up=

67. G13: like it= =and he was just trying to test how far he


G15: =no=

68. G13: would go= = and (.) MacLeish didn't know how far he

G14: =uhuh=


69. G13: would go with Bamforth because he doesn't know his



70. G13: authority yet

G14: mmm he just loses his temper (XXX) I don't like


71. G13: =no= =he's very arrogant and crude (.) and

G14: Bamforth= (laughs) yeah

G15: (laughs) =no=

72. G13: straight to the point= (.) it doesn't matter about


G15: =yeah to the point

73. G13: ((laughs))= = right

G14: =doesn't care about anybody else= (3.5)

G15: = mmhmm

74. G13:

G14: right (.) what do you learn about (.) what's that word (.)


75. G13: (whereabouts)

G14: what do you learn about him from his treatment of the


76. G13: =Bamforth=

G14: prisoner= =uhuh=

G15: =well (.) =he's kind of like a child (.)

77. G13:


G15: he's sort of (.) I don't know he's kind of curious as (.)

78. G13:

G14: uhuh

G15: to what the prisoner is (.) he doesn't sort of realise

79. G13: uhuh and

G14: oh that's like when he's going put your hands on your

G15: that he's an ordinary human being

80. G13: drop hands on your head and drop drop drop=

G14: head and drop them ((laughs))= and he was

G15: ((laughs))

81. G13:

G14: going on about his wife and he'd found out about his wife

G15: mhmm

82. G13: =three ((laughs)) three (.) yes (.)

G14: and two kids= ((laughs)) (XXXX)

G15: =oh right= oh

83. G13: that was the thing ((laughs))

G14: ((laughs)) (1) he's curious (.) uhuh


84. G13:


G15: (1.5) sort of if (.) as if he doesn't really know what the

85. G13:

G14: no =the enemy

G15: enemy is (.) he doesn't realise that they're=

86. G13:

G14: (XXXX) shoot them=

G15: =or he doesn't realise that they're human

87. G13:


G15: beings even (.) he sort of thinks they're something

88. G13: eventually he does sort of get slightly


G15: strange ((laughs))

89. G13: protective (.) and he's like a child playing with a wee


G15: mhmm

90. G13: doll (.) you know the way he was going on like (.) he was

G14: yeah

G15: mmhmm

91. G13: going up to him and going boo and the Japanese

G14: ((laughter))

G15: ((laughter))

92. G13: soldier (.) and drop your fingers (.) and things like

G14: ((laughs))

G15: yeah

93. G13: that (.) it was things like that (.) were amusing him=


G15: =

94. G13: =he's got a funny sense of humour

G14: ((laughs)) (5) what

G15: yeah= ((laughs))

95. G13:

G14: is your impression of him by the end of the act (.) didn't


96. G13: =he was too crude (.)

G14: like him=

G15: =no I didn't like him at all=

97. G13: arrogant (.) and pigheaded=


G15: I = uhuh (.) I think he's (.)

98. G13:


G15: kind of sort of stupid (.) he doesn't realise what he's

99. G13: (2secsXXXX) =he was brought up


G15: doing (.) he can't really help himself=

100. G13: (.) brought up in that sort of (.) a very bad area (.)


G15: yeah

101. G13: and it's like that's just been brought through his whole



102. G13: life (.) it's what he knows (.) he doesn't know anything



103. G13: else (.) like Evans is so good natured=

G14: =yeah (3) would you

G15: =yeah

104. G13: =I

G14: like him as a fellow soldier (.) no (.) definitely not=

G15: (laughs)

105. G13: don't know (.) do you think he would save you? (.) do you



106. G13: think? (.) aye= =no (.)

G14: =don't know=

G15: =no I don't think he would=

107. G13: he was saying how scared he was

G14: he (.) he (.) was he not the one


108. G13:

G14: who says that if anybody got into the island he would jump


109. G13:

G14: off the island I mean he was a coward (.) a coward (.)

G15: uhuh

110. G13:

G14: running away from danger (.) I mean

G15: I don't think he would (.) he

111. G13: =mmhmm=

G14: =he wouldn't he wouldn't

G15: only thinks of himself=

112. G13:

G14: help you if you were in a (.) situ. situation you couldn't


113. G13: =mmm=

G14: get out of=

G15: =even in just your (.) ordinary life as a

114. G13:

G14: =uhuh=

G15: soldier it would be miserable= = I mean nobody could

115. G13:

G14: (1) no (.) well

G15: stand that amount of (1) teasing really

116. G13:

G14: I wouldn't like him because he'd be always teasing you (.)


117. G13: ((laughter)) =yeah=

G14: you know (.) somebody teases me I lose my temper= =I

G15: ((laughter))

118. G13: =but (.) but (.) do you

G14: just give it to them back=

G15: =right=

119. G13: not think that's just a big a. (.) it could be just a



120. G13: big act (1) he might not


G15: (1) he might be just putting it

121. G13: I don't think does (.) I don't think he


G15: on but (1) I don't know

122. G13: would=

G14: =mm

G15: =uhuh (.) I think he's sort of (.) made like that=

123. G13: it's just the way he was brought

G14: =

G15: =which no other character would do

124. G13: up= =it's just his way=

G14: =he might change (.) at the end

G15: =yeah=

125. G13:


G15: (.) maybe (.) if he(.) gets married or something he might

126. G13: ((laughs))

G14: (.) something shocking= =changes

G15: (.) or something happens =yeah=

127. G13: =something= ((laughs))

G14: =dramatic= ((laughs))

G15: something happens= =dramatic ((laughs))

128. G13: (.) so he could change like if it was something like to



129. G13: teach him a le.= =a lesson

G14: =yeah= (.) right (.) so (.) right do

G15: =yeah=

130. G13:

G14: you want to go onto question four is that enough about (.)


131. G13:

G14: thing then= =compare the way MacLeish and Evans

G15: =(suppose so)=

132. G13:

G14: react to Bamforth's tea. teasing

G15: (.) oh well (.) ((gasps))

133. G13:

G14: (.) MacLeish is (1.5) he

G15: big contrast ((gasp of laughter))

134. G13:

G14: loses his temper over it= (XXXX) =yeah

G15: =uhuh very easily= (.) he

135. G13:


G15: doesn't sort of realise that he has authority that he

136. G13:

G14: yeah

G15: could stop it if he wanted to (.) and Bamforth's just (.)

137. G13:


G15: I mean (.) because MacLeish doesn't realise that it's

138. G13:

G14: =yeah and uses

G15: Bamforth (.) he just takes advantage of him=

139. G13: =yeah (.) (2 secsXXXX) how far he can go with

G14: him= (2 secsXXXX)


140. G13: these (.) stripes

G14: (.) Evans as well (.) he jus. he's (.)

G15: yeah

141. G13:

G14: sort of gives it back (.) he knows how to deal with him


142. G13:

G14: (.) doesn't he= it's like

G15: =he does he sort of (.) well he doesn't

143. G13:

G14: (.) gives him a bit back

G15: ignore it (.) but he sort of (.)

144. G13: =right=

G14: =it doesn't really bother him

G15: he takes it in his stride=

145. G13: =it tells us that he was brought up (.) yeah I think

G14: him=


146. G13: he was brought up in a good home (.) but he saw both



147. G13: sides (.) when he was out at the pub he saw all the



148. G13: fights (.) and he saw what would happen (.) I think he (.)


G15: yeah

149. G13: learnt (.) from that how to deal with other people= =

G14: =yeah=


150. G13: but MacLeish is just a typical Scotsman

G14: (1) you mean he's


151. G1 =(loses his head)

G14: a (XXXX)=((laughs))

G15: (.) you know when Bamforth

152. G13:


G15: is annoying Evans about his girlfriend (1) I think it got

153. G13: yeah it showed a bit


G15: to him then (.) although he didn't (.) show it (.) well

154. G13: he broke a bit (.) didn't he just to let it


G15: it did a bit yeah mhmm

155. G13: show (.) but then he sort of pulled himself together=

G14: =aye

G15: =yeah

156. G13:


G15: (1) I don't think Bamforth realised how upset (.) Evans

157. G13: =no (XXXX)

G14: =about his girlfriend= =(2secsXXXX)

G15: was= =uhuh= (XXXX) (.) I think

158. G13: =no=


G15: Evans didn't show it enough for Bamforth to notice= =

159. G13:


G15: maybe somebody more sensitive (.) Mitchum might have

160. G13: =suppose it's


G15: noticed (.) but Bamforth's that (.) sort of=

161. G13: better because then I'm sure Bamforth (.) wouldn't go



162. G13: back to that topic that was annoying (.) Evans= =cos


G15: =right=

163. G13: he dealt with it so well (.) I mean MacLiesh just didn't



164. G13: (2 secsXXXX) (.) but

G14: (.) right (.) why does

G15: (2) right Jean

165. G13: =because of his

G14: MacLeish lose his temper?

G15: (1.5) why does he?=

166. G13: stripes (.) surely he can't (1) eh Bamforth's always going



167. G13: on about how he's got this power and (.) he should go and



168. G13: hand it in if he wants a fight (.) because



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