The Brus by John Barbour


[The king goes to Carrick; he upbraids Cuthbert]

	Thys wes in ver quhen wynter tid
	With his blastis hidwys to bid
	Was ourdryvyn and byrdis smale
	As turturis and the nychtyngale
5	Begouth rycht sariely to syng
	And for to mak in thar singyng
	Swete notis and sounys ser
	And melodys plesand to her
	And the treis begouth to ma
10	Burgeans and brycht blomys alsua
	To wyn the helynd of thar hevid
	That wykkyt wynter had thaim revid,
	And all gressys beguth to spryng.
	Into that tyme the nobill king
15 	With his flote and a few mengye
	Thre hunder I trow thai mycht be,
	Is to the se oute off Arane
	A litill forouth evyn gane.
	Thai rowit fast with all thar mycht
20	Till that apon thaim fell the nycht
	That woux myrk apon gret maner
	Sua that thai wyst nocht quhar thai wer
	For thai na nedill had na stane,
	Bot rowyt alwayis intill ane
25 	Sterand all tyme apon the fyr
	That thai saw brynnand lycht and schyr.
	It wes bot aventur thaim led
	And thai in schort tyme sa thaim sped
	That at the fyr aryvyt thai
30	And went to land but mair delay.
	And Cuthbert that has sene the fyr
	Was full of angyr and off ire,
	For he durst nocht do it away
	And wes alsua doutand ay
35	That his lord suld pas to se.
	Tharfor thar cummyng waytit he
	And met thaim at thar aryving.
	He wes wele sone brocht to the kimg
	That speryt at him how he had done,
40	And he with sar hart tauld him sone
	How that he fand nane weill luffand
	Bot all war fayis that he fand, 
	And that the lord the Persy
	With ner thre hunder in cumpany
45	Was in the castell thar besid
	Fullfillyt of dispyt and prid
	Bot ma than twa partis off his rowt
	War herberyt in the toune without,
	'And dyspytyt you mar, schyr king,
50	Than men may dispyt ony thing.'
	Than said the king in full gret ire,
	'Tratour, quhy maid thou than the fyr?'
	'A schyr,' said he, 'Sa God me se
	The fyr wes nevyr maid for me,
55	Na or the nycht I wyst it nocht,
	Bot fra I wyst it weill I thocht
	That ye and haly your menye
	On hy suld put you to the se,
	For-thi I come to mete you her
60	To tell perellys that may aper.'
[The king decides to stay to attack Percy's men in a village by Turnberry]

	The king wes off his spek angry
	And askyt his pryve men in hy
	Quhat at thaim thocht wes best to do.
	Schyr Edward fryst answert tharto
65	His brodyr that wes sua hardy,
	And said, 'I say you sekyrly
	Thar sall na perell that may be 
	Dryve me eftsonys to the se.
	Myne aventur her tak will I
70	Quhethir it be esfull or angry.'
	'Brother,' he said, 'sen thou will sua
	It is gud that we samyn ta
	Dissese or ese or payne or play
	Eftyr as God will us purvay.
75	And sen men sayis that the Persy
	Myn heritage will occupy,
	And his menye sa ner us lyis
	That us dispytis mony wys,
	Ga we and venge sum off the dispyte,
80	And that may we haiff done als tite
	For thai ly traistly but dreding
	Off us or off our her-cummyng,
	And thocht we slepand slew thaim all
	Repruff tharoff na man sall
85	For werrayour na fors suld ma
	Quhether he mycht ourcum his fa
	Throu strenth or throu sutelte,
	Bot that gud faith ay haldyn be.'
	Quhen this wes said thai went thar way,
90	And to the toune sone cummyn ar thai
	Sa prevely but noyis making
	That nane persavyt thar cummyng.
	Thai skalyt throu the toun in hy
	And brak up duris sturdely
95	And slew all that thai mycht ourtak,
	And thai that na defence mocht mak
	Full petously gan rar and cry,
	And thai slew thaim dispitously
	As thai that war in full gud will
100	To venge the angyr and the ill
	That thai and thairis had thaim wrocht.
	Thai with sa feloun will thaim soucht
	That thai slew thaim everilkan
	Owtane Makdowell him allan
105	That eschapyt throu gret slycht
	And throu the myrknes off the nycht.
	 In the castell the lord the Persy
	Hard weill the noyis and the cry,
	Sa did the men that within wer
110	And full effraytly gat thar ger,
	Bot off thaim wes nane sa hardy
	That ever ischyt fourth to the cry.
	In sic effray thai baid that nycht
	Till on the morn that day wes lycht,
115	And than cesyt into party
	The noyis the slauchtyr and the cry.
	The king gert be departyt then
	All hale the reff amang the men
	And dwellyt all still thar dayis thre.
120	Syk hansell to that fokk gaiff he
	rycht in the fyrst begynnyng
	Newlingis at his aryvyng.
[A kinswoman gives him news and forty men]

	Quhen that the king and his folk war 
	Aryvyt as I tauld you ar,
125	Aquhile in Karryk leyndyt he
	To se quha freynde or fa wald be,
	Bot he fand litill tendyrnes,
	And nocht-forthi the puple wes
	Enclynyt till him in party,
130	Bot Inglismen sa angrely
	Led thaim with daunger and with aw
	That thai na freyndschip durst him schaw.
	Bot a lady off that cuntre
	That wes till him in ner degre
135	Of cosynage wes wonder blyth
	Off his aryvyng and alswyth
	Sped hyr till him in full gret hy
	With fourty men in cumpany
	And betaucht thaim all to the king
140	Till help him in his werraying,
	And he resavyt thaim in daynte
	And hyr full gretly thankit he,
	And speryt tythandis off the queyne
	And off his freyndis all bedene
145	That he had left in that countre
	Quhen that he put him to the se.
	And scho him tauld sichand full sar
	How that his brothyr takyn war
	In the castell off Kyldromy
150	And destroyit sa velanysly
	And the erle off Athall alsua
	And how the queyn and other ma
	That till his party war heldand
	War tane and led in Ingland
155	And put in feloun presoune,
	And how that Cristole off Setoun
	Wes slayn, gretand scho tauld the king,
	That sorowful wes off that tithing
	And said quhen he had thocht a thraw
160	Thir wordis that I sall you schaw.
	'Allace,' he said, 'For luff off me
	And for thar mekill lawte
	Thai nobill men and thai worthy
	Ar destroyit sa velanysly
165	Bot and I leyff in lege-powyste
	Thar deid rycht weill sall vengit be.
	The king the-quhether off Ingland
	Thocht that the kynrik off Scotland
	Was to litill to thaim and me
170	Tharfor he will it myn all be.
	Bot off gud Cristole off Setoun
	That wes off sa nobill renoun
	That he suld dey war gret pite
	Bot quhar worschip mycht provyt be.'
[Percy is rescued from Turnberry castle]

175	The king sichand thus maid his mayn
	And the lady hyr leyff has tayn
	And went hyr hame till hyr wonnyng
	And fele sys confort the king
	Bath with silver and with mete
180	Sic as scho in the land mycht get.
	And he oft ryot all the land
	And maid all his that ever he fand
	And syne drew him till the hycht
	To stynt better his fayis mycht.
185	In all that tym wes the Persy
	With a full sympill cumpany
	In Turnberys castell lyand,
	For the King Robert sua dredand
	That he durst nocht isch furth to fayr
190	Fra thine to the castell off Ayr
	That wes then full off Inglismen,
	Bot lay lurkand as in a den 
	Tyll the men off Northummyrland
	Suld cum armyt and with strang hand
195	Convoy him till his cuntre.
	For his saynd till thaim send he,
	And thai in hy assemblyt then
	Passand I weyne a thousand men
	And askyt avisement thaim amang
200	Quhether that thai suld dwell or gang,
	Bot thai war skownrand wonder sar
	Sa fer into Scotland for to far,
	For a knycht, Schyr Gawter the Lile
	Said it wes all to gret perile
205	Sua ner thai schavalduris to ga.
	His spek discomfort thaim sua
	That thai had left all thar vyage
	Na war a knycht off gret corage
	That Schyr Roger off Sanct Jhon hycht
210	That thaim confort with all his mycht,
	And sic wordis to thaim gan say
	That thai all samyn held thar way
	Till Turnbery, quhar the Persy
	Lap on and went with thaim in hy
215	In Ingland his castell till
	Foroutyn distroublyne or ill.
[Douglas decides to visit his lands]

	Now in Ingland is the Persy
	Quhar I trow he a quhile sall ly
	Or that he schap hym for to fayr
220	To werray Carryk ony mar,
	For he wyst he had na rycht
	And als he dreid the kyngys mycht
	That in Carrik wes travailland
	In the maist strenth off the land, 
225	Quhar Jamys off Douglas on a day
	Come to the king and gan him say,
	'Schyr, with your leyve I wald ga se
	How that thai do in my contre
	And how my men demanyt ar,
230	For it anoyis me wonder sar
	That the Clyffurd sa pesabylly
	Brukys and haldys the senyoury
	That suld be myn with alkyn rycht
	Bot quhile I lyff and may haiff mycht
235	To lede a yowman or a swayne
	He sall nocht bruk it but bargayne.'
	The king said, 'Certis I can nocht se
	How that thou yeit may sekyr be
	Into that countre for to far
240	Quhar Inglismen sa mychty ar
	And thou wate nocht quha is thi freynd.'
	He said, 'Schyr, nedways I will wend
	And tak that aventur will giff
	Quhether-sa it be to dey or lyff.'
245	The king said, 'Sen it is sua
	That thou sic yarning has to ga
	Thou sall pas furth with my blyssing,
	And giff the hapnys ony thing
	That anoyis or scaithfull be
250	I pray the sped the sone to me
	And tak we samyn quhatever may fall.'
	'I grante,' he said and thar-with-all
	He lowtyt and his leve has tane
	And towart his countre is he gane.
[Douglas meets Tom Dickson; he acquires a following]

255	Now takis James his viage
	Towart Douglas his heritage
	With twa yemen foroutyn ma.
	That wes a symple stuff to ta
	A land or castell to wyn,
260	The-quhether he yarnyt to begyn
	Till bring purpos till ending
	For gud help is in gud begynnyng
	For gud begynnyng and hardy
	Gyff it be folowit wittily
265	May ger oftsys unlikly thing
	Cum to full conabill ending.
	Sua did it her, bot he wes wys
	And saw he mycht on nakyn wys
	Werray his fa with evyn mycht
270	Tharfor he thocht to wyrk with slycht,
	And in Douglasdaile his countre
	Apon ane evynnyng entryt he.
	And than a man wonnyt tharby,
	That wes off freyndis weill mychty
275	And ryche off mobleis and off cateill
	And had bene till his fadyr leyll,
	And till himselff in his youthed
	He haid done mony a thankfull deid,
	Thom Dicson wes his name perfay.
280	Till him he send and gan him pray
	That he wald cum all anerly
	For to spek with him prevely,
	And he but daunger till him gais.
	Bot fra he tauld him quhat he wais
285	He gret for joy and for pite
	And him rycht till his hous had he,
	Quhar in a chambre prevely
	He held him and his cumpany,
	That nane of him had persaving.
290	Off mete and drynk and other thing
	That mycht thaim eys thai had plente.
	Sa wrocht he throu sutelte
	That all the lele men off that land
	That with his fadyr war dwelland
295	This gud man gert cum ane and ane
	And mak him manrent everilkane,
	And he himselff fyrst homage maid.
	Douglas in hart gret glaidschip haid
	That the gud men off his cuntre
300	Wald suagate till him bundyn be.
	He speryt the convyne off the land
	And quha the castell had in hand
	And thai him tauld all halily,
	And syne amang thaim prevely
305	Thai ordanyt that he still suld be
	In hiddillis and in prevete
	Till Palme Sonday that wes ner-hand
	The thrid day efter folowand
	For than the folk off that countre
310	Assemblyt at the kyrk wald be,
	And thai that in the castell wer
	Wald als be thar thar palmys to ber
	As folk that had na dreid off ill
	For thai thocht that all was at thar will.
315	Than suld he cum with his twa men,
	Bot for that men suld nocht him ken
	He suld ane mantill have auld and bar
	And a flaill as he a thresscher war.
	Under the mantill nocht-forthi
320	He suld be armyt prevely,
	And quhen the men off his countre
	That suld all boune befor him be
	His ensenye mycht her hym cry,
	Then suld thai full enforcely
325	Rycht ymyddys the kirk assaill
	The Inglismen with hard bataill
	Sua that nane mycht eschap thaim fra,
	For thar-throuch trowyt thai to ta
	The castell that besid wes ner.
330	And quhen this that I tell you her
	Wes divisyt and undertane
	Ilkane till his hous hame is gane
	And held this spek in prevete
	Till the day off thar assemble.
[The garrison are attacked and many slain in kirk;
the castle is taken; the Douglas Lardner; slighting of the castle]

335	The folk apon the Sonounday
	Held to Saynct Bridis kyrk thar way,
	And thai that in the castell war
	Ischyt out bath less and mar
	And went thar palmys for to ber,
340	Outane a cuk and a portere.
	James off Douglas off thar cummyng
	And quhat thai war had witting,
	And sped him till the kyrk in hy,
	Bot or he come, to hastily
345	Ane of his cryit, 'Douglas, Douglas.'
	Thomas Dikson, that nerrest was
	Till thaim that war off the castell
	That war all innouth the chancell, 
	Quhen he 'Douglas' sua hey hard cry
350	Drew out his swerd and fellely
	Ruschyt amang thame to and fra,
	Bot ane or twa foroutin ma
	Than in hy war left lyand,
	Quhill Douglas come rycht at hand
355	And then enforcyt on thaim the cry,
	Bot thai the chansell sturdely
	Held and thaim defendyt wele
	Till off thar men war slayne sumdell.
	Bot the Douglace sa weill him bar
360	That all the men that with him war
	Had confort off his wele-doyng,
	And he him sparyt nakyn thing
	Bot provyt sua his force in fycht
	That throu his woschip and his mycht
365	His men sa keynly helpyt than
	That thai the chansell on thaim wan.
	Than dang thai on sua hardyly
	That in schort tyme men mycht se ly
	The twa part dede or then deand,
370	The lave war sesyt sone in hand
	Sua that off thretty levyt nane
	That thaine war slayne ilkan or tane.
	James off Douglas quhen this wes done
	The presoneris has he tane alsone
375	And with thaim off his cumpany
	Towart the castell went in hy
	Or noyis or cry suld rys,
	And for he wald thaim sone suppris
	That levyt in the castell war
380	That war bot twa foroutyn mar,
	Fyve men or sex befor send he
	That fand all opyn the entre
	And entryt and the porter tuk
	Rycht at the yate and syne the cuk.
385	With  that the Douglas come to the yat
	And entryt in foroutyn debate
	And fand the mete all redy graid
	And burdys set and claithis laid
	The yhattis then he gert sper
390	And sat and eyt all at layser,
	Syne all the gudis turssyt thai
	That thaim thocht thai mycht haiff away,
	And namly wapnys and armyng
	Silver and tresour and clethyng.
395	Vittalis that mycht nocht tursyt be
	On this maner destroyit he,
	Als quheyt and flour and meill and malt
	In the wyne-sellar gert he bring 
400 	And samyn on the flur all flyng
	And the presonaris that he had tane
	Rycht tharin gert he heid ilkane,
	Syne off the tounnys the hedis outstrak.
	A foul melle thar gane he mak,
405	For meile and malt and blud and wyne
	Rane all togidder in a mellyne
	That was un semly for to se.
	Tharfor the men off that countre
	For sua fele thar mellyt wer
410	Callit it 'the Douglas lardner.'
	Syne tuk he salt as Ic hard tell
	And ded hors and fordid the well,
	And brynt all outakyn stane,
	And is furth with his menye gayne
415	Till his resett, for him thocht weill
	Giff he had haldyn the castell
	It had bene assegyt raith
	And that him thocht to mekill waith,
	For he had na hop of reskewyng.
420	And it is to peralous thing
	In castell assegyt to be
	Quhar want is off thir thingis thre,
	Vittaill or men with thar armyng
	Or than gud hop off rescuyng,
425	And for he dred thir thingis suld faile
	He chesyt furthwart to travaill
	Quhar he mycht at his larges be
	And sua dryve furth his destane.
[Douglas withdraws; Clifford repairs the castle]

	On this wise wes the castell tan
430	And slayne that war tharin ilkan.
	The Douglas syne all his menye 
	Gert in ser placis departyt be,
	For men suld les wyt quhar thai war
	That yeid departyt her and thar.
435	Thaim that war woundyt gert he ly
	Intill hiddillis all prevely,
	And gert gud lechis till thaim bring
	Quhill that thai war intill heling,
	And himselff with a few menye
440	Quhile ane quhile twa and quhilis thre
	And umquhill all him allane
	In hiddillis throu the land is gane.
	Sa dred he Inglismennys mycht
	That he durst nocht wele cum in sycht
445	For thai war that tyme all-weldand
	As maist lordis our all the land.
	Bot tithandis that scalis sone
	Off this deid that Douglas has done
	Come to the Cliffurd his ere in hy,
450	That for his tynsaill wes sary
	And menyt his men that thai had slane,
	And syne has to his purpos tane
	To big the castell up agayne.
	Tharfor as man off mekill mayne
455	He assemblit gret cumpany,
	And till Douglas he went in hy
	And biggyt up the castell swyth
	And maid it rycht stalwart and styth
	And put tharin vittalis and men.
460	Ane of the Thyrlwallys then
	He left behind him capitane
	And syne till Ingland went agayne.
[Umfraville finds a kinsman of the king willing to slay him]

	Into Carrik lyis the king
	With a full symple gadryng,
465	He passyt nocht twa hunder men.
	Bot Schyr Edward his broder then
	Wes in Galloway weill ner him by,
	With him ane other cumpany
	That held the strenthis off the land,
470	For thai durst nocht yeit tak on hand
	Till our-rid the land planly.
	For off Valence Schyr Amery
	Was intill Edynburgh lyand
	That yeyt was wardane of the land
475	Underneyth the Inglis king,
	And quhen he herd off the cummyng
	Off King Robert and his menye
	Into Carryk and how that he
	Had slain off the Persyis men
480	His consaile he assemblit then,
	And with assent off his consaill
	He sent till Ar him till assaill
	Schyr Ingrame the Umfravill that wes hardy
	And with him a  gret cumpany.
485	And quhen Schyr Ingram cummyn wes thar
	Him thocht nocht speidfull for till far
	Till assaile him into the hycht,
	Tharfor he thocht to wyrk with slycht
	And lay still in the castell than
490	Till he gat speryng that a man
	Off Carrik, that wes sley and wycht
	And a man als off mekill mycht
	As off the men off that cuntre,
	Wes to the King Robert mast preve
495	As he that wes his sibman ner,
	And quhen he wald foroutyn danger
	Mycht to the kingis presence ga,
	The-quhether he and his sonnys twa
	War wonnand still in the cuntre
500	For thai wald nocht persayvit be
	That thai war speciall to the king.
	Thai maid him mony tyme warnyng
	Quhen that thai his tynsaill mycht se,
	Forthi in thaim affyit he.
505	His name can I nocht tell perfay,
	Bot Ik haiff herd syndry men say
	Forsuth that his ane e wes out	506*
	Bot he sa sturdy wes and stout	507*
	That he wes the maist doutit man	507
510	That in Carrik lyvyt than.	508
	And quhen Schyr Ingrame gat wittering
	Forsuth this wes na gabbing,
	Efter him in hy he sent
	And he come at his commandment.
515	Schyr Ingrame that was sley and wis	513
	Tretyt with him than on sic wys
	That he maid sekyr undertaking
	In tresoun for to slay the king,
	And he suld haiff for his service
520	Gyff he fullfillyt thar divice	518
	Weill fourty pundis worth off land
	Till him and till his ayris ay lestand.
[The traitor and his sons seek to kill the king but are killed]

	The tresoun thus is undertane,
	And he hame till his hous is gane
525	And wattyt opertunyte	523
	For to fulfill his mavyte.
	In gret perell than was the king
	That off this tresoun wyst na thing,
	For he that he traistit maist of ane
530	His ded falsly has undertane,	528
	And nane may betreys tyttar than he
	That man in trowis leawté.
	The king in him traistyt, forthi
	He had fullfillyt his felony
535	Ne war the king throu Goddis grace	533
	Gat hale witting of his purchace,
	And how and for how mekill land
	He tuk his slauchter apon hand.
	I wate nocht quha the warnyng maid,
540	Bot on all tym sic hap he had	538
	That quhen men schup thaim to betrais
	He gat witting tharoff allwayis
	And mony tyme as I herd say
	Throu wemen that he wyth wald play
545	That wald tell all that thai mycht her,	543
	And sua myvht happyn that it fell her,
	Bot how that ever it fell perdé
	I trow he sall the warrer be.
	Nocht-forthi the tratour ay
550	Had in his thocht bath nycht and day	548
	How he mycht best bring till ending
	His tresonabill undretaking,
	Till he umbethinkand him at the last
	Intill his hart gan umbecast
555	That the king had in custome ay	553
	For to rys arly ilk day
	And pas weill fer fra his menye
	Quhen he wald pas to the preve,
	And sek a covert him allane
560	Or at the maist with him ane.	558
	Thar thocht he with his sonnys twa
	For to supprise the king and sla
	And syne went to the wod thar way,
	Bot yeit off purpos failit thai,
565	And nocht-forthi thai come all thre	563
	In a covert that wes preve
	Quhar the king oft wes wont to ga
	His preve nedys for to ma.
	Thair hid thai thaim till his cumming,
570	And the king into the mornyng	568
	Rais quhen that his liking was
	And rycht towart that covert gais
	Quhar lyand war the tratouris thre
	For to do thar his prevete.
575	To tresoun tuk he then na heid	573
	Bot he wes wont quharever he yeid
	His swerd about his hals to ber
	And that availlyt him gretli ther
	For had nocht God all thing weldand
580	Set help intill his awine hand	578
	He had bene ded withoutyn dreid.
	A chamber page thar with him yeid,
	And sua foroutyn falowis ma
	Towart the covert gan he ga.
585	Now bot God help the noble king	583
	He is ner-hand till his ending,
	For that covert that he yeid till
	Wes on the tother sid a hill
	That nane of his men mycht it se.
590	Thiddirwart went this page and he	588
	And quhen he cummyn wes in the schaw
	He saw thai thre cum all on raw
	Aganys him full sturdely.
	Than till his boy he said in hy,
595	'Yon men will slay us and thai may.	593
	Quhat wapyn has thou?' 'Ha, Schyr, perfay
 	Ik haiff bot a bow and a wyr.'
	'Giff thaim me smertly bath.' A, Schyr
	Howgaite will ye that I do?'
600	'Stand on fer and behald us to.	598
	Giff thou seis me abovyn be
	Thou sall haiff wapynnys gret plente,
	And giff I dey, withdraw the sone.'
	With thai wordis foroutyn hone
605	He tyte the bow out off his hand,	603
	For the tratouris war ner cummand.
	The fader had a swerd but mar,
	The tother bath swerd and hand-ax bar,
	The thrid a swerd had and a sper.
610	The king persavt be thar affer	608
	That all wes as men had him tauld.
	'Tratour,' he said, 'thou has me sauld.
	Cum na forthyr bot hald the thar.
	I will thou cum na forthermar.'
615	'A, Schyr, umbethinkis you,' said he,	613
	How ner that I suld to you be.
	Quha suld cum ner you bot I?'
	The king said, 'I will sekirly
	That thou at this tyme cum nocht ner.
620	Thou may say quhat thou will on fer.'	618
	Bot he with fals wordis flechand
	Was with his twa sonnys cummand.
	Quhen the king saw he wald nocht let
	Bot ay come on fenyeand falset
625	He taisyt the wyre and leit it fley,	623
	And hyt the fader in the ey
	Till it rycht in the harnys ran
	And he bakwart fell doun rycht than.
	The brother that the hand-ax bar
630	Sua saw his fader liand thar,	628
	A gyrd rycht to the king he couth maik
	And with the ax hym our-straik,
	Bot he that had his sword on hycht
	Roucht him sic rout in randoun rycht
635	That he the hede till the harnys claiff	633
	And dede downe till the erd him draiff.
	The tother broder that bar the sper
	Saw his brodyr fallin ther
	And with the sper as angry man
640	With a rais till the king he ran.	638
	Bot the king that him dred sumthing
	Waytyt the sper in the cummyng
	And with a wysk the hed off strak,
	And or the tother had toyme to tak
645	His swerd the king sic swak him gaiff	643
	That he the hede till the harnys claiff,
	He ruschyt down off blud all reid.
	And quhen the king saw thai war all ded
	All thre lyand he wipit his brand,
650	With that his boy come fast rynnand	648
	And said, 'Our Lord mot lovyt be
	That grantyt you mycht and powste
	To fell the felny and the prid
	Off thir thre in sua litill tid.'
655	The king said, 'Sa our Lord me se	653
	Thai had bene worthi men all thre
	Had thai nocht bene full off tresoun,
	Bot that maid thar confusioun.'

Book 6

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