The Brus by John Barbour


[Sir Ingram Umfraville praises the king;
the men of Galloway pursue him with a tracker dog]

	The king is went till his logyng 
	And off this deid sone come tithing
	Till Schyr Ingrame the Umfravill
	That thocht his sutelte and gyle
5	Haid al failyeit in that place.
	Tharfor anoyit sua he was
	That he agayne to Lothyane
	Till Schyr Amer his gate has tane
	And till him tauld all hale the cas,
10	That tharoff all forwonderyt was
	How ony man sa sodanly
	Mycht do so gret chevalry
	As did the king that him allane
	Vengeance off thre traytouris has tane,
15	And said, 'Certis, I may weill se
	That it is all certante
	That ure helpys hardy men
	As be this deid we may ken.
	War he nocht outrageous hardy
20	He had nocht unabasytly
	Sa smertly sene his avantage.
	I drede that his gret vassalag
	And his travaill may bring till end
	That at men quhile full litill wend.'
25	Sik speking maid he off the king
	That ay foroutyn sojournyng
	Travaillit in Carrik her and thar.
	His men fra him sa scalit war
	To purches thar necessite
30	And als the countre for to se
	That thai left nocht with him sexty.
	And quhen the Gallowais wyst suthli
	That he wes with sa few mengye
	Thai maid a preve assemble
35	Off wele twa hunder men and ma,
	And slewth-hundis with thaim gan ta,
	For thai thocht him for to suppris
	And giff he fled on ony wys
	To folow him with the hundis sua
40	That he suld nocht eschaip thaim fra.
	Thai schup thaim in ane evynnyng
	To suppris sodanly the king
	And tillhim held thai straucht thar way,
	Bot he, that had his wachis ay
45	On ilk sid, off thar cummyng
	Lang or thai come had wyttering
	And how fele that thai mycht be,
	Tharfor he thocht with his menye
	To withdraw him out off the place,
50	For the nycht weill fallyn was
	And for the nycht he thocht that thai
	Suld nocht haiff sycht to hald the way
	That he war passyt with his menye.
	And as he thocht rycht sua did he
55	And went him down till a morras
	Our awatter that rynnand was,
	And in the bog he fand a place
	Weill strait that weill twa bow-draucht was
	Fra the watter thai passit haid.
60	He said, 'Her may ye mak abaid
	And rest you all a quhile and ly,
	I will ga wach all prevely.
	Giff Ik her oucht off thar cummyng
	And giff I may her onything
65	Isall ger warn you sa that we
	Sall ay at our avantage be.'
[The king alone defends the ford]

	The king now takys his gate to ga 
	And with him tuk he sergandis twa
	And Schyr Gilbert de le Hay left he
70	Thar for to rest with his menye.
	To the watter he come in hy
	And lysnyt full ententily
	Giff he herd oucht off thar cummyng
	Bot yeit then mocht he her na thing.
75	Endlang the watter then yeid he
	On ather syd a gret quantite
	And saw the brayis hey standand,
	The watter holl throu slik rynnand
	And fand na furd that men mycht pas
80	Bot quhar himselvyn passit was,
	And sua strait wes the up-cumming
	That twa men mycht nocht samyn thring
	Na on na maner pres thaim sua
	That thai togidder mycht land ta.
85	His twa men bad he than in hy 	*85
	Ga to thair feris to rest and ly	*86
	For he wald wach thar com to se.	*87
	'Schyr,' said thai, 'Quha sall with you be?'	*88
	'God,' he said, 'forouten ma	*89
90	Pas on, for I will it be sua.'	*90
	Thai did as he thame biddin had	*91
	And he thar all allane abaid,	*92
	And quhen he a lang quhile had bene thar	85
	He herknyt and herd as it war
95	A hundis questyng on fer	87
	That ay come till him ner and ner.
	He stud still for till herkyn mar
	And ay the langer he wes thar
	He herd it ner and ner cummand,
100	Bot he thocht he thar still wald stand	92
	Tyll that he herd mar takynnyng.
	Than for ane hundis questyng
	He wald nocht wakyn his menye,
	Tharfor he wald abid and se
105	Quhat folk  thai war and quhethir thai	97
	Held towart him the rycht way
	Or passyt ane other way fer by.
	The moyne wes schynand clerly,	100
[no no.]	[Sa lang he stude that he mycht her	101
[no no.]	The noyis off thaim that cummand wer	102
[no no.]	Than his twa men in hy send he	103
[no no.]	To warn and wakyn and walkyn his menye	104
[no no.]	And thai ar furth thar wayis gane	105
[no no.] 	And he left thar all hym allane]	106
109	And sua stude he herknand	107
110	Till that he saw cum at his hand	108
	The hale rout intill full gret hy.
	Then he umbethocht him hastily
	Giff he held towart his menye
	That or he mycht reparyt be
115	Thai suld be passit the furd ilkan,	113
	And then behuffyt him ches ane
	Off thir twa, other to fley or dey.
	Bot his hart that wes stout and hey
	Consaillyt hym allane to bid
120	And kepe thaim at the furd syde	118
	And defend weill the upcummyng
	Sen he wes warnyst of armyng
	That thar arowys thurth nocht dreid,
	And gyff he war off gret manheid
125	He mycht stunay thaim everilkane	123
	Sen thai ne mycht cum bot ane and ane,
	And did rycht as hys hart hym bad.
	Strang utrageous curage he had
	Quhen he sa stoutly him allane
130	For litill strenth off erd has tane	128 
	To fecht with twa hunder and ma.
	Tharwith he to the furd gan ga,
	And thai apon the tother party
	That saw him stand thar anyrly
135	Thringand intill the water rad	133
	For off him litill dout thai had
	And raid till him in full gret hy.
	He smate the fyrst sua vygorusly
	With his sper that rycht scharp schar
140	Till he doun till the erd him bar.	138
	The lave come then intill a randoun,
	Bot his hors that wes born doun 
	Combryt thaim the upgang to ta,
	And quhen the king saw it wes sua
145	He stekyt the hors and he gan flyng	143
	And syne fell at the upcummyng.
	The layff with that come with a schout,
	And he that stalwart wes and stout
	Met thaim rycht stoutly at the bra
150	And sa gud payment gan thaim ma	148
	That fyvesum in the furd he slew.
	The lave then sumdell thaim withdrew
	That dred his strakys wondre sar
	For he in na thing thaim forbar.
155	Then said ane, 'Certis we ar to blame.	153
	Quhat sall we say quhen we cum ham
	Quhen a man fechtis agane us all.
	Quha wyst ever men sa foully fall
	As us gyff that we thusgat leve.'
160	With that all haile a schoute thai geve	158
	And cryit, 'On him, he may nocht last.'
	With that thai pressyt him sa fast
	That had he nocht the better bene
	He had bene dede withoutyn wen,
165	Bot he sa gret defence gan mak	163
	That quhar he hyt evyn a strak
	Thar mycht nathing agane-stand.
	In litill space he left liand
	Sa fele that the upcummyng wes then
170	Dyttyt with slayn hors and men	168
	Sua that his fayis for that stopping
	Mycht nocht cum to the upcummyng.
	A! Der God, quha had then bene by
	And  sene howe he sa hardyly
175	Adressyt hym agane thaim all	173
	I wate weile that thai suld him call
	The best that levyt in his day,
	And giff I the suth sall say
	I herd never in na tym gane
180	Ane stynt sa mony him allane.	178
[The story of Tydeus of Thebes]

	Suth is, quhen till Ethiocles
	Fra his brother Polnices
	Wes send Thedeus in message
	To ask haly the heritage
185	Off Thebes till hald for a yer,	183
	For thai twynnys off a byrth wer,
	Thai strave, for ather king wald be.
	Bot the barnage off thar cuntre
	Gert thaim assent on this maner,
190	That the tane suld be king a yer,	188
	And then the tother and his mengye
	Suld nocht be fundyn in the countre
	Quhill the fyrst brother regnand wer,
	Syne suld the tother renge a yer
195	And then the fyrst suld leve the land	193
	Quhill that the tother war regnaND.
	Thus ay a yer suld regne the tane,
	The tother a yer fra that war gane.
	To ask haldyn off this assent
200	Wes Thedeus to Thebes sent,	198
	And sua spake for Polnices
	That off Thebes Ethiocles
	Bad his constabill with him ta
	Men armyt weill and forouth ga
205	To mete Thedeus in the way	203
	And slay him but langer delay.
	The constable his way is gane
	And nyne and fourty with him tane
	Sua that he with thaim maid fyfty.
210	Intill the evynnyng prevely	208
	Thai set enbuschement in the way
	Quhar Thedeus behovyt away
	Betuix ane hey crag and the se,
	And he that off thar mavyte
215	Wyst na thing his way has tane	213
	And towart Grece agane is gane.
	And as he raid into the nycht
	Sa saw he with the monys lycht
	Schynyng off scheldys gret plente,
220	And had wondre quhat it mycht be.	218
	With that all hale thai gaiff a cry 
	And he that hard sa suddanly
	Sic noyis sumdele affrayit was,
	Bot in schort time he till him tais
225	His spyritis full hardely,	223
	For his gentill hart and worthy
	Assuryt hym into that nede.
	Then with te spuris he strak the sted
	And ruschyt in amang thaim all.
230	The fyrst he met he gert him fall,	228
	And syne his sword he swapyt out
	And roucht about him mony rout
	And slew sexsum swill sone and ma.
	Then undre him his hors thai sla
235	And he fell, bot he smertly ras	233
	And strykand rowm about him mas
	And slew off thaim a quantite
	Bot woundyt wondre sar wes he.
	With that a litill rod he fand
240	Up towart the crag strekand.	238
	Thidder went he in full gret hy
	Defendand him full douchtely
	Till in the crag he clam sumdell
	And fand a place enclosyt weill
245	Quhar nane bot ane mycht him assail,	243
	Thar stud he and gaiff thaim bataill
	And thai assaylyt everilkane
	And oft fell quhen that he slew ane
	As he doun to the erd wald dryve
250	He wald ber doun weill four or fyve.	248
	Thar stud he and defendyt sua
	Till he had slayne thaim halff and ma.
	A gret stane then by him saw he
	That throu the gret anciente 
255	Wes lowsyt redy for to fall,	253
	And quhen he saw thaim cummand all
	He tumblyt doun on thaim the stane,
	And aucht men thar with it has slayn
	And sua stonayit the remanand 
260	That thai war weile ner recreand.	258
	Then wald he presone hald no mar
	Bot on thaim ran with swerd all bar
	And hewyt and slew with all his mayn
	Till he has nyne and fourty slayne.
265	The constabill syne gan he ta	263
	And gert him swer that he suld ga
	Till King Ethiocles and tell
	The aventur that thaim befell.
	Thedeus bar him douchtely
270	That him allane ourcome fyfty.	268
	Ye that this redys, cheys yhe
	Quhether that mar suld prysit be 
	The king, that with avisement
	Undertuk sic hardyment
275	As for to stynt him ane but fer	273
	The folk that twa hunder wer,
	Or Thedeus, that suddanly
	For thai had raysyt on him the cry
	Throu hardyment that he had tane
280	Wane fyfty men allhim allane.	278
	Thai did thar deid bath on the nycht
	And faucht bath with the mone-lycht,
	Bot the king discomfyt ma
	And Thedeus then ma gan sla.
285	Now demys quhether mar loving	283
	Suld Thedeus haiff or the king?
[His men find the king]

	On this maner that Ik haiff tauld
	The king that stout wes and bauld
	Wes fechtand on the furd syd
290	Giffand and takand rowtis rid	288
	Till he sic martyrdom thar has maid
	That he the ford all stoppyt haid
	That nane of thaim mycht till him rid.
	Thaim thocht than foly for to byd
295	And halely the flycht gan ta	293
	And went hamewartis quhar thai come fra,
	For the kingis men with the cry
	Walknyt full effrayitly
	And com to sek thar lord the king.
300	The Galloway men hard thar cummyng	298
	And fled and durst abid no mar.
	The kingis men that dredand war
	For thar lord full spedyly
	Come to the furd and sone in hy
305	Thai fand the king syttand allane,	303
	That off his bassynet has tane
	Till avent him for he wes hate.
	Than speryt thai at him off his state
	And he tauld thaim all hale the case
310	Howgate that he assailyt was	308
	And how that God him helpyt sua
	That he eschapyt hale thaim fra.
	Than lukyt thai how fele war ded,
	And thai fand lyand in that sted
315	Fourtene that war slayne with his hand.	313
	Than lovyt thai God fast all-weildand
	That thai thar lord fand hale and fer,
	And said thaim byrd on na maner
	Drede thar fayis sen thar chyftane
320	Wes off sic hart and off sic mayn	318
	That he for thaim had undretan
	With sua fele for to fecht him ane.
[A comment on valour]

	Syk wordis spak thai of the king,
	And for his hey undretaking
325	Farlyit and yarnyt hym for to se	323
	That with hym ay wes wont to be.
	A! Quhat worschip is prisit thing,
	For it mays men till haiff loving
	Gyff it be folowit ythenly,
330	For pryce off worschip nocht-forthi	328
	Is hard to wyn, for gret travaill
	Offt to defend and oft assaill
	And to be in thar dedis wys
	Gerris men off worschip wyn the price,
335	And may na man haiff worthyhed	333
	Bot he haiff wyt to ster his deid
	And se quhat ys to leve or ta.
	Worschip extremyteys has twa,
	Fule-hardyment the formast is
340	And the tother is cowartys,	338
	And thai ar bath for to forsak.
	Fule-hardyment all will undertak,
	Als weill thingis to leve as ta,
	Bot cowardys dois na thing sua
345	But uttrely forsakis all, 	343
	Bot that war derer for to fal
	Na war faute of discretioun.
	Forthi has worschip sic renoun,
	That it is mene betuix tha twa
350	And takys that is till underta	348
	And levys that is to leve, for it
	Has sa gret warnysing of wyt
	That it all perellis weile gan se
	And all avantagis that may be.
355	I wald till hardyment heyld haly	353
	With-thi away war the foly
	For hardyment with foly is vice
	Bot hardyment that mellyt is
	With wyt is worschip ay perde,
360	For but wyt worschip may nocht be.	358
	This nobile king that we off red
	Mellyt all tyme with wit manheid,
	That may men by this melle se.
	His wyt schawyt him the strait entre
365	Off the furd and the uschyng alsua	363
	That as him thocht war hard to ta
	Apon a man that war worthy,
	Tharfor his hardyment hastily
	Thocht it mycht be weill undretan
370	Sen at anys mycht assail bot ane.	368
	Thus hardyment governyt with wyt
	That he all tyme wald samyn knyt
	Gert him off worschip haiff the price
	And oft ourcum his ennymyis.
[Douglas attacks Thirlwall at Douglas Castle]

375	The king in Carrik dwellyt ay still,	373
	Hys men assemblyt fast him till 
	That in the land war travailland
	Quhen thai off this deid herd tithand
	For thai thar ure wald with him ta
380	Gyff that he eft war assaylyt sua.	378
	Bot yeit than James of Douglas
	In Douglas daile travailland was
	Or ellysweill ner-hand tharby
	In hydillys sumdeill prevely,
385	For he wald se his governyng	383
	That had the castell in keping,
	And gert mak mony juperty
	To se quhether he wald ische blythly.
	And quhen he persavyt that he
390	Wald blthly ische with his menye,	388
	He maid a gadring prevely
	Of thaim that war on his party,
	That war sa fele that thai durst fycht
	With Thyrwall and all the mycht
395	Of thaim that in the castell war.	393
	He schupe him in the nycht to far
	To Sandylandis, and ner tharby
	He him enbuschyt prevely
	And send a few a trane to ma,
400	That sone in the mornyng gan ta	398
	Catell that wes the castell by
	And syne withdrew thaim hastily
	Towart thaim that enbuschit war.
	Than Thyrwall foroutyn mar
405	Gert arme his men foroutyn baid	403
	And ischyt with all the men he haid
	And folowyt fast efter the ky.
	He wes armyt at poynt clenly
	Outane his hede wes bar.
410	Than with the men that with him war	408
	The catell folowit he gud speid
	Rycht as a man that had na dreid
	Till that he gat off thaim a sycht.
	Than prekyt thai with all thar mycht
415	Folowand thaim out off aray,	413
	And thai sped thaim fleand quhill thai
	Fer by thar buschement war past,
	And Thyrwall ay chassyt fast.
	And than thai that enbuschyt war
420	Ischyt till him bath les and mar	418
	And rayssyt sudanly the cry,
	And thai that saw sa sudandly
	That folk come egyrly prekand
	Rycht betwix thaim and thar warand,
425	Thai war into full gret effray	423
	And for thai war out off aray
	Sum off thaim fled and sum abad,
	And the Douglas that thar with him had
	A gret mengye full egrely
430	Assaylyt and scalyt thaim hastyly	428
	And in schort tyme ourraid thaim sua
	That weile nane eschapyyt thaim fra.
	Thyrwall that wes thar capitane
	Wes thar in the bargane slane
435	And off his men the mast party,	433
	The lave fled full effraytly.
	Douglas his menye fast gan chas,
	And the flearis thar wayis tays
	Till the castell in full gret hy.
440	The formast entryt spedyly	438
	Bot the chaseris sped thaim sa fast
	That thai ourtuk sum of the last
	And thaim foroutyn mercy gan sla.
	And quhen thai off the castell sua
445	Saw thaim sla off thar men thaim by	443
	Thai sparyt the yattis hastily
	And in hy to the wallis rane.
	James off Douglas his menye than
	Sesyt weile hastily in hand
450	That thai about the castell fand	448
	To thair resett, syne went thar way.
	Thus ischyt Thyrwall that day.
[The king is pursued by John of Lorn and his tracker-dog;
he and his foster brother kill five men]

	Quhen Thyrwall on this maner
	Had ischit as I tell you her,
455	James off Douglas and his men	453
	Buskit thaim all samyn then
	And went thar way towart the king
	In gret hy, for thai herd tything 
	That off Valence Schyr Amery
460	With full gret chevalry	458
	Bath off Scottis and Inglis men
	With gret felny war rerdy then
	Assemblyt for to sek the king,
	That wes that tyme with his gadring
465	In Cumnok quhair it straitast was.	463
	Thidder went James of Douglas
	And wes rycht welcum to the king
	And quhen he had tauld that tithing,
	How that schyr Amer wes cummand
470	For till hunt him out off the land	468
	With hund and horne rycht as he war
	A woulff, a theyff, or theyffis fer,
	Than said the king, 'It may weill fall
	Thocht he cum and his power all
475	We sall abid in this countre,	473
	And gyff he cummys we sall him se.'
	The king spake apon this maner,
	And of Valence Schyr Amer
	Assemblyt a gret cumpany
480	Off noble men and off worthy	478
	Off Ingland and of Lowthiane,
	And he has alsua with him tane
	Jhone off Lorn and all his mycht
	That had off worthi men and wycht
485	With him aucht hunder men and ma	483
	A sleuth-hund had he thar alsua
	Sa gud  that wald chang for na thing,
	And sum men sayis yeit that the king
	As a strecour him noryst had
490	And sa mekill off him he maid	488
	That hys awyn handis wald him feid.
	He folowyt him quharever he yeid
	Sa tthat the hund him lovit sua
	That he wald part na wys him fra.
495	Bot how that Jhon of Lorn him had	493
	Ik herd never mencioun be mad,
	Bot men sayis it wes certane thing 
	That he had him in his sesyng
	And throu him thocht the king to ta,
500	For he wyst he him luffyt sua	498
	That fra that he mycht anys fele
	The kingis sent he wyst rycht weill
	That he wald chaung it for na thing.
	This Jhon off Lorne hattyt the king
505	For Jhon Cumyn his emys sak,	503
	Mycht he him other sla or tak
	He wald nocht prys his liff a stra
	Sa that he vengeance of him mycht ta.
	The wardane than Schyr Amery
510	With this Jhone in cumpany	508
	And other off gud renoun alsua,
	Thomas Randell was ane off tha,
	Come intill Cumnok to sek the king
	That wes weill war off that cummyng
515	And wes up in the strenthis then	513
	And with him weill four hunder men.
	His broder that tym with him was
	And alsua James off Douglas.
	Schyr Ameryys rowte he saw
520	That held the plane ay and the law	518
	And in hale battaill alwayis raid.
	The king that na supposyn had
	That thai wer may then he saw thar
	Till thaim and nother ellisquhar
525	Had ey and wrocht unwittily,	523
	For Jhom off Lorn full sutelly
	Behind thocht to supprys the king.
	Tharfor with all his gadring
	About ane hill he held the way
530	And held him into covert ay	528
	Till he sa ner come to the king
	Or he persavyt his cummyng
	That he wes cummyn on him weill ner.
	The tother ost and Schyr Amer
535	Pressyt aponthe tother party.	533
	The king wes in gret juperty
	That wes on ather sid umbeset
	With fayis that to sla him thret,
	And the leyst party off the twa
540	Was starkar than he and ma.	538
	And quhen he saw thaim pres him to
	He thocht in hy quhat was to do
	And said, 'Lordis we haiff na mycht
	As at this tyme to stand and fycht,
545	Tharfor departis us in thre,	543
	All sall nocht sa assailyt be,
	And in thre partis hald our way.'
	Syne till his preve folk gan he say
	Betwix thaim into prevete
550	In quhat sted thar repayr suld be.	548
	With that thar gate all ar thai gane
	And in thre partis thar way has tane.
	Jhone of Lorne come to the place
	Fra quhar the king departyt was
555	And in his trace the hund he set	553
	That then foroutyn langer let
	Held even the way efter the king
	Rycht as he had off him knawing,
	And left the tother partys twa
560	As he na kep to thaim wald ta.	558
	And quhen the king saw his cummyng
	Efter hys route intill a ling
	He thocht thai knew that it wes he,
	Tharfor he bad till his menye
565	Yeit then in thre depart thaim sone,	563
	And thai did sua foroutyn hone
	And held thar way in thre partys.
	The hund did thar sa gret maistrys
	That held ay foroutyn changing
570	Eftre the rowt quhar wes the king.	568
	And quhen the king had sene thaim sua
	All in a rowt efter him ga
	The way and folow nocht his men
	He had a gret persaving then
575	That thai knew him, forthi in hy	573
	He bad his men rycht hastily
	Scaile and ilkan hald his way
	All himselff, and sua did thai.
	Ilk man a syndry gate is gane
580	And the king with him has tane	578
	His foster broder foroutyn ma
	And samyn held thar gate thai twa.
	The hund folowyt alwayis the king
	And changyt for na departing 
585	Bot ay folowit the kingis trace	583
	But waveryng as he passyt was
	And quhen Jhon off Lorn saw
	The hund sa hard eftre him draw
	And folow strak after thai twa
590	He knew the king wes ane of tha,	588
	And bad fyve off his cumpany
	That war rycht wycht men and hardy
	And als off fute spediast war
	Off all that in thair rowt war
595	Ryn eftre him and him ourta	593
	And lat him na wys pas thaim fra,
	And fra thai had herd the bydding
	Thai held thar way efter the king
	And folowyt him sa spedely
600	That thai him weill sone gan ourhy.	598
	The king that saw thaim cummand ner
	Wes anoyit on gret maner,
	For he thocht giff thai war worthi
	Thai mycht hi, travaile and tary
605	And hald him swagate tariand	603
	Till the remanand com at hand,
	Bot had he dred bot anerly
	Thai fyve I trow all sekyrly
	He suld have had na mekill dred.
610	And till his falow as he yeid	608
	He said, 'Thir fyve ar fast cummand
	Thai ar weill ner now at our hand,
	Sa is thar ony help at the
	For we sall sone assailyt be.'
615	'Ya, schyr,' he said, 'all that I may.'	613
	'Thou sayis weill,' said the king. 'Perfay
	I see thaim cummand till us ner.
	I will na forthyr bot rycht her
	I will byd quhill Ic am in aynd
620	And se quhat force that thai can faynd.'	618
	The king than stud full sturdely
	And the fyvesum in full gret hy
	Come with gret schor and manassing.
	Then thre off thaim went to the king,
625	And till his man the tother twa	623
	With swerd in hand gan stoutly ga.
	The king met thaim that till him socht 
	And to the fyrst sic rowt he roucht
	That er and chek downe in the hals
630	He scharnand off the schuldir als,	628
	He ruschyt down all disyly.
	The twa that saw sa sudanly
	Thar falow fall effrayit war
	And stert a litill ovyrmar.
635	The king with that blenkit him by	633
	And saw the twasome sturdely
	Agane his man gret melle ma.
	With that he left his awin twa
	And till thaim that faucht with his man
640	A loup rycht lychtly maid he than	638
	And smate the hed off the tane,
	To mete his awne syne is he gane.
	Thai come on him full sturdely,
	He met the fyrst sa egrely
645	That with the swerd that scharply schar	643
	The arme fra the body he bar.
	Quhat strakys thai gaiff I can nocht tell,
	Bot to the king sa fayr befell 
	That thocht he travaill had and payne
650	He off his fa-men four has slayn,	648
	His foster broder tharefter sone
	The fyft out of dawys has done.
	And quhen the king saw that all fyve
	War on that wys broucht out off lyve
655	Till hys falow than gan he say,	653
	'Thou has helpyt weile perfay'
	'It likys you to say sua,' said he,
	'Bot the gret part to you tuk ye
	That slew four off the fyve you ane.'
660	The king said, 'As the glew is gane	658
	Better than thou I mycht it do
	For Ik had mar layser tharto,
	For the twa falowys that delt with the
	Quhen thai saw me assailyt with thre
665	Off me rycht nakyn dout thai had	663
	For thai wend I sa straytly war stad,
	And forthi that thai dred me noucht
	Noy thaim fer out the mar I moucht.'
	With that the king lokyt him by
670	And saw off Lorn the company	668
	Weill ner with thar sleuth-hund cummand.
	Than till a wod that wes ner-hand
	He went with his falow in hy.
	God sayff thaim for his gret mercy.

Book 7

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