The Brus by John Barbour


[The king escapes from the hound]

	The king towart the wod is gane
	Wery forswayt and will of wane
	Intill the wod sone entryt he
	And held doun towart a vale
5	Quhar throu the woid a watter ran.
	Thidder in gret hy wend he than
	And begouth for to rest him thar
	And said he mycht no forthirmar.
	His man said, 'Schyr, it may nocht be.
10	Abyd ye her ye sall son se
	Fyve hunder yarnand you to sla,
	And thai ar fele aganys us twa.
	And sen we may nocht dele with mycht
	Help us all that we may with slycht.'
15	The king said, 'Sen that thou will sua,
	Ga furth, and I sall with the ga.
	Bot Ik haiff herd oftymys say
	That quha endlang a watter ay
	Wald waid a bow-draucht he suld ger
20	Bathe the slouth-hund and his leder
	Tyne the sleuth men gert him ta.
	Prove we giff it will now do sa,
	For war yone devillis hund away
	I roucht nocht off the lave perfay.'
25	As he dyvisyt thai haiff doyn
	And entryt in the watter sone
	And held down endlang thar way,
	And syne to the land yeid thai
	And held thar way as thai did er.
30	And Jhone off Lorn with gret affer
	Come with hys rout rycht to the place
	Quhar that his fyve men slane was.
	He menyt thaim quhen he thaim saw
	And said eftre a litill thraw
35	That he suld veng thar bloude,
	Bot otherwayis the gamyn youde.
	Thar wald he mak na mar dwelling
	Bot furth in hy folowit the king.
	Rycht to the burn thai passyt war,
40	Bot the sleuth-hund maid styntyn thar
	And waveryt lang tyme to and fra
	That he na certane gate couth ga,
	Till at the last that Jhon of Lorn
	Persavyt the hund the slouth had lorn
45	And said, 'We haiff tynt this travaill.
	To pas forthyr may nocht availe
	For the void is bath braid and wid
	And he is weill fer be this tid,
	Tharfor is gud we turn agayn
50	And waist no mar travaill in vayne.'
	With that relyit he his mengye
	And his way to the ost tuk he.
[An alternative account of the escape]

	Thus eschapyt the nobill king,
	Bot sum men sayis this eschaping
55	Apon ane other maner fell
	Than throu the wading, for thai tell
	That the king a gud archer had,
	And quhen he saw his lord sua stad
	That he wes left sa anerly
60	He ran on sid alwayis him by
	Till he into the woude wes gane.
	Than said he till him selff allane
	That he arest rycht thar wald ma
	To luk giff he the hund mycht sla,
65	For giff the hund mycht lest in lyve
	He wyst rycht weile that thai wald dryve
	The kingis trace till thai him ta,
	Than wyst he weile thai wald him sla.
	And for bhe wald his lord succur
70	He put his liff in aventur,
	And stud intill a busk lurkand
	Till that the hund come at his hand
	And with ane arow sone him slew
	And throu the woud syne him withdrew.
75	Bot quhether this eschaping fell
	As I tauld fyrst or I now tell,
	I wate weill without lesing 
	That at the burn eschapyt the king.
[Three men with a wethertry to kill the king
and kill his foster-brother]

	The king has furth his wayis tane,
80	And Jhon of Lorn agayne is gane
	To Schyr Aymer that fra the chace
	With his men repayryt was
	That sped lytill in thar chassyng
	Thoucht at thai maid gret folowing
85	Full egrely thai wan bot small,
	Thar fayis ner eschapyt all.
	Men sayis Schyr Thomas Randell than
	Chassand the kingis baner wan,
	Quharthrou in Ingland with the king
90	He had rycht gret price and loving.
	Quhen the chasseris relyit war
	And Jhon of Lorn had met thaim thar
	He tauld Schyr Aymer all the cas,
	How that the king eschapyt was
95	And how that he his fyve men slew
	And syne to the wode him drew.
	Quhen Schyr Aymer herd this, in hy
	He sanyt him for the ferly
	And said, 'He is gretly to prys,
100	For I knaw nane that liffand is
	That at myscheyff gan help him sua.
	I trow he suld be hard to sla
	And he war bodyn evynly.'
	On this wis spak Schyr Aymery,
105	And the gud king held furth his way
	Betwix him and his man quhill thai
	Passyt out throu the forest war.
	Syne in the more thai entryt ar
	That wes bathe hey and lang and braid,
110	And or thai halff it passyt had
	Thai saw on syd the men cummand
	Lik to lycht men and waverand,
	Swerdis thai had and axiys als
	And ane off thaim apon his hals
115	A mekill boundyn wether bar.
	Thai met the king and halist him thar,
	And the king tthaim thar hailsing yauld
	And askyt thaim quhether thai wauld.
 	Thai said Robert the Bruys thai socht,
120	For mete with him giff that thai moucht
	Thar dwelling with him wauld thai ma.
	The king said, 'Giff that ye will sua,
	Haldys furth your way with me
	And I sall ger you sone him se.'
125	Thai persavyt be his speking
	That he wes the selvyn Robert king,
	And chaungyt contenance and late
	And held nocht in the fyrst state,
	For thai war fayis to the king
130	And thocht to cum into Sculking
	And dwell with him quhill that thai saw
	Thar poynt, and bryng him than off daw.
	Thai grantyt till his spek forthi,
	Bot the king that wes witty
135	Persavyt weill be thar having
	that thai luffyt him nathing
	And said, 'Falowis, ye mon all thre,
	Forthir aquent till that we be,
	All be yourselvyn forrouth ga,
140	And on the samyn wys we twa
	Sall folow behind weill ner.'
	Quod thai, 'Schyr, it is na myster
	To trow in us ony ill.'
	'Nane do I,' said he, 'bot I will
145 	That yhe ga forrourth thus quhill we
	Better with othyr knawin be.'
	'We grant,' thai said, 'sen ye will sua.'
	And furth apon thar gate gan ga.
	Thus yeid thai till the nycht wes ner,
150	And than the formast cummyn wer
	Till a waist husbandis hous, and thar
	Thai slew the wethir that thai bar
	And slew fyr for to rost thar mete,
	And askyt the king giff he wald ete
155	And rest him till the mete war dycht.
	The king that hungry was, Ik hycht,
	Assentyt till thar spek in hy,
	Bot he said he wald anerly 
	Betwix him and his fallow be
160	At a fyr, and thai all thre
	In the end off the hous suld ma
	Ane other fyr, and thai did sua.
	Thai drew thaim in the hous end
	And halff the wethir till him send.
165	And thai rostyt in hy thar mete
	And fell rycht freschly for till ete,
	For the king weill lang fastyt had
	And had rycht mekill travaill mad,
	Tharfor he eyt full egrely
170	And quhen he had etyn hastily
	He had to slep sa mekill will
	That he mocht set na let thartill,
	For quhen the vanys fillyt ar
	Men worthys hevy evermar
175	And to slepe drawys hevynes.
	The king that all fortravaillyt wes
	Saw that him worthyt slep nedwayis.
	Till his foser-broder he sayis,
	'May I traist in the me to waik
180	Till Ik a litill sleping tak.'
	'Ya, schyr,' he said, 'till I may dre.'
	The kingbthen wynkyt a litill wey,
	And slepyt nocht full encrely
	Bot gliffnyt up oft sodanly,
185	For he had dreid of thai thre men
	That at the tother fyr war then.
	That thai his fais war he wyst,
	Tharfor he slepyt as foule on twyst.
	The king slepyt bot a litill than
190	Quhen sic slep fell on his man
	That he mycht nocht hald up his ey,
	Bot fell in slep and rowtyt hey.
	Now is the king in gret perile
	For slep he sua a litill quhile
195	He sall be ded fotoutyn dreid,
	For the thre tratouris tuk gud heid
	that he on slep wes and his man.
	In full gret hy thai rais up than
	And drew thar swerdis hastily
200 	And went towart the king in hy
	Quhen that thai saw him sleip sua,
	And slepand thocht thai wald him sla.
	Till him thai yeid a full gret pas,	203*
	Bot in that tym throu Goddis grace	204*
205	The king up blenkit hastily	203
	And saw his man slepand him by
	And saw cummand the tother thre.
	Deliverly on fut gat he
	And drew his swerd out and thaim mete,
210	And as he yude his fute he set 	208
	Apon his man weill hevily.
	He waknyt and rais disily,
	For the slep maistryt hym sway
	That or he gat up ane off thai
215	That com for to sla the king	213
	Gaiff hym a strak in his rysing
	Sua that he mycht help him no mar.
	The king sa straitly stad wes thar
	That he wes never yeit sa stad,
220	Ne war the armyng that he had	218
	He had bene dede foroutyn wer.
	Bot nocht-forthi on sic maner
	He helpyt him in that bargane
	That thai thre tratouris he has slan
225	Throu Goddis grace and his manheid.	223
	Hys fostyr brother thar wes dede,
	Then wes he wondre will of wayn
	Quhen he saw him left allane.
	His foster broder meny he
230	And waryit all the tother thre,	228
	And syne his way tuk him allane
	And rycht towart his tryst is gane.
[The king goes to a house, where the goodwife gives him her two sons;
he meets his companions and they take an enemy force in a
village by surprise]

	The king went furth way and angri
	Menand his man full tenderly
235	And held his way all him allane,	233
	And rycht towart the hous is gan
	Quhar he set tryst to meit his men.
	It wes weill inwyth nycht be then,
	He come sone in the hous and fand
240	The houswyff on the benk sittand	238
	That askit him quhat he was
	And quhen he come and quethir he gais.
	'A travailland man, dame,' said he,
	'That travaillys throu the contre.'
245	Scho said, 'All that travailland er	243
	For ane his sak ar welcum her.'
	The king said, 'Gud dame, quhat is he
	That gerris you haiff sik specialte
	To men that travaillis?' 'Schyr, perfay,'
250	Quod the gud-wyff, 'Isall you say,	248
	The King Robert the Bruys is he,
	That is rycht lord off this countre.
	His fayis now haldis him in thrang,	
	Bot I think to se or ocht lang
255	Him lord and king our all the land	253
	That na fayis sall him withstand.'
	'Dame, luffis thou him sa weil,' said he.
	'Ya, schyr,' said scho, 'sa God me se.'
	'Dame,' said he, 'hym her the by,
260	For Ik am he, I say the soithly,	258
	Yha certis, dame.' 'And quhar ar gane
	Your men quhen ye ar thus allane?'
	'At this tyme, dame, Ik haiff no ma.'
	Scho said, 'It may na wys be swa.
265	Ik haiff twa sonnys wycht and hardy,	263
	Thai sall becum your men in hy.'
	As scho divisyt thai haiff done,
	His sworn men become thai sone.
	The wyff syn gert him syt and ete,
270	Bot he has schort quhile at the mete	268
	Syttyn quhen he hard gret stamping
	About the hous, then but letting
	Thai stert up the hous for to defende,
	Bot sone eftre the king has kend
275	James off Douglas. Than wes he blyth	273
	And bad oppyn the durris swyth
	And thai come in all that thar war.
	Schyr Edward the Bruce wes thar,
	And James alsua off  Douglas
280	That wes eschapyt fra the chace	278
	And with the kingis brother met,
	Syn to the tryst that thaim wes set
	Thai sped thaim with thar cumpany
	That wer ane hunder and weile fyfty.
285	And quhen that thai haiff sene the king	283
	Thai war joyfull of thar meting
	And askyt how that he eschapyt was,
	And he thaim tauld all hale the cas.
	How the fyve men him pressyt fast,
290	And how he throu the water past,	288
	And how he met the thevis thre
	And how he slepand slane suld be
	Quhen he waknyt throu Goddis grace
	And how his foster brodyr was
295	Slayne he tauld thaim all haly.	293
	Than lovyt thai God commounly
	That tthar  lord wes eschapyt sua,
	Than spak thai wordis to and fra
	Till at the last the king gan say
300	'Fortoun us travaillyt fast today	298
	That scalyt us sa sodanly.
	Our fayis tonycht sall ly traistly
	For thai trow we so scalit ar	*301
	And fled to-waverand her and thar	*302
305	That we sall nocht thir dayis thre	*303
	All togiddir assemblit be.	*304
	Tharfor this nycht thai sall trastly	*305
	But wachys tak thar ese and ly.	301
	Quharfor quha knew thar herbery
310	And wald cum on thaim sodanly	303
	With few mengye mycht thaim scaith
	And eschape foroutyn waith.'
	'Perfay,' quod James of Douglas,
	'As I come hyddyrwart per cas
315	I come sa ner thar herbery	308
	That I can bring you quhar thai ly,
	And wald ye speid you yeit or day
	It may sua happin that we may
	Do thaim a gretar scaith weile sone
320	Than thai us all day has done,	313
	For thai ly scalyt as thaim lest.'
	Than thocht thaim all it wes the best
	To sped thaim to thaim hastily,
	And thai did sua in full gret hy
325	And come on thaim in the dawing	318
	Rycht as the day begouth to spryng.
	Sa fell it that a cumpany
	Had in a toun tane thar herbery
	Weile fra the ost a myle or mar,
330	Men said that thai twa hunder war.	323
	Thar assemblyt the nobill king,
	And sone eftre thar assembling
	Thai that slepand assaylyt war
	Rycht hidwysly gan cry and rar,
335	And other sum that herd the cry	328
	Ras sa rycht effrayitly
	That sum of thaim nakit war
	Fleand to warand her and thar,
	and sum his armys with him drew,
340	And thai foroutyn mercy thaim slew	333
	And sa evyll vengeance can ta 
	That the twa partis of thaim and ma
	War slayn rycht in that ilk sted,
	Till thar oist the remanand fled.
345	The oyst that hard the noyis and cry	338
	And saw thar men sua wrechytly
	Sum nakit fleand her and thar,
	Sum all hale, sum woundyt sar,
	Into full gret effray thai rais
350	And ilk man till his baner gays	343
	Sua that tthe oyst wes all on ster.
	The king and thai that with him wer
	Quhen on ster the oyst saw sua
	Towart thar warand gan thai ga,
355	And thar in savete com thai	348
	And quhen Schyr Aymer herd say
	How that the king thar men had slayn
	And how that thai turnyt war agayn
	He said, 'Now may we clerly se
360	That nobill hart quharever it be	353
	It is hard till ourcum throu maystri,
	For quhar ane hart is rycht worthy
	Agayne stoutnes it is ay stoute,
	Na as I trow thar may na doute
365	Ger it all-out dis cumfyt be	358
	Quhill body levand is and fre,
	As be this melle may be sene.
	We wend Robert the Bruce had bene
	Sua discomfyt that be gud skill
370	He suld nother haiff haid hart ne will	363
	Swilk juperty till undreta
	For he put was at undre sua
	That he wes left all him allane
	And all his folk war fra him gayn,
375	And he sagat fortravaillyt	368
	To put thaim off that him assaylit
	That he suld haiff yarnyt resting
	This nycht atour all other thing.
	Bot his hart fillyt is off bounte
380	Sua that it vencusyt may nocht be.'	373
[The king goes hunting and is attacked by three men beside a wood]

	On this wys spak Schyr Aymery,
	And quhen thai off his cumpany
	Saw how thai travaillit had in vayn
	And how the king thar men had slayn
385	And that his wes gane all fre,	378
	Thaim thocht it wes a nycete
	For to mak thar langer dwelling
	Sen thai mycht nocht anoy the king,
	And said that to Schyr Amery,
390	That umbethocht him hastily	383
	That he to Carlele wald ga
	And a quhill tharin sojourn ma
	And haff his spyis on the king
	To knaw alwayis his contenyng,
395	And quhen that he his poynt mycht se	388
	He thocht that with a gret menye
	He suld schute apon him sudanly.
	Tharfor with all his cumpany 
	Till Ingland he the way has tane,
400	And ilk man till his hous is gane.	393
	In hy till Carlele wesnt is he
	And tharin thinkys for till be
	Till he his poynt saw off the king,
	That then with all his gaderring
405	Wes in Carryk quhar umbestount	398
	He wald went with his men til hunt.
	Sa happynyt that on a day
	He went till hunt for till assay
	Quhat gamyn was in that countre,
410	And sua hapnyt that day that he	403
	By a woud-syd to sett is gane
	With his twa hundys him allane,
	Bot his swerd ay with him bar.
	He had bot schort quhile syttyn thar
415	Quhen he saw fra the woud cummand	408
	Thre men with bowys in thar hand
	That towart him come spedely,
	And he that persayvyt in hy
	Be thar affer and thar having
420	That thai luffyt him nakyn thing,	413
	He rais and his leysche till him drew he
	And leyte hys hundis gang all fre.
	God help the king now for his mycht,
	For bot he now be wys and wycht
425	He sall be set in mekill pres,	418
	For thai thre men foroutyn les
	War his fayis all utrely,
	And wachyt him sa bysyly
	To se quhen thai vengeance mycht tak
430	Off the king for Jhon Comyn his sak	423
	That thai thocht than thai layser had.
	And sen he hym allane wes stad
	In hy thai thocht thai suld him sla,
	And gyff that thai mycht chevys sua
435	Fra that thai the king had slayn	428
	THat thai mycht wyn the woud agayn,
	His men thaim thocht thai suld nocht dred.
	In hy towart the king thai yeid
	and bent thar bowys quhen thai war ner,
440	And he that dred on gret maner	433
	thar arowys, for he nakyt was,
	In hy a speking to thaim mais
	And said, 'You aucht to schame perde
	Sen ik am ane and ye ar thre
445	For to schute at me apon fer.	438
	Bot had ye hardyment to cum ner
	And with your swerdis till assay,
	Wyn me apon sic wys giff ye may,
	Ye sall wele oute mar prisyt be.'
450	'Perfay,' quod ane than off the thre	443
	'Sall na man say we dred the sua
	That we with arowys sall the sla.'
	With that thar bowys away thai kest
	And come on fast but langer frest.
455	The king thaim met full hardyly	448
	And smate the fyrst sa vygorusly
	that he fell dede doun on the gren.
	And quhen the kingis hund has sene
	Thai men assailye his maister sua
460	He lap till ane and gan him ta	453
	Rycht be the nek full sturdyly.
	Till top our tale he gert him ly,
	And the king that his swerd out had
	Saw he sa fayr succour him maid.
465	Or he that fallyn wes mycht rys	458
	He him assayllyt on sic wys
	That he the bak strak evyn in twa.
	The thrid that saw his falowis sua
	Foroutyn recoveryng be slayne
470	Tok to the wod his way agane,	463
	Bot the king folowit spedyly,
	And als the hund that wes him by
	Wquhen he the man saw fle him fra
	Schot till him sone and gan him ta
475	Rycht be the nek and till him dreuch	468
	And the king that wes ner yneucht
	In his ryssing sik rowt him gaff
	That stane-dede to the erd he draff.
	The kingis men that wer than ner
480	Quhen that thai saw on sic maner	473
	The king assailyt sa sodanly
	Thai sped towart him in hy
	And askyt how that cas befell,
	And he all haly gan thaim tell
485	How thai assaillyt him all thre	478
	'Perfay,' quod thai, 'we may wele se
	That it is hard till undretak
	Sic melling with you to mak
	That sua smertly has slayn tthir thre
490	Foroutyn hurt.' 'Perfay,' said he,	483
	I slew bot ane forouten ma
	God and my hund has slayn the twa.
	Thar tresoun combryt thaim perfay
	For rycht wycht men all thre war thai.'
[The king goes to Glen Trool; Valence follows him there]

495	Quhen that the king throu Goddis grace	488
	On this maner eschapyt was
	He blew his horn and then in hy
	His gud men till him gan rely,
	tthen hamwartis buskyt he to far
500	For that day wald he hunt no mar.	493
	In Glentruell all a quhile he lay,
	And went weyle oft to hunt and play
	For to purches thaim venesoun,
	For than der war in sesoun.
505	In all that tyme Schyr Aymery	498
	With nobill men in cumpany
	Lay in Carlele hys poynt to se,
	And quhen he hard the certante
	That in Glentrewle wes the king
510	And went till hunt and till playing,	503
	He thocht with hys chevalry 
	To cum apon him sodanly
	And fra Carlele on nychtys ryd
	And in covert on dayis bid,
515	And swagate with sic tranonting	508
	He thocht he suld suppris the king.
	He assemblyt a gret mengne
	Off folk off full gud renomme
	Bath off Scottis and Inglis-men.
520	Thar way all samyn held thai then	513
	And raid on nycht sa prevely
	Till thai come in a wod ner by
	Glentruele, quhar logyt wes the king
	That wyst rycht nocht off thar cummyng.
525	Into gret perile now is he,	518
	For bot God throu his gret powste
	Save him he sall be slayne or tane,
	For thai war sex quhar he wes ane.
[Valence sends a woman ahead to spy, but she is discovered;
Valence attacks and is discumfitted; his captains quarrel]

	Quhen Schyr Amery, as Ik haiff tauld
530	With his men that war stout and bauld	523
	Wes cummyn sa ner the king that thai
	War bot a myle fra him away
	He tuk avisement with his menm
	On quhat maner thai suld do then.
535	For he said thaim that the king was	528
	Logyt into sa strayt a place
	That horsmen mycht nocht him assaile
	And giff futemen gaiff him bataile
	He suld be hard to wyn giff he
540	Off thar cummyng may wytteryt be.	533
	'Tharfor I rede all prevely
	We send a woman him to spy
	That pouerly arrayit be.
	Scho may ask mete per cherite
545	And se thar convyn halily	538
	And apon quhat maner thai ly,
	The quhilis we and our menye
	Cumand out-throu the wode may be
	On fute all armyt as we ar.
550	May we do sua that we cum thar	543
	On thaim or thai wyt our cummyng
	We sall fynd in thaim na sturting.'
	This consaill thocht thaim wes to best,
	Then send thai furth but langer frest
555	The woman that suld be thar spy,	548
	And scho hyr way gan hald in hy
	Rycht to the logis quhar the king
	That had na drede of supprising
	Yheid unarmyt mery and blyth.
560	The woman has he sene alswyth,	553
	He saw hyr uncouth and forthi
	He beheld hyr mar encrely,
	And be hyr ccontenance him thocht
	That for gud cummyn was scho nocht.
565	Then gert he men in hy hyr ta,	558
	And scho that dred men suld hyr sla
	Tauld how that Schyr Amery
	With the Cliffurd in cumpany
	With the flour off Northummyrland
570	War cummand on thaim at thar hand.	563
	Quhen that the king herd that tithing
	He armyt him but mar dwelling,
	Sa did thai all that ever wes thar,
	Syne in a sop assemblyt ar,
575	I trow thai war thre hunder ner.	568
	And quhen thai all assemblit wer
	The king his baner gert display
	And set his men in gud aray,
	Bot thai had standyn bot a thraw
580	Rycht at thar hand quhen that thai saw	573
	Thar fayis throu the wod cummand
	Armyt on fute with sper in hand
	That sped thaim full enforcely.
	The noyis begouth sone and the cry,
585	For the gud king that formast was	578
	Stoutly towart his fayis gays,
	And hynt out off a mannys hand
	That ner besyd him wes gangand
	A bow and a braid arow als,
590	And hyt the formast in the hals	583
	Till thropill and wesand yeid in twa
	And doun till the erd gan ga.
	The laiff with that maid a stopping,
	Than but mar bad the nobill king
595	Hynt fra his baneour his banar	588
	And said, 'Apon thaim, for thai ar
	Discumfyt all.' With that word
	He swappyt swiftly out his sword
	And on thaim ran sa hardely
600	That all thai off his cumpany	593
	Tuk hardyment off his gud deid,
	For sum that fryst thar wayis yeid
	Agayne come to the fycht in hy
	And met thair fayis vigorusly
605	That all the formast ruschyt war,	598
	And quhen thai that war hendermar
	Saw that the formast left the sted
	Thai tornyt sone the bak and fled
	And out off the wod thaim withdrew.
610	The king a few men off thaim slew	603
	For thai rycht sone thar gat gan ga.
	It discomfortyt thaim all sua
	That the king with his mengne was
	All armyt to defend that place
615 	that thai wend throu thar tranonting	608
	Till haiff wonnyn foroutyn fechtin
	That thai effrayit war sodanly,
	And he thaim soucht sa angyrly
	That thai in full gret hy agane
620	Out off the wod rane to the plane	613
	For thaim faillyt off thar entent.
	Thai war that tyme sa foully schent
	That fyften hunder men and ma
	With a few mengne war reboytyt sua
625	That thai withdrew thaim schamfully.	618
	Tharfor amang thaim sodanly
	Thar rais debate and gret distance,
	Ilkan wytt other off thar myschance.
	Cliffurd and Waus maid a melle
630	Quhar Cliffurd raucht him a cole	623
	And athir syne drew till partys,
	Bot Schyr Aymer that wes wys
	Departyt thaim with mekill payn,
	And went till Ingland hame again.
635	He wyst fra stryff ras thaim amang	628
	He suld thaim nocht hals  samyn lang
	Foroutyn debate or melle,
	Tharfor till Ingland turnyt he
	Eith mar schame then he went of ton,
640	Quhen sa mony off sic renone	633
	Saw sa few men bid thaim battaill
	Quhair thai ne war hardy till assaile. 

Book 8

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