The Brus by John Barbour


[The king goes to Inverurie and falls ill]

	Now leve we intill the Forest
	Douglas that sall bot litill rest
	Till the countre deliveryt be
	Off Inglis folk and thar powste,
5	And turne we till the noble king
	That with the folk off his leding
	Towart the Month has tane his wai
	Rycht stoutly and intill gud array,
	Quhar Alysander Frayser him met
10	And als his broder Symonet
	With all the folk thai with thaim had.
	The king gud contenance thaim made
	That wes rycht blyth off thar cummyne.
	Thai tauld the king off the convyne
15	Off Jhone Cumyn erle of Bouchane
	That till help him had with him tane
	Schyr Jhon Mowbray and other ma,
	Schyr David off Brechyn alsua,
	With all the folk off thar leding,
20	'And yarnys mar na ony thing
	Vengeance off you, schyr king, to tak
	For Schyr Jhone the Cumyn his sak
	That quhylum in Drumfres wes slayn.'
	The king said, 'Sa our Lord me sayn,
25	Ik had gret caus him for to sla,
	And sen that thai on hand will ta
	Becaus off him to werray me
	I sall thole a quhile and se
	On quhat wys that thai pruve thar mycht,
30	And giff it fall that thai will fycht
	Giff thai assaile we sall defend,
	Syne fall eftre quhat God will send.'
	Eftre this spek the king in hy
	Held straucht his way till Enrowry,
35	And thar him tuk sik a seknes
	That put him to full hard distress.
	He forbar bath drynk and mete,
	His men na medicyne couth get
	That ever mycht to the king availe,
40	His force gan him halyly faile
	That he mycht nother rid na ga.
	Then wyt ye that his men war wa,
	For nane wes in that cumpany
	That wald haiff bene halff sa sary
45	For till haiff sene his broder ded
	Lyand befor him in that steid
	As thai war for his seknes,
	For all thar confort in him wes.
	Bot gud Schyr Edward the worthy
50	His broder that wes sa hardy
	And wys and wycht set mekill payn
	To comfort thaim with all his mayn,
	And quhen the lordis that thar war
	Saw that the ill ay mar and mar
55	Travaillyt the king, thaim thocht in hy
	It war nocht spedfull thar to ly,
	For thar all playne wes the countre
	And thai war bot a few menye
	To ly but strenth into the playne.
60	Forthi till that thar capitane
	War coveryt off his mekill ill
	Thai thocht to wend sum strenthis till.
[A reflection on leadership; the king goes to Slioch]

	For folk foroutyn capitane
	Bot thai the better be apayn
65	Sall nocht be all sa gud in deid
	As thai a lord had thaim to leid
	That dar put him in aventur
	But abaysing to tak the ure
	That God will send, for quhen that he
70	Off sic will is and sic bounte
	That he dar put him till assay
	His folk sall tak ensample ay
	Off his gud deid and his bounte,
	And ane off thaim sall be worth thre
75	Off thaim that wikkyt chifftane hais,
	His wrechytnes sa in thaim gais
	That thai thar manlynes sall tyn
	throu wrechitnes of his convyn.
	For quhen the lord that thaim suld leid
80	May do nocht bot as he that war ded
	Or fra his folk haldis his way
	Fleand, trow ye nocht than that thai
	Sall vencusyt in thar hartis be.
	Yis sall thai, as I trow per de,
85	Bot giff thar hartis be sa hey
	That thai na will for thar worschip flei,
	And thaocht sum be of sic bounte
	Quhen thai the lord and his menye
	Seys fley, yeit sall thai fley apayn
90	For all men fleis the deid rycht fayne.
	Se quhat he dois that sua foully
	Fleys thus for his cowardy,
	Bath him and his vencusys he
	And gerris his fayis aboune be.
95	Bot he that throu his gret noblay
	Till perallis him abandounys ay
	To recomfort his menye
	Gerris thame be off sa gret bounte
	That mony tyme unlikly thing
100	Tha bring rycht weill to gud ending.
	Sa did this king that Ik off reid,
	And for his utrageous manheid
	Confortyt his on sic maner
	That nane had radnes quhar he wer.
105	Thai wald nocht fecht till that he wes	105*
	Liand intill his seknes,	105
	Tharfor in litter thai him lay
	And till the Slevauch hald thar way
	And thocht thar in that strenth to ly
110	Till passyt war his malady.	109
[The skirmishing at Slioch]

	Bot fra the erle of Buchane
	Wyst that thai war thidder gane
	And wyst that sa sek wes the king
	That men doutyt off his covering,
115	He sent eftre his men in hy	114
	And assemblyt a gret cumpany,
	For all his awine men war thar
	And all his frendis with him war,
	That wes Schir Jhonne the Mowbray
120	And his brodyr as Ik hard say	119
	And Schyr David off Brechynge
	With fele folk in thar ledyng.
	And quhen thai all assemblit war
	In hy thai tuk thar way to far
125	To the Slevauch with all thar men`	124
	For till assaile the king that then
	Wes liand intill his seknes.
	This wes eftyr the Martymes
	Quhen snaw had helyt all the land.
130	To the Slevauch thai come ner-hand	129
	Arayit on thar best maner
	And thane the kingis men that wer 
	War off thar come thaim apparaylyt
	To defend giff thai thaim assaylyt
135	And nocht-forthi thar fayis war	134
	Ay twa for ane that thai war thar.
	The erlys men ner cummand war
	Trumpand and makand mekill far
	And maid knychtis quhen thai war ner,
140	And thai that in the woddis sid wer	139
	Stud in aray rycht sarraly
	And thocht to byd thar hardyly
	The cummyng off thar ennymys,
	Bot thai wald apon nakyn wys
145	Ische till assaile thaim in fechting	144
	Till coveryt war the nobill king,
	Bot and othir wald thaim assailye
	Thai wald defend vailye que vailye.
	And quhen the erlis cumpany
150	Saw that thai wrocht sa wisely	149
	That thai thar strenth schupe to defend,  
	Thar archeris furth to thaim thai send
	To bykkyr thaim and men off mayn,
	And thai send archeris thaim agayne
155	That bykkyrryt thaim sa sturdely	154
	Till thai off the erlis party
	Intill thar bataill dryvyn war.
	Thre dayis on this wys lay thai thar
	And bykkyryt thaim everilk day
160	Bot thar bowmen the war had ay.	159
	And quhen the kingis cumpany
	Saw thar fayis befor thaim ly
	That ilk day wox ma and ma,
	And thai war quhone and stad war sua
165	That thai had na thing for till eyt	164
	Bot giff thai travaillit it to get,
	Tharfor thai tuk consale into hy
	That thar wald thai na langer ly
	Bot hald thar way quhar thai mycht get
170	To thaim and tharis vittaillis and mete.	169
[The king withdraws from Slioch]

	In a littar the king thai lay
	And redyit thaim and held thar way
	That all thar fayis mycht thaim se,
	Ilk man buskyt him in his degre
175	To fycht giff thai assaillyt war.	174
	In myddis thaim the king thai bar
	And yeid about him sarraly
	And nocht full gretly thaim gan hy.
	The erle and thai that with him war
180 	Saw that thai buskit thaim to far,	179
	And saw how with sa litill effray
	Thai held furth with the king thar way
	Redy to fycht quha wald assaile.
	Thar hartis begouth all to faile
185 	And in pes lete thaim pas thar way	184
	And till thar housis hame went thai.
[The king goes to Strathbogie then to Inverurie]

	The erle his way tuk to Bouchane,
	And Schyr Edward the Bruce is gane
	Rycht to Strabolghy with the king
190	And sua lang thar maid sojorning	189
	Till he begouth to covyr and ga,
	And syne thar wayis gan thai ta
	Till Innerroury straucht agane
	For thai wald ly into the plane,
195	The wynter sesone, for vittaile	194
	Intill the plane mycht thaim nocht faile.
	The erle wyst that thai war thar
	And gaderyt a mengne her and thar.
	Brechyne and Mowbray and thar men
200	All till the erle assemblyt then	199
	And war a full gret cumpany
	Off men arayit jolyly.
	Till Auld Meldrum thai yeid the way
	And thar with thar men logit thai
205	Befoir Yhule evyn a nycht but mar,	204
	A thousand trow I weile thai war.
	Thai logyt thaim all thar that nycht
	And on the morn quhen day wes lycht
	The lord off Brechyn Schyr Davy
210	Is went towart Innerroury	209
	To luk gyff he on ony wys
	Mycht do skaith till his ennymys,
	And till the end off Innerroury
	Come ridand sa sodanly
215	That off the kingis men he slew	214
	A part, and other sum thaim withdrew
	And fled thar way towart the king
	That with the maist off his gadryng
	On the yond half Doun wes than lyand.
[Preparation for battle]

220	And quhen men tauld him tithand	219
	How Schyr Davy had slayn his men
	His hors in hy he askyt then
	And bad his men all mak thaim yar
	Into gret hy, for he wald far
225	To bargane with his ennymys.	224
	With that he buskyt for to rys
	That wes nocht all weill coveryt then.
	Then said sum off his preve men,
	'Quhat think ye thusgat to far
230	To fycht and nocht yeit coveryt ar.'	229
	'Yhis,' said the king, 'withoutyn wer,
	Thar bost has maid me haile and fer,
	For suld na medicyne sa sone
	Haiff coveryt me as thai haiff done.
235	Tharfor, sa God himself me se,	234
	I sall othir haiff thaim or thai me.'
	And quhen his men has hard the king
	Set him sa hale for the fechting,
	Off his coveryng all blyth thai war
240	And maid thaim for the battaill yar.	239
[The battle of Old Meldrum]

	The nobill king and his mengye
	That mycht weile ner sevin hunder be
	Towart Auld Meldrum tuk the way
	Wuhar the erle and his menye lay.
245	The discurrouris saw thaim cummand	244
	With baneris to the wynd wavand
	And yeid to thar lord in hy
	That gert arme hys men hastely
	And thaim arayit for battaile,
250	Behind thaim set thai thar merdale	249
	And maid gud sembland for to fycht.
	The king come on with mekill mycht
	And thai abaid makand gret fayr
	Till thai ner at assembling wayr,
255	Bot quhen thai saw the nobill king	254
	Cum stoutly on foroutyn fenyeing
	A litill on bridill thai thaim withdrew,
	And the king that rycht weill knew
	That thai war all discumfyt ner
260	Pressyt on thaim with his baner	259
	And thai withdrew mar and mar.
	And quhen the small folk thai had thar
	Saw thar lordis withdraw them sua
	Thai turnyt the bak all and to-ga
265	And fled all scalyt her and thar.	264
	The lordis that yeyt togydder war
	Saw that thar small folk war fleand
	And saw the king stoutly cummand,
	Thai war ilkane abaysit swa
270	That thai the bak gave and to-ga,	269
	A litill stound samyn held thai
	And syne ilk man has tane his way.
	Fell never men sa foule myschance
	Eftre sa sturdy contenance
275	For quhen the kingis cumpany	274
	Saw that thai fled sa foulyly
	Thai chasyt thaim with all thair mayn
	And sum thai tuk and sum has slayn.
	The remanand war fleand ay,
280	Quha had gud hors gat best away.	279
	Till Ingland fled the erle of Bouchquhane
	Shyr Jhon Mowbray is with him gane
	And war resett with the king,
	Bot thai had bath bot schort lesting
285	For thai deyt sone eftre syne.	284
	And Schyr David off Brechyne
	Fled till Brechyne his awine castell
	And warnyst it bath fayr and weill,
	Bot the erle of Atholl, Davy,
290	His sone that wes in Kildromy	289
	Come syne and him assegyt thar,
	And he that wald hald were ne mar
	Na bargane with the nobile king
	Come syne his man with gud treting.
[The ravaging of Buchan; the taking of Forfar Castle]

295	Now ga we to the king agayne	294
	That off his victory wes rycht fayn,
	And gert his men bryn all Bowchane
	Fra end till end and sparyt nane,
	And heryit thaim on sic maner
300 	That eftre weile fyfty yer	299
	Men menyt the herschip off Bouchane.
	The king than till his pes has tane
	The north cuntreys that humbly
	Obeysyt till his senyoury
305	Sua that benorth the Month war nane	304
	Then thai his men war everilkan,
	His lordschip wox ay mar and mar.
	Towart Angus syne gan he far
	And thocht sone to mak all fre
310	That wes on the north halff the Scottis se.	309
	The castell off Forfayr wes then
	Stuffyt all with Inglismen,
	Bot Philip the Forestar of Platane
	Has off his freyndis with him tane
315	And with leddrys all prevely	314
	Till the castell he gan him hy
	And clam up our the wall off stane
	And swagate has the castell tane
	Throu faute off wach with litill pane,
320	And syne all that he fand has slayne	319
	Syne yauld the castell to the king
	That maid him rycht gud rewarding,
	And syne gert brek doun the wall
	And fordyd well and castell all.
[The king goes to Perth and besieges it]

325	Quhen that the castell off Forfar	324
	And all the towris tumblyt war
	Down till the erd as Ik haiff tauld
	The king that wycht wes wys and bauld
	That thocht that he wald mak all fre
330	Apon the northhalff the Scottis se	329
	Till Perth is went with all his rout
	And umbeset the toun about
	And till it a sege has set.
	Bot quhill it mycht haiff men and met
335	It mycht nocht but gret payne be tane	334
	For all the wall wes then of stane
	And wycht towris and hey-standand,
	And that tyme war tharin dwelland
	Muschet and als Olyfard,
340	Thai twa the toun had all in ward	339
	And off Straitherne als the erle wes thar,
	Bot his sone and off his men war
	Without intill the kingis rowt.
	Thar wes  oft bekering styth and stout
345	And men slayne apon ilk party,	344
	Bot the gud king that all wytty
	Wes in his dedis everilkane
	Saw the wallis sa styth off stane
	And saw defens that thai gan ma
350	And how the toun wes hard to ta	349
	With opyn sawt strenth or mycht.
	Tharfor he thocht to wyrk with slycht,
	And in all tyme that he thar lay
	He spyit and slely gert assay
355	Quhar at the dyk schaldest was,	354
	Till at the last he fand a place
	That men mycht till thar schuldris wad.
	And quhen he that place fundyn had
	He gert his men busk ilkane
360	Quhen sex woukis off the sege war gane,	359
	And tursyt thar harnes halyly
	And left the sege all opynly
	And furth with all his folk gan fayr
	As he wald do tharto no mayr.
365	And thai tha war within the toun 	364
	Quhen thai to fayr sa saw him boun
	Thai schoutit him and skornyn mad,
	And he furth on his wayis rad
	As he ne had will agayne to turn
370	Na besyd thaim mak sojourn.	369
[The assault on Perth]

	Bot in aucht dayis nocht-forthi
	He gert mak leddrys prevely
	That mycht suffice till his enent,
	And in a myrk nycht syne is went
375	Toward the toun with his menye	374*
	Bath hors and knafis all left he	375*
	Fer fra the toun, and syne has tane	376*
	Thair ledderis and on fut ar gane	377*
	Towart the toun all prevely.	374
380	Thai hard na wachys spek na cry	375
	For thai war within may-fall
	As men that dred nocht slepand all.
	Thai haid na dreid then off the king
	For thai off him herd na thing
385	All thai thre dayis befor or mar,	380
	Thairfor sekyr and traist thai war.
	And quhen the king thaim hard nocht ster
	He was blyth on gret maner,
	And his ledder in hand gan ta
390	Ensample till his men to ma,	385
	Arayit weill in all his ger
	Schot in the dik and with his sper 
	Taistyt till he it our-woud,	
	Bot till his throt the watyr stud.
395	That tyme wes in his cumpany	390
	Aknycht off France wycht and hardy,
	And quhen he in the watyr sua
	Saw the king pas and with him ta
	His ledder unabasytly,
400	He saynyt him for the ferly	395
	And said, 'A, lord, quhat sall we say
	Off our lordis off Fraunce that thai
	With gud morsellis fayrcis thar pawnce
	And will bot ete and drink and dawnce
405	Quhen sic a knycht and sa worthy	400
	As this throu his chevalry
	Into sic perell has him set
	To win a wrechyt hamillet.'
	With that word to the dik he ran
410	And our efter the king he wan,	405
	And quhen the kingis menye saw
	Thar lord out-our intill a thraw
	Thai passyt the dik and but mar let
	Thar leddrys to the wall thai set
415	And to clymb up fast pressyt thai,	410
	Bot the gud king as I herd say
	Was the secund man tuk the wall
	And bad thar till his mengye all
	War cummyn up in full gret hy.
[The king takes Perth; his treatment of the townsfolk]

420	Yeit than rais nother noyis na cry,	415
	Bot sone efter thai noyis maid
	That off thaim fyrst persaving had
	Swa that the cry rais throu the toun,
	Bot he that with his men wes boun
425	Till assaill to thte toun is went	420
	And the maist off his menye sent
	All scalyt throu the toun, bot he
	Held with himselvyn a gret mengne
	Sa that he moucht be ay purvayit
430	To defend giff he war assayit.	425
	Bot thai that he send throu the toun
	Put to sa gret confusioun
	Thar fayis that in beddis war
	Or scalyt fleand her and thar
435	That or the sone rais thai had tane	430
	Thar fayis or discumfyt ilkane.
	The wardanys bath tharin war tane,
	And Malice off Straithern is gane
	Till his fadyr the Erle Malice
440	And with strenth tuk him and his,	435
	Syne for his sak the noble king
	Gave him his in governyng.
	The lave that ran out-throu the toun
	Sesyt to thaim into gret fusoun
445	Men and armyng and marchandis	440
	And other gud on syndry wys,
	Quhill thai that er war pour and bar
	Off that gud rych and mychty war,
	Bot thar wes few slayne for the king,
450	That thaim had gevyn in commanding	445
	On gret payne that thai suld slay nane
	That but gret bargane mycht be tane.
	That thai war kynd to the countre 
	He wyst and off thaim had pite.
[The king controls Scotland north of the Forth]

455	On this maner the toun wes tane	450
	And syne towris everilkane
	And wallis gert he tumble down.
	He levyt nocht about that town
	Towr standand na stane na wall
460	That ne haly gert stroy thaim all,	455
	And presonerys that thar tuk he
	He send quhar thai mycht haldyn be,
	And till his pes tuk all the land.
	Wes nane that durst him than withstand
465	Apon northhalff the Scottis se,	460
	All obeysyt till his majeste
	Outane the lord of Lorn and thai
	Off Arghile that wald with him ga.
	He held him ay agayne the king
470	And hatyt him atour all thing,	465
	Bot yete or all the gamyn ga
	I trow weill that the king sall ta
	Vengeance off his gret cruelte,
	And that him sar repent sall he
475	That he the king contraryit ay,	470
	May-fall quhen he it mend na may.
[Edward Bruce's reputation; he goes to Galloway]

	The kingis broder, quhen the toun  
	Wes takyn thus and dongyn doun,
	Schyr Edward that wes sa worthy
480	Tuk with him a gret cumpany	475
	And tuk his gayt till Galloway,
	For with his men he wald assay
	Giff he mycht recover that land
	And wyn it fra Inglismennys hand.
485	This Schyr Edward forsuth Ik hycht	480
	Wes off his hand a noble knycht
	And in blythnes suete and joly,
	Bot he wes outrageous hardy
	And of sa hey undretaking
490	That he haid never yeit abaysyng	485
	Off multitud off men, forthi
	He discumfyt commounly
	Mony with quhone, tharfor had he
	Out-over his peris renomme.
495	And quha wald rehers all the deid	490
	Off his hey worschip and manheid
	Men mycht a mekill romanys mak,
	And nocht-forthi I think to tak
	On hand Off him to say sum thing
500	Bot nocht tende part his travalyn.	495
	This gud knycht that I spek off her
	With all the folk that with him wer
	Weill sone to Galloway cummyn is,
	All that he fand he makyt his
505	And ryotyt gretly the land.	500
	Bot than in Galloway war wonnand
	Schyr Ingrahame the Umfravill that wes
	Renommyt off sa hey prowes
	that he off worschippassyt the rowt,
510	Tharfor he gert ay ber about	505
	Apon a sper a rede bonet
	Into takyn that he wes set
	Into the hycht off chevalry,
	And off Saynct Jhone als Schyr Aymry.
[The battle by the Cree]

515	Thir twa the land had in stering,	510
	And quhen thai hard off the cummyng
	Off Schyr Edward that sa playnly
	Oure-raid the land, thare in gret hy
	Thai assemblyt all thar mengne,
520	I trow tuelf hunder thai mycht be.	515
	Bot he with fewar folk thaim met
	Besyd Cre and sa hard thaim set
	With hard battaill and stalwart fycht
	That he thaim all put to the flycht
525	And slew twa hunder wrill and ma,	520
	And the chyftanys in hy gan ta
	Thar way to Buttill for to be 
	Thar resavyt to sawfte,
	And Schyr Edward thaim chasit fast,
530	Bot till the castell at the last	525
	Gat Schyr Ingrahame and Schyr Amery,
	Bot the best off thar cumpany
	Left ded behind thaim in the place.
	And quhen Schyr Edward saw the chace
535	Wes falyt he gert seys the pray	530
	And sua gret cattell had away
	That it war wonder for to se.
	Out of Buttill thai saw how he
	Gert his men dryve with him thar pray
540	Bot na let tharin mycht thai.	535
	Throu his chevalrous chevalry
	Galloway wes stonayit gretumly
	And he dowtyt for his bounte.
	Sum off the men off the countre
545	Cum till his pes and maid him aith.	540
	Bot Schyr Amery that had the skaith
	Off the bargane I tauld off er,
	Raid till Ingland till purches ther
	Off armyt men gret cumpany
550	To veng him off the velany	545
	That Schyr Edward that noble knycht
	Him did by Cre into the fycht.
	Off gud men he assemblit thar
	Weill fyften hunder men and mar
555	That war rycht of gud renowne.	550
	His way with all that folk tuk he,
	And in the land all prevely
	Entryt with tha chevalry
	Thynkand Schyr Edward to suppris
560	 Giff that he moucht on ony wis	555
	For he thocht he wald him assaile
	Or that he left in playn bataill.
[In a second encounter Edward Bruce defeats a much larger force]

	Now may ye her off gret ferly
	And off rycht hey chevalry,
565	For Schyr Edward into the land	560
	Wes with his mengne rycht ner-hand,
	And in the mornyng rycht arly
	Herd the countre men mak cry
	And had wyttryng off thar cummyng.
570	Than buskyt he him but delaying	565
	And lapp on hors deliverly,
	He had than in toute fyfty
	All apon gud hors armyt weill,
	His small folk gert he ilk-deill
575	Withdraw thaim till a strait thar-by,	570
	And he raid furth with his fyfty.
	A knycht that then was in his rowt
	Worthi and wycht stalwart and stout
	Curtais and fayr and off gud fame
580	Schyr Alane off Catkert be name	575
	Tauld me this taile as I sall tell.
	Gret myst into the mornyng fell
	Sa thai mycht nocht se thaim by
	For myst a bow-draucht fullely.
585	Sa hapnyt that thai fand the trais	580
	Quhar at the rowt furth passyt wais
	Off thair fayis that forouth raid.
	Schyr Edward that gret yarnyn had
	All tymys to do chevalry
590	With all his rout in full gret hy	585
	Folowyt the trais quhar gane war thai,
	And befor mydmorne off the day
	The myst wox cler all sodanly
	And than he and his cumpany
595	War nocht a bowdraucht fra the rout.	590
	than schot thai on thaim with a schout,
	For gyff thai fled thai wyst that thai
	Suld nocht weill feyrd part get away,
	Tharfor in aventur to dey
600	He wald him put or he wald fle.	595
	And quhen the Inglis cumpany
	Saw on thaim cum sa sodanly
	Sik folk foroutyn abaysyng
	Thai war stonayt for effrayng,
605	And the tother but mar abaid	600
	Swa hardely amang thaim raid
	That fele off thaim till erd thai bar.
	Stonayit sa gretly than thai war
	Throu the force off that fyrst assay
610	That thai war intill gret effray,	605
	And wend be fer thai had bene ma
	For that thai war assailit sua.
	Quhen thai had thyrlyt thaim hastily
	Than Schyr Edwardis cumpany
615	Set stoutly in the heid agayne,	610
	And at that cours borne doune and slayn
	War off thar fayis a gret party
	That thai effrayit war sa gretly
	That thsi war scalyt gretly then.
620	And quhen Schyr Edward and his men	615
	Saw thaim intill sa evill aray
	The thrid tyme on thaim prekyt thai,
	And thai that saw thaim sa stouly
	Come on dred thaim sa gretumly
625	That all thar rowt bath les and mar	620
	Fled prekand scalyt her and thar.
	Wes nane amang thaim sa hardy
	To bid, bot all comonaly
	Fled to warand, and he gan chas
630	That wilfull to distroy thaim was	625
	And sum he tuk and sum war slayn,
	Bot Schyr Amery with mekill payn
	Eschapyt and his gat in gayn.
	His men discumfyt war ilkane,
635	Sum tane, sum slayne, sum gat away,	630
	It wes a rycht fayr poynt perfay.
[A comment on Edward Bruce in Galloway]

	Lo! how hardyment tane sa sudandly
	And drevyn to the end scharply
	May ger oftsys unlikly thingis
640	Cum to rycht fayr and gud endingis	635
	As it fell into this cas her.
	For hardyment withoutyn wer
	Wan fyften hunder with fyfty
	Quhar ay for ane thar wes thretty,
645	And twa men ar a mannys her,	640
	Bot ure thaim led on swilk maner
	That thai discumfyt war ilkane.
	Schyr Amery hame his gat is gane
	Rycht blyth that he swa gat away,
650	I trow he sall nocht mony day	645
	Haiff will to werray that countre,
	With-thi Schyr Edward tharin be.
	And he dwelt furth into the land
	Thaim that rebell war werrayand,
655	And in a yer sa werrayit he	650
	That he wane quyt that countre
	Till his broderys pes the king.
	Bot that wes nocht but hard fechting,
	For in that tyme thar him befell
660	Mony fayr poynt as Ik herd tell	655
	The quhilk that ar nocht writyn her,
	Bot I wate weile that in that yer
	Thretten castellis with strenth he wan
	And ourcome mony a mody man.
665	Quha-sa off him the south will reid,	660
	Had he had mesure in his deid
	I trow that worthyar then he
	Mycht nocht in his tym fundyn be
	Outakyn his broder anerly,
670	To quham into chevalry	665
	Lyk wes nane in his day,
	For he led him with mesur ay,
	And with wyt his chevalry
	He governyt sa worthily
675	That he oft full unlikly thing	670
	Broucht rycht weill to gud ending.
[Douglas in the Forest surrounds and takes enemy Scots in a house]

	In all this tyme James of Douglas
	In the Forest travaland was,
	And it throu hardiment and slycht
680	Occupyit all magre the mycht	675
	Off his fell fayis, the-quhether thai
	Set him full oft in full hard assay,
	Bot oft throu wyt and throu bounte
	His purpos to gud end brocht he.
685	Intill that tyme him fell throu cas	680
	On ane nycht as he travaland was
	And thocht till haiff tane resting
	In ane hous on the watyr off Lyne
	And as he come with his mengne
690	Ner-hand the hous sua lysnyt he	685
	And herd thair sawis ilke deill,
	And be that he persavyt weill
	That thai war strang men that thar
	That nycht tharin herbryd war.
695	And as he thocht it fell per cas,	690
	For off Bonkle the lord thar was
	Alexander Stewart hat he
	With other twa off gret bounte,
	Thomas Randell off gret renowne
700	And Adam alsua off Gordoune,	695
	That thar come with gret cumpany
	And thocht into the Forest to ly
	And occupy it throu thar mycht,
	And with travaill and stalwart fycht
705	Chace Douglas out of that countre.	700
	Bot otherwayis then yeid the gle
	For quhen James had wittering 
	That strang men had taken herbryng
	In the place that he schup him to ly
710	He to the hous went hastily	705
	And umbeset it all about.
	Quhen thai within hard swilk a rout
	About the hous thai rais in hy
	And tuk thar ger rycht hastily
715	And schot furth fra thai harnasyt war.	710
	Thar fayis thaim met with wapnys bar
	And assaylit rycht hardely
	And thai defendyt douchtely
	With all thar mycht, till at the last
720	Thar fayis pressyt thaim sa fast	715
	That thar folk failyt thaim ilkane.
	Thomas Randell thar wes tane
	And Alexander Stewart alsua
	Woundyt in a place or twa.
725	Adam of Gordoun fra the fycht	720
	Quhat throu his strenth and his mycht
	Eschapyt and ser off thar men,
	Bot thai that war arestyt then
	War off thar taking wondre wa,
730	Bot neidlingis behovit it be sua.	725
[Thomas Randolph upbraids the king]

	That nycht the gud lord off Douglas
	Maid to Schyr Alysander that was
	His emys sone rycht glaidsome cher,
	Sua did he als withoutyn wer
735	Till Thomas Randell for that he 	730
	Wes to the king in ner degre
	Off blud, for his sistre him bar,
	And on the morne foroutyn mar
	Towart the noble king he raid
740	And with him bath thai twa he haid.	735
	The king off his present wes blyth
	And thankyt him weill fele syth,
	And till his nevo gan he say,
	'Thou has ane quhill renyid thi fay,
745	Bot thou reconsalit now mon be.'	740
	Then till the king answerit he
	And said, 'Ye chasty me, bot ye
	Aucht bettre chastyt for to be,
	For sene ye werrayit the king
750	Off Ingland, in playne fechtyng	745
	Ye suld pres to derenyhe rycht
	And nocht with cowardy na with slycht.'
	The king said, 'Yeit may-fall it may
	Cum or oucht lang to sic assay.
755	Bot sen thou spekys sa rudly	750
	It is gret skyll men chasty
	Thai proud wordis till that thou knaw
	The rycht and bow it as thou aw.'
	The king foroutyn mar delaying
760	Send him to be in ferme keping	755
	Quhar that he allane suld be,
	Nocht all apon his powste fre. 

Book 10

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