The Brus by John Barbour


[Preparations for battle against John of Lorn]

	Quhen Thomas Randell on this wis
	Wes takyn as Ik her devys
	And send to dwell in gud keping
	For spek that he spak to the king,
5	The gud king that thocht on the scaith
	The dispyt and felny bath
	That Jhone off Lorne had till him doyn
	His ost assemblyt he then sone
	And towart Lorn he tuk the way
10	With his men intill gud aray.
	Bot Jhone off Lorn off his cummyng
	Lang or he come had wittering,
	And men on ilk sid gadryt he
	I trow twa thousand thai mycht be
15	And send thaim for to stop the way
	Quhar the gud king behovyt away,
	And that wes in an evill plas
	That sa strayt and sa narow was
	That twasum samyn mycht nocht rid
20	In sum place off the hillis sid.
	The nethyr halff was peralous
	For schor crag hey and hydwous
	Raucht to the se doun fra the pas,
	On athyr halff the montane was
25	Sua combrous hey and stay
	That it was hard to pas that way.
	I trow nocht that in all Bretane
	Ane heyar hill may fundyn be.
30	Thar Jhone off Lorne gert his menye
	Enbuschyt be abovyn the way,
	For giff the king held thar away
	He thocht he suld sone vencussyt be,
	And himselff held him apon the se
35	Weill ner the pais with his galayis.
	Bot the king that in all assayis
	Wes fundyn wys and avisÚ
	Persavyt rycht weill thar sutelte,
	And that he neid that gait suld ga.
40	His men departyt he in twa
	And till the gud lord off Douglas
	Quham in herbryd all worschip was
	He taucht the archerys everilkane
	And this gud lord with him has tane
45	Schyr Alysander Fraser the wycht,
	And Wylyam Wysman a gud knycht
	And with thaim syne Schyr Androw Gray.
	Thir with thar mengne held thar way
	And clamb the hill deliverly
50	And or thai off the tother party
	Persavyt thaim thai had ilkane
	The hycht abovyne thar fayis tane.
[The battle beneath Ben Cruachan]

	The king and his men held thar way,
	And quhen intill the pas war thai
55	Entryt the folk of Lorne in hy
	Apon the king raysyt the cry
	And schot and tumblit on him stanys
	Rycht gret and hevy for the nanys,
	Bot thai scaith nocht gretly the king
60	For he had thar in his leding
	Men that lycht and deliver war
	And lycht armouris had on thaim thar
	Sua that thai stoutly clamb the hill
	And lettyt thar fayis to fulfill
65	The maist part of thar felny.
	And als apon the tother party
	Come James of Douglas and his rout
	And schot apon thaim with a schout
	And woundyt thaim with arowis fast,
70	And with thar swerdis at the last
	Thai ruschyt amang thaim hardely,
	For thai of Lorn full manlely
	Gret and apert defens gan ma.
	Bot quhen thai saw that thai war sua
75	Assaylit apon twa partys
	And saw weill that thar ennemys
	Had all the fayrer off the fycht
	In full gret hy thai tuk the flycht,
	And thai a felloun chas gan ma
80	And slew all that thai mycht ourta,
	And thai that mycht eschap but delay
	Rycht till ane water held thar way
	That ran doun be the hillis syd.
	It was sa styth and depe and wid
85	That men in na place mycht it pas
	Bot at ane btyg that beneuth thaim was.
	To that brig held thai straucht the way
	And to brek it fast gan assay,
	Bot thai that chassyt quhen thai thaim saw
90	Mak arest, but dred or aw
	Thai ruschyt apon thaim hardely
	And discumfyt thaim uterly,
	And held the brig haile quhill the  king
	With all the folk off his leding
95	Passyt the brig all at thar ese.
	To Jhone off Lorne it suld displese
	I trow, quhen he his men mycht se
	Oute off his schippis fra the se
	Be slayne and chassyt in the hill,
100	That he mycht set na help thartill,
	For it angrys als gretumly
	To gud hartis that ar worthi
	To se thar fayis fulfill thhar will
	As to thaim selff to thoke the ill.
[The taking of Dunstaffnage and the surrender of Alexander of Argyll]

105	At sic myscheiff war thai of Lorn,
	`For fele the lyvys thar has lorne
	And other sum war fled thar way.
	The king in hy gert sese the pray
	Off all the land, quhar men mycht se
110	Sa gret habundance come of fe
	That it war wonder to behauld.
	The king that stout wes stark and bauld
	Till Dunstaffynch rycht sturdely
	A sege set and besily
115	Assaylit the castell it to get,
	And in schort tym he has thaim set
	In swilk thrang that tharin war than
	That magre tharis he it wan,
	And ane gud wardane tharin set
120	And betaucht hym bath men and met
	Sua that he lang tyme thar mycht be
	Magre thaim all off that countre.
	Schyr Alerandir off Arghile that saw
	The king dystroy up clene and law
125	His land send treyteris to the king
	And cum his man but mar duelling,
	And he resavit him till his pes,
	Bot Jhone off Lorne his sone yeit wes
	Rebell as he wes wont to be
130	And fled with schippis on the se,
	Bot thai that left apon the land
	War to the king all obeysand.
	And he thar hostage all has tane
	And towart Perth agayne is gane
135	To play him thar into the playne.
[The plan to take the peel of Linlithgow]

	Yeit Lothyane was him agayne,
	And at Lythkow wes than a pele
	Mekill and stark and stuffyt wele
	With Inglismen, and wes reset
140	To thaim that with armuris or met
	Fra Edynburgh wald to Strevelyn ga
	And fra Strevelyng agane alsua,
	And till the countre did gret ill.
	Now may ye her giff that ye will
145	Entrmellys and juperdyis
	That men assayit mony wys
	Castellis and peyllis for to ta,
	And this Lithquhow wes ane off tha
	And I sall tell You how it wes tane.
150	In the contre thar wonnyt ane
	That husband wes, and with his fe
	Oftsys hay to the peile led he,
	Wilyame Bunnok to name he hicht
	That stalwart man wes into ficht.	154*
155	He saw sa hard the contre staid	154
	That he gret noy and pite had	155*
	Throw the gret force that it was then	155
	Governyt and led with Inglismen,
	That travalyt men out-our mesure.
160	He wes a stout carle and a sture	158
	And off himselff dour and hardy,
	And had freyndis wonnand him by
	And schawyt ti sum his prevete,
	And apon his convyne gat he
165	Men that mycht ane enbuschement ma	163
	Quhill that he with his wayne suld ga
	To lede thaim hay into the pele
	Bot his wayne suld be stuffyt wele,
	For aucht men in the body
170	Off his wayn suld sit prevely	168
	And with hay helyt be about,
	And himselff that wes dour and stout
	Suld be the wayne gang ydilly,
	And ane yuman wycht and hardy
175	Befor suld dryve the wayne and ber	173
	Ane hachat that war scharp to scher
	Under his belt, and quhen the yat
	War apynnyt and thai war tharat
	And he hard him cry sturdely,
180	'Call all, call all,' than hastyly	178
	He suld stryk with the ax in twa
	the soyme, and than in hy suld tha
	That war within the wayne cum out
	And mak debate quhill that thar rout
185	That suld nerby enbushyt be	183
	Cum for to manteyme the melle.
[The taking of the peel of Linlithgow]

	This wes intill the hervyst tyd
	Quhen feldis that ar fayr and wid
	Chargyt with corne all fully war,
190	For syndry cornys that thai bar	188
	Wox ryp to wyn to mannys fud,
	And the treys all chargyt stud
	With ser frutis on syndry wys.
	In this swete tyme that I devys
195	Thai off the pele had wonnyn hay	193
	And with this Bunnok spokyn had thai
	To lede thar hay, for he wes ner,
	And he assentyt but daunger
	And said that he in the mornyng
200	Weile sone a fothyr he suld bring	198
	Fayrer and gretar and weile mor
	Than he brocht ony that yer befor,  
	And held thaim cunnand sekyrly.
	For that nycht warnyt he prevely
205	Thaim that in the wayne suld ga	203
	And that in the buschement suld be alsua,
	And thai sa graithly sped thaim thar
	That or day thai enbuschyt war
	Weile ner the pele quhar thai mycht her
210	The cry als sone as ony wer,	208
	And held thaim sua still but stering
	That nane off thaim had persaving.
	And this Bunnok fast gan him payne
	To dres his menye in his wayne
215	And all a quhile befor the day	213
	He had thaim helyt weile with ha	
	And maid him to yok his fe
	Till men the son schynand mycht se,
	And sum that war within the pele
220	War ischyt on thar awne unsele	218
	To wyn thar hervyst ner tharby.
	Than Bunnok with the cumpany
	That in his wayne closyt he had
	Went on his way but mar abaid
225	And callit his wayne towart the pele,	223
	And the portar that saw him wele
	Cum ner the yet, it opnyt sone,
	And then Bunnok foroutyn hone
	Gert call the wayne deliverly,
230	And quhen it wes set evynly	228
	Betwix the chekis of the yat
	Sua that men mycht it spar na gat
	He cryit hey, 'Call all, call all,'
	And he than lete the gad-wand fall
235	And hewyt in twa the soyme in hy.	233
	Bonnok with that deliverly
	Roucht till the portar sic a rout
	That blud and harnys bath come out,
	And thai that war within the wayne
240	Lap out belyff and sone has slayne	238
	Men off the castell that war by
	Than in ane quhile begouth the cry,
	And thai that ner enbuschyt war
	Lap out and come with swerdis bar
245	And tuk the casell all but payn	243
	And has thaim that war tharin was slayn,
	And thai that war went furth beforn
	Quhen thai the castell saw forlorn
	Thai fled to warand to and fra,
250	And sum till Edinburgh gan ga	248
	And sum till Strevilline ar other gane
	And sum inyill the gat war slayne.
[A profile of Thomas Randolph, earl of Moray]

	Bonnok on this wis with his wayne 
	The pele tuk and the men has slane,
255	Syne taucht in till the king in hy	253
	That him rewardyt worthely
	And gert dryve it doun to the ground,
	And syne our all the land gan found
	Settand in pes all the countre
260	That at his obeysance wald be.	258
	And quhen a litill time wes went
	Eftre Thomas Randell he sent
	And sa weile with him tretit he
	That he his man hecht for to be,
265	And the king his ire him forgave	263
	And for to hey his state him gave
	Murreff and erle tharoff him maid,
	And other syndry landis braid
	He gave him intill heritage.
270	He knew his worthi vasselage	268
	And his gret wyt and his avys
	His traist hart and his lele service,
	Tharfor in him affyit he
	And ryche maid him off land and fe,
275	As it wes certis rycht worthi.	273
	For and men spek off him trewly
	He wes sua curageous ane knycht
	Sa wys, sa worthy and sa wycht
	And off sa soverane gret bounte
280	That mekill off him may spokyn be,	278
	And for I think off him to rede
	And to schaw part off his gud dede
	I will discryve now his fassoun
	And part off his condicioun.
285	He wes off mesurabill statur	283
	And weile porturat at mesur
	With braid vesage plesand and fayr,
	Curtais at poynt and debonayr
	And off rycht sekyr contenyng.
290	Lawte he lovyt atour all thing,	288
	Falset tresoun and felony
	He stude agayne ay encrely,
	He heyit honour ay and larges
	And ay mentemyt rychtwysnes.
295	In cumpany solacious
	He was and tharwith amorous,
	And gud knychtis he luffyt ay,
	And giff I the suth sall say
	He wes fulfilly off bounte
300	As off vertuys all maid was he.	298
	I will commend him her no mar
	Bot ye sall her weile forthyrmar
	That he for his dedis worthy
	Suld weile be prisyt soverandly.
[Moray sets siege toi Edinburgh Castle]

305	Quhen the king thus was with him sauch	303
	And gret lordschyppis had him betaucht
	He wox sa wyse and sa avysÚ
	That his land fyrst weill stablyst he
	And syne he sped him to the wer
310	Till help his eyme in his myster	308
	And with the consent off the king
	Bot with a symple aparaling
	Till Edinburgh he went in hy
	With gud men intill cumpany,
315	And set a sege to the castell	313
	That than was warnyst wonder weill
	With men and vyttalis at all rycht
	Sua that it dred na mannys mycht.
	Bot this gud erle nocht-forthi
320	The sege tuk full apertly	318
	And pressyt the folk that tharin was
	Sua that nocht ane the yet durst pas.
	Thai may abid tharin and ete
	Thair vittaill quhill thai oucht mai get
325	Bot I trow thai sall lettyt be 	323
	To purchas mar in the contre.
[The situation in Edinburgh; Douglas's activity]

	That tyme Edward off Ingland king
	Had gevyn that castell in keping
	Till Schyr Perys Lombert a Gascoun,
330	And quhen thai of his varnysoun	328
	Saw the sege set thar sa stythly
	Thai mystrowit him off tratoury
	For that he spokyn had with the king,
	And for that ilk mystrowing
335	Thai tuk him and put in presoun,	333
	And off thar awine nacioun 
	Thai maid ane constable thaim to lede
	Bath wys and war and wycht off deid,
	And he set wyt and strenth and slycht
340	To kep the castell at his mycht.	338
	Bot now off thaim I will be still,
	And spek a litill quhill I will
	Off the douchty lord off Douglas
	At that tyme in the Forest was
345	Quhar he mony a juperty	343
	And fayr poyntis off chevalry
	Servyt als weill be nycht as day
	Till tthaim that in the castellis lay
	Of Roxburch and Jedwort, bot I
350	Will let fele off thaim pas forby	348
	For I can noucht rehers thaim all,
	And thoucht I couth, weill trow ye sall
	That I mycht nocht suffice tharto,
	Thar suld mekill be ado,
355	Bot thai that I wate utterly	353
	Eftre my wyt rehers will I.
[Douglas plans to take Roxburgh Castle]

	This tyme that the gud erle Thomas
	Assegyt as the lettre sayis
	Edinburgh, James off Douglas
360	Set all his wit for to purchas	358
	How Roxburch throu sutelte 
	Or ony craft mycht wonnyn be,
	Till he gert Syme off the Leidhous
	A crafty man and a curious
365	Off hempyn rapis leddris ma	363
	With treyn steppis bundyn sua
	That brek wald nocht on nakyn wis.
	A cruk thai maid at thair divis
	Off irne that wes styth and squar
370	That fra it in a kyrneill war	368
	And the ledder tharfra straitly
	Strekit, it suld stand sekyrly.
	This gud lord off Douglas alsone
	As this divisit wes and dome
375	Gaderyt gud men in prevete	373
	Thre scor I trow thai mycht be,
	And on the fasteryngis evyn rycht
	In the begynnyng off the nycht
	To the castell thai tuk thar way.
380	With blak frogis all helyt thai	378
	The armouris that thai on thaim had.
	Thai come nerby thar but abad
	And send haly thar hors thaim fra,
	And thai on raunge in ane route gan ga
385	On handis and fete quhen thai war ner	383
	Rycht as thai ky or oxin wer
	That war wont to be bondyn left tharout.
	It wes rycht myrk withoutyn dout,
	The-quhether ane on the wall that lay
390	Besid him till his fere gan say,	388
	'This man thinkis to mak gud cher,'
	And nemmyt ane husband tharby ner,
	'That has left all his oxyn out.'
	The tother said, 'It is na dout
305	He sall mak mery tonycht thocht thai	303
	Be with the Douglas led away.'
	Thai wend the Douglas and his men
	Had bene oxin, for thai yeid then
	On handis and fete ay ane and ane.
400	The Douglas rycht gud tent has tane	398
	Till thar spek, bot all sone thai
	Held carpand inwart thar way.
[The taking of the enclosure of Roxburgh Castle]

	Douglas men tharoff war blyth
	And to the wall thai sped thaim swith,
405	And sone has up thar ledder set	403
	That maid ane clap quhen the cruchet
	Wes fixit fast in the kyrneill.
	That herd ane off the wachis weill
	And buskyt thidderwart but baid,
410	Bot Ledehous that the ledder maid	408
	Sped him to clymb fyrst to the wall,
	Bot or he wes up gottyn all
	He at that ward had in keping
	Met him rycht at the up-cummyng,
415	And for he thocht to ding him doun	413
	He maid na noys na cry na soun
	Bot schot till him deliverly.
	And he that wes in juperty
	To de a launce he till him maid
420	And gat him be the nek but baid	418
	And stekyt him upwart with a knyff
	Quhill in his hand he left the lyff.
	And quhen he ded sua saw him ly
	Up on tthe wall he went in hy
425	And doun the body kest thaim till	423
	And said, 'All gangis as we will,
	Spede you upwart deliverly.'
	And thai did sua in full gret hy.
	Bot or thai wan up thar come ane
430	And saw Ledhous stand him allane	428
	And knew he wes nocht off thar men.
	In hy he ruschyt till him then
	And him assailit sturdely,
	Bot he slew him deliverly
435	For he wes armyt and wes wycht,	433
	The tother nakyt wes, Ik hicht
	And had nocht for to stynt the strak.
	Sic melle tharup gan he mak
	Quhill Douglas and his mengne all
440	War cummyn up apon the wall,	438
	Than in the tour thai went in hy.
[The taking of the hall at Roxburgh Castle; the garrison in the tower]

	The folk wes that tyme halily 
	Intill the hall at thar daunsing
	Syngyng and other wayis playing,
445	And apon Fasteryngis evyn this	443
	As custume is to mak joy and blys
	Till folk that ar into pouste.
	Sua trowyt thai that tyme to be,
	Bot or thai wyst rycht in the hall
450	Douglas and his rout cummyn war all	448
	And cryit on hycht, 'Douglas! Douglas!'
	And thai that ma war than he was
	Hard 'Douglas!' criyt hidwysly,
	Thai war abaysit for the cry
455	And schup rycht na defens to ma,	453
	And thai but pite gan thaim sla
	Till thay had gottyn the overhand.
	The tother fled to sek warand
	That out off mesure ded gane dreid.
460	The wardane saw how that it yeid	458
	That callyt wes Gilmyn de Fynys,
	In the gret toure he gottyn is
	And other off his cumpany
	And sparryt the entre hastily.
465	The lave that levyt war without	463
	War tane or slayne, this is na dout,
	Bot giff that ony lap the wall.
	The Douglas that nycht held the hall
	Allthocht his fayis tharoff war wa,
470	His men was gangand to and fra	468
	Throu-out the castell all that nycht
	Till on the morn that day wes lycht.
[Surrender of the tower at Roxburgh Castle; slighting of the castle]

	The wardane that was in the tour
	That wes a man off gret valour
475	Gilmyn the Fynys, quhen he saw	473
	The castell tynt be clene and law
	He set his mycht for to defend
	The tour, bot thai without him send
	Arowys in sa gret quantite
480	That anoyit tharoff wes he,	478
	Bot till the tother day nocht-forthi
	He held the tour full sturdely,
	And than at ane assalt he was
	Woundyt sa felly in the face
485	That he wes dredand off his lyff.	483
	Tharfor he tretit than beliff
	And yauld the tour on sic maner
	That he and all that with him wer
	Suld saufly pas in Ingland.
490	Douglas held thaim gud conand	488
	And convoid thaim to thar countre,
	Bot thar full schort tyme levyt he
	For throu the wound intill tthe face
	He deyt sone and beryit was.
495	Douglas the castell sesyt all	493
	That thane wes closyt with stalwart wall,
	And send this Leidhous till the king
	That maid him full gud rewarding
	And hys brother in full gret hy
500	Schyr Edward that wes sa douchty	498
	He send thidder to tumbill it doun 
	Bath tour and castell and doungeoun.
	And he come with gret cumpany
	And gert travaile sa besyly
505	That tour and wall rycht to the ground	503
	War tumblit in a litill stound,
	And dwelt thar quhill all Tevidale
	Come to the kingis pes all haile
	Outane Jedwort and other that ner
510	The Inglismennys boundis wer.	508

[Moray seeks a means of taking Edinburgh Castle]

	Quhen Roxburgh wonnyn was on this wis
	The Erle Thomas that hey empris
	Set ay on soverane he bounte
	At Edynburgh with his mengne
515	Wes lyand at a-sege as I	513
	Tauld you befor all opynly.
	Bot fra he hard how Roxburgh was
	Tane with a trayne, all his purchas
	And wyt and besines Ik hycht
520	He set for to purches sum slycht	518
	How he mycht halp him throu body
	Mellyt with hey chevalry
	To wyn the wall off the castell
	Throu sumkyn slycht, for he wyst weill
525	That na strenth mycht it playnly get	523
	Quhill thai within had men and met.
	Tharfor prevely speryt he
	Giff ony man mycht fundyn be
	That couth fynd ony juperty
530	To clymb the wallis prevely	528
	And he suld have his warysoun,
	For it wes his entencioun 
	To put him till all aventur
	Or that a sege on him mysfur.
[The plan suggested by William Francis]

535	Than wes thar ane Wilyame Francus	533 
	Wycht and apert wys and curyus
	That intill hys youtheid had bene
	In the castell. Quhen he has sene
	The erle sua enkerly him set
540	Sum sutelte or wile to get	538
	Quharthrou the castell have mycht he
	He come till him in prevete
	And said, 'Me think ye wald blythly
	That men fand you sum jeperty
545 	How ye mycht our the wallis wyn,	543
	And certis giff ye will begyn
	For till assay on sic a wys
	Ik undertak for my service
	To ken you to clymb to the wall,
550	And I sall formast be off all,	548
	Quhar with a schort ledder may we, 
	I trow off tuelf fute it may be,
	Clymb to the wall up all quytly,
	And gyff that ye will wyt how I
555	Wate this I sall you blythly say.	553
	Quhen I wes young this hendre day
	My fader wes kepar of yone hous,
	And I wes sumdeill valegeous
	And lovyt a wench her in the toun,
560	And for i but suspicioun	558
	Mycht repayr till hyr prevely
	Off rapys a leddre to me mad I
	And tharwith our the wall I slaid.
	A strait roid that I sperit had
565	Intill the crage syne doun I went	563
	And oftsys come till myn entent,
	And quhen it ner drew to the day
	Ik held agayne that ilk way
	And ay come in but persaving.
570	Ik usyt lang that travaling	568
	Sua that I kan that roid ga rycht
	Thoucht men se nevyr sa myrk the nycht.
	And giff ye think ye will assay
	To pas up efter me that way
575	Up to the wall I sall you bring,	573
	Giff God us savys fra persaving
	Off thaim that wachys on the wall.
	And giff that us sua fayr may fall 
	that we our ledder up may set,
580	Giff a man on the wall may get	578
	He sall defend and it be ned 
	Quhill the remanand up thaim sped.'
	The erle wes blyth off his carping
	And hycht him fayr rewarding
585	And undretuk that gat to ga	583
	And bad him sone his ledder ma
	And hald him preve quhill thai mycht
	Set for thar purpos on a nycht.
[The climbing of Edinburgh Castle rock]

	Sone efter was the ledder made,
590	And than the erle but mar abaid	588
	Purvayt him a nycht prevely
	With thretty men wycht and hardy,
	And in a myrk nycht held thar way
	That put thaim till full hard assay
595	And to gret perell sekyrly.	593
	I trow mycht thai haiff sene clerly
	That gat had nocht bene undretane
	Thoucht thai to let thaim had nocht ane,
	For the crag wes hey and hidwous
600	And the clymbing rycht peralous,	598
	For hapnyt ony to slyd and fall
	He suld sone be to-fruschyt all.
	The nycht wes myrk as Ik hard say,
	And to the fute sone cummyn ar thai
605	Off the crag that wes hey and schor,	603
	Than Wilyame Fransoys thaim befor
	Clamb in crykes forouth ay
	And at the bak him folowyt thai.
	With mekill payne quhile to quhile fra
610	Thai clamb into thai crykys sua	608
	Quhile halff the crag thai clumbyn had
	And thar a place thai fand sa brad
	That thai mycht syt on anerly,
	And thai war ayndles and wery
615	And thar abaid thar aynd to ta,	613
	And rycht as thai war syttand sua
	Rycht aboune thaim up apon the wall
	The chak-wachys assemblyt all.
	Now help thaim God that all thing mai
620	For in full gret perell ar thai!	618
	For mycht thai se thaim thar suld nane
	Eschape out off that place unslane,
	To dede with stanys thai suld thaim ding
	That thai mycht halp thaimselvyn na thing.
625	Bot wonder myrk wes the nycht	623
	Sua that thai off thaim had na sicht,
	And nocht-forthi yete wes thar ane
	Off thaim that swappyt doun a stane
	And said, 'Away, I se you weile,'
630	The-quhether he saw thaim nocht a dele.	628
	Out-our thar hedis flaw the stane
	And thai sat still lurkand ilkane.
	The wachys quhen thai herd nocht ster 
	Fra that ward samyn all passit er
635	And carpand held fer by thar way.	633
	The erle Thomas alsone and thai
	That on the crag thar sat him by
	Towart the wall clamb hastily
	And thidder come with mekill mayn
640	And nocht but gret perell and payn.	638
	For fra thine up wes grevouser
	To clymb up ne beneth be fer.
[The taking of Edinburgh Castle]

	Bot quhhatkyn payne sua ever thai had
	Rycht to the wall thai come but bad
645	That had weile ner twelf fute of hycht,	643
	And forout persaving or sycht
	Thai set thar ledder to the wall,
	And syne Fransoys befor thaim  all
	Clamb up and syne Schyr Androw Gray,
650	And syne the erle himselff perfay	648
	Was the thrid that the wall can ta.
	Qhuhen thai thar-doune thar lord sua
	Saw clumbyne up apon the wall
	As woud men thai clamb eftre all,
655	Bot or all up clumbene war thai	653
	Thai that war wachys till assay
	Hard steryng and preve speking
	And alsua fraying off armyng
	And on thaim schot full sturdely,
660	And thai met thaim rycht hardely	658
	And slew off thaim dispitously.
	Than throu the castell rais the cry,
	'Tresoun! Tresoun!' thai cryit fast.
	Than sum of thaim war sua agast
665	That thai fled and lap our the wall,	663
	Bot to sa swyth thai fled nocht all,
	For the constabill that wes hardy
	All armyt schot furth to thte cry
	And with him fele hardy and stout.
670	Yeyt wes the erle with his rout	668
	Fechtand with thaim apon the wall
	Bot sone he discumfit thaim all.
	Be that his men war cummyn ilkan
	Up to the wall and he has tane
675	His way doun to the castell sone.	673
	In gret perell he has him doyn
	For thai war fer ma men tharin
	And thai had bene of gud covyn
	Than he, bot thai effrayit war,
680	And nocht-forthi with wapnys bar	678
	The constabill and his cumpany
	Met him and his rycht hardely.
	Thar mycht men se gret bargane ris,
	For with wapnys of mony wis
685	Thai dang on other at thar mycht	683
	Quhill swerdis that war fayr and brycht
	War till the hiltis all bludy.
	Then hydwysly begouth the cry
	For thai that fellyt or stekyt war
690	Hidwysly gan cry and rar.	688
	The gud erle and his cumpany
	Faucht in that fycht sa sturdely
	That all thar fayis ruschyt war.
	The constable wes slane rycht thar,
695	And fra he fell the ramanand	693
	Fled quhar thai best mycht to warand,
	Thai durst nocht bid to ma debate.
	The erle wes handlyt thar sa hat
	That had it nocht hapnyt throu cas
700	That the constable thar slane then was	698
	He had bene in gret perell thar,
	Bot quhen thai fled thar wes no mar,
	Bot ilk man to sauff his lyff
	Fled furth his dayis for to dryve,
705	And sum slaid doune out-our the wall.	703
[Comparison with the taking of Tyre by Alexander the Great]

	The erle has tane the castell all
	For then wes nane durst him withstand.
	I hard nevyr quhar in nakin land
	Wes castell tane sa hardely
710	Outakyn Tyre all anerly,	708
	Quhen Alexandir the conquerour
	That conqueryt Babylonys tour
	Lap fra a berfrois on the wall
	Quhar he amang his fayis all
715	Defendyt him full douchtely	713
	Quhill his noble chevalry
	With leddris our the wall yeid
	That nother left for deid no dreid,
	For thai wyst weill that the king
720	Wes in the toune thar wes na thing	718
	Intill that tym that stynt thaim moucht,
	For all the perell thai set at nocht.
	Thai clamb the wall and AristÚ
	Come fyrst to the gud king quhar he
725	Defendyt him with all his mycht	723
	That then sa hard wes set Ik hycht
	That he wes fellit on a kne,
	He till his bak had set a tre
	For dred thai suld behind assaile.
730	AristÚ then to the bataile	728
	Sped him in all hy sturdely
	And dang on thaim sa douchtely 
	That the king weiiile reskewit was,
	For his men into syndri plas
735	Clamb our the wall and soucht the king	733
	And him reskewit with hard fechting
	And wane the toun deliverly.
	Outane this taking anerly
	I herd nevyr in na tym gane
740	Quhar castell wes sa stoutly tane.	738
[St Margaret's prophecy]

	And off this taking that I mene
	Sanct Margaret the gud haly quene
	Wyst in hyr tyme throu reveling
	Off him that knawis and wate all thing,
745	Tharfor in sted of prophecy	743
	Scho left a taknyng rycht joly,
	That is that intill hyr chapele
	Scho gert weile portray a castell,
	A ledder up to the wall standand
750	And a man up thar-apon climband,	748
	And wrat outht him as auld men sais
	In Frankis, 'Gardys vous de Francais.'
	And for this word scho gert writ sua
	Men wend the Frankis-men suld it ta,
755	Bot for Fraunsois hattyn wes he	753
	That sua clamb up in prevete
	Scho wrat that as in prophecy,
	And it fell efterwart sothly
	Rycht as scho said, for tane it was
760	And Fraunsoys led thaimup that pas.	758
[Treatment of Piers Lubaud; rewards of the earl of Moray]

	On this wis Edinburgh wes tane
	And thai that war tharin ilkane
	Other tane or slane or lap the wall.
	Thar gudis haiff thai sesyt all
765	And souch the hous everilkane.	763
	Schyr Peris Lubaut that wes tane,
	As I said er, befor thai fand
	In boyis and hard festnyng sittand.
	Thai brocht him till the erle in hy
770	And he gert lous him hastily,
	Then he become the kingis man.
	Thai send word to the king rycht than
	And tauld how the castell wes tane,
	And he in hy is thidder gane
775	With mony ane in cumpany	773
	And gert myne doun all halily
	Bath tour and wall rycht to the grond,
	And syne our all the land gan fond
	Sesand the countre till his pes.
780	Off this deid that sa worthy wes	778
	The erle wes prisyt gretumly,
	The king that saw him sa worthi
	Wes blyth and joyfull our the lave
	And to manteyme his stat him gave
785	Rentis and landis fayr inewch,	783
	And he to sa gret worschip dreuch
	That all spak off his gret bounte.
	Hys fayis gretly stonayit he
	For he fled never for force off fycht.
790	Quhat sall I mar say off his mycht?	788
	His gret manheid and his bounte 
	Gerris him yeit renownyt be.
[Places taken by Sir Edward Bruce; his siege of Stirling Castle]

	In this tyme that thir jupertys
	Off thir castellis that I devis
795	War eschevyt sa hardely,	793
	Schyr Edward the Bruce the hardy
	Had all Galloway and Nydysdale
	Wonnyn till his liking all haile
	And doungyn doun the castellis all
800	Rycht in the dyk bath tour and wall.	798
	He hard then say and new it weill
	That into Ruglyne wes a pele,
	Thidder he went with his menye
	And wonnyn it in schort tyme has he,
805	Syne to Dunde he tuk the way	803
	That then wes haldyne as Ic herd say
	Agayne the king, tharfor in hy
	He set a sege tharto stoutly
	And lay thar quhill it yoldyn was.
810	To Strevillyne syne the way he tais	808
	Quhar gud Schyr Philip the Mowbray
	That wes sa douchty at assay
	Wes wardane and had in keping
	That castell of the Inglis king.
815	Thartill a sege thai set stythly,	813
	Thai bykyrrit oftsys sturdely
	Bot gret chevalry done wes nane.
	Schyr Edward fra the sege wes tane
	A weile lang tyme about it lay,
820	Fra the Lentryne that is to say	818
	Quhill forouth the Sanct Jhonys mes.
	The Inglis folk that tharin wes
	Begouth to failye vitaill be than.
	Than Schyr Philip that douchti man
825	Tretyt quhill thai consentit war	823
	That gyff at mydsomer the neyst yer
	To cum it war nocht with bataile
	Reskewyt, then that foroutyn faile
	He suld the castell yauld quytly,
830	That connand band thai sickerly.	828

Book 11

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