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Matthew Fitt

'Sair Heid City'

'Sair Heid City' is an extract fae a sci-fi novel in Scots cried 'Cafe o the Twa Suns' (at April 1999 as yet unpublished). However, a selection of extracts from the novel will be published in pamphlet form in May 1999 by Kettilonia Press, 8 South Street, Kingskettle, Fife, KY15 7PL. The pamphlet will be entitled 'Sair Heid City'.

Matthew Fitt was born in Dundee, 1968. Educated Grove Academy, Dundee/Edinburgh University/Moray House
Teacher Training College. Brounsbank Writing Fellow 1995 -97.

Other work published in 'Pure Radge' (Akros, 1996), 'A Braw Brew' (Watergaw, 1997), 'A Tongue in yer Heid' (B+W, 1994), 'The New Makars' (Mercat Press, 1991).

Currently lives near Biggar, Lanarkshire with his wife, Mirka.


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