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The Spaewife is a novel in three volumes. Please select the volume you wish to view from the menu below. Please note that the Appendix, which appears at the end of Volume 3 is missing at this moment in time. This will be rectified sometime in the near future. Please also note that we also have all the pages from the three volumes of the Spaewife as images. There are 476 of these images, which are all of '.gif' format, and are approx. 350Kb each. These images can be accessed on request. Requests should be made to the Project Manager Jean Anderson via email:

If you wish a copy of the text, there are zipped versions of the three volumes at the bottom of this page. Each volume is available in three different formats, Text Only, Word 6, or Rich Text Format. Please feel free to download any of these.

The Spaewife

To download the actual texts, select from the list below. Use pkunzip to decompress the files.

The Spaewife - Volume 1

The Spaewife - Volume 2

The Spaewife - Volume 3

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