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A', all.
Abune, above.
Ae thing, one thing.
Agane, against, before.
Ahint, behind.
Ain, own.
Airn, iron.
Aits, oats.
Amaist, almost.
An, it.
Andrea Ferrara, Highland Broadsword.
Anes, once.
Aught, eight.
Aught, In your, in your possession.
Ava, at all.
Awmous, alms.
Awmrie, the cupboard

Bairn, a child.
Band, bond.
Bawbee, a halfpenny.
Bean-Hool, bean-hull.
Bedral, beadle, sexton.
Belive, directly.
Bere, a species of barley with four rows of grain.
Ben the house, inside, into the sitting-room.
Bicker, a wooden vessel.
Bide, wait, rest under.
Bien, comfortable.
Biggonetts, a lady's head-dress.
Bike, a nest.
Binna, be not.
Birkie, a little fellow
Black cast, an ill turn.
Boddle, a small copper coin.
Boobie, the lowest scholar on the form,
a dunce.
Booking, soaking.
Bountith, bounty.
Bourock, a hillock.
Bow, a boll measure.
Bowie, a wooden vessel for holding milk.
Brae, hill.
Braw, brave, grand.
Brecham, a horse-collar.
Brockit, white-faced.
Brog, to prick or pierce.
Brogue, a Highland shoe.
Broo, taste for, opinion of.
Bruilzie, a scuffle.
Bullsegg, gelded bull.
Busk, dress up.

Ca', call.
Ca'-throw, an ado, a row.
Cadie, street-porter.
Callant, a lad.
Caller, fresh.
Canty, mirthful, jolly.
Car-cake, small cake baked with eggs.
Carle, a fellow.
Carline, a beldam.
Carritch, the catechism.
Cauldrife, chilly.
Ceeted, cited.
Chafts, jaws.
Chappit, struck.
Cheek of the door,
Chield, young fellow.
Clachan, Highland hamlet.
Claise, clothes.
Clat, a pose of money.
Clavers, foolish gossip.
Cleckit, hatched.
Cleek, hook up.
Cleuch, ravine.
Clout ower, crack over.
Cluty, rag.
Cockernony, a lady's top-knot.
Cod, a pillow.
Cowt, a colt.
Crack, gossip or talk.
Creagh, plunder of cattle.
Crewels, scrofula.
Cruppen, crept.
Cu'ross, Culross, a village on the Firth of Forth.
Cummer, comrade.
Curpel, crupper.

Daft, crazy.
Daiker, to jog along.
Daidling, dabbling, loitering.
Dainty, comely, agreeable.
Darg, a day's work.
Deave, deafen.
Deevil's buckie,
a limb of Satan.
Deas, a place of honour at table, an apartment, a pew.
Deil, devil.
Deil haet o' me,
the devil do I.
Dinna, do not.
Ding, knock.
Dinnle, a shivering blow.
Dirl, a thrilling knock.
Dittay, indictment.
_Gaelic,_ parting cup.
Donnard, stupid.
Dookit, ducked.
Dooms, utterly.
Douce, quiet, respectable.
Downa, do not like to.
Dreigh, dry, thirsty.
Duddy, ragged.
Duds, rags.
dunch, jog or punch.
Dyester, dyer.

Ee, eye.
Een, eyes.
Effeir, rank, station.
Elshin, an awl.
Eme, uncle.

Fash, trouble.
Faut, fault.
Fickle, to puzzle.
Fliskmahoy, silly flirt.
Flit, remove.
Forbear, forefather.
Forby, besides.
Forgather, come together, become intimate.
Fornent, in front of.
Forpit, a measure, fourth of a peck.
Fou, full, drauk.
Fyke, bustle, funk.

Gang, go.
Gar, make, oblige.
Gardyloo, from French _garde de l'eau,_
a cry made when water is thrown out
of a window.
Gate, way, direction, manlier.
Gauger, exciseman,
Gaun, going.
Gaunt, yawn.
Gawsie, plump.
Gay sure, pretty sure.
Gear, property.
Gee, the pet.
Gib, give.
Girdle, a circular iron plate for roasting
Girn, grin.
Glairs, dust, deception.
Gled, a kite.
Gleg, active.
Gliff, an instant.
Glower, stare.
Gousty, haunted.
Goutte, a drop.
Gowan, a daisy.
Graith, a girth, also furniture.
Greeshoch, turf fire.
Greet, grat, to cry, weep.
Grewsome, grim.
Grit, great.
Gudeman, the husband, head of the house.
Gudewife, familiar term applied to a wife
as head of the household.
Gully, a knife.
Gyte, foolish.

Haffets, the temples.
Hafflins, young, entering the teens.
Haft, custody.
Hale, whole, entire.
Hallan, partition at the doorway.
Ha'arst, harvest.
Harle, trail.
Haud, hold.
Havings, behaviour.
Hempie, a rogue.
Herse, hoarse.
Hest, command, behest.
Het, hot.
Hing, hang.
Hinny, honey.
Hough, thigh or hip.
Howff, a haunt.
Hussy, a needlecase.

Ilk, the same name.
Ilka, each.
Ilka day, every day.
Ingan, onion.
Ingle, fire.
Inkling, an idea of.

Kail, cabbage.
Kale, soup, broth.
Kamed, combed.
Kenspeckle, conspicuous, odd.
Kepp, catch, stop.
Kintray, country.
Kittle, ticklish, slippery.
Kye, cows.
Kylevine, a pencil.
Kythe, to seem or appear.

Laird, a squire.
Lamour, amber.
Laverock, a lark.
Lawing, the account, bill.
Lay, lea.
Lead grain, to carry in grain.
Learn, to teach.
Lee, a lie.
Limmer, a jade.
Lippen, rely upon.
Loof, the palm of the hand.
Loot, permit.
Lounder, to thump.
Low, flame.
Log, the ear.
Lum, a chimney.

Magg, steal.
Mail, to stain.
Mailing, farm rent.
Maistry, mastery, power.
Manse, a Scotch parsonage.
Mansworn, perjured.
Mashackered, massacred.
Maukin, a hare.
Maun, must.
Maunder, palaver, talk nonsense.
Maw, mow.
Mear, a mare.
Mell, meddle.
Merse, Berwickshire.
Minnie, mamma.
Misguggled, mangled.
Misca', miscall, malign.
Mittans, woollen gloves.
Moss-hag, a bog-pit.
Muckle, much.
Muir-poots, young grouse.
Mull, a snuffbox.
Mutchkin, a pint measure.
Natheless, nevertheless.
Nevvy, nephew.
Niffering, exchanging, bargaining.
Noited, rapped.
Noop, a protuberance (of the elbow),
the bone at the elbow-joint.

Oe, a grandchild.
On ding, a heavy fall.
Outby, without.
Ower, over.

Parochine, parish.
Pettled, indulged.
Philabeg, Highland kilt.
Pickle in your ain poke nook,
supply yourself out of your own means.
Pigg, earthenware jar.
Pike, pick.
Pirn, a reel.
Pit, pat.
Plack, a coin one-third of a penny.
Plea-house, court-house.
Ploy, an entertainment, a spree.
Pock, a poke, bag.
Powney, pony.
Prokitor, procurator.
Pu'pit, pulpit.

Queering, quizzing.
Quey, a young cow.

Rannel-trees, a beam across the fireplace for suspending a pot.
Rax, stretch.
Redding up, clearing up.
Reek, smoke.
Rubbet, robbed.

Sackless, guileless.
Sair, sore.
Sark, shirt.
Saunt, saint.
Saw, sow.
Scart, scratch.
Schule, school.
Scomfish, suffocate.
Scouping, skipping.
Scraughin, screeching.
Sea-maw, a gull.
Seiled, strained out.
Seip, ooze.
Sell o' ye, yourself.
Shoon, shoes.
Sic, such.
Siller, money.
Silly-health, poorly.
Simmer, summer.
Skeel, skill.
Skin and birn, the whole thing.
Skirling, squealing.
Skrimp, to straiten or save.
Skulduddery, low talk, balderdash.
Slake, to besmear.
Snapper, stumble.
Sough, sigh.
Soup, sup.
Sowens, a sort of gruel.
Speer, inquire.
Spleuchan, _Gaelic,_ pouch.
Spunk, fire, match.
Sted, establish, supply.
Stern, star.
Stirk, a steer.
Stoit, stagger.
Stoup, a wooden vessel.
Sunkets, victuals.
Swither, to doubt.
Syne, since. ago.

Ta, _Highland,_ the.
Tae, the one.
Tailzie, a bond.
Tait, a lock (of wool).
Tane, the one.
Tap in my lap, (take up) my baggage
and be off.
Tawpie, an awkward girl.
Tawse, a strap cut into tails for whipping
Teil, _Highland,_ devil.
Tent, care.
Thole, to suffer or endure.
Thrawart, Cross-grained.
Thrawn, crabbed.
Tittie, a little pet, addressed generally
to a sister.
Tod, a fox.
Toom, empty.
Touk, tuck (of a drum).
Trailing, dangling, following after.
Tuilzie, a disturbance.
Tyne, lose.

Unco, particularly.
Upgang, ascent.
Usquebaugh, _Gaelic,_ whisky.

Wa', wall.
Wad, a pledge.
Wad, would.
Wadna, would not.
Wae, woe.
Wally draigle, a poor weak creature.
Wampishing, tossing.
Ware, to sell.
Warstle, wrestle.
Wastrife, waste.
Wauf, wave.
Waur, worse.
Weasand, the windpipe.
Weird, destiny.
Whaup in the rape,
something wrong
or rotten; literally, a pod in the rope.
Wheen, a few.
Whilk, which.
Whilly wha, wheedle.
Whorn, horn.
Willyard, wild, shy.
Wimple, winding turn.
Worricow, scarecrow.
Wotna, did not know.
Wull cat, wild cat.
Wun, win.
Wunna, will not.
Wuss, wish.
Wuzzant, withered.
Wyte, blame.

Yerl, earl.


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