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Abune, above.
Ae, one.
Airn, iron.
An, if.
Andrea Ferrara, Highland broadsword.
Asteer, astir.
Auld ane, the devil.

Ba'-speil, football match.
Bairn, a child.
Baudron, a cat.
Bawbee, a halfpenny.
Bein, comfortable.
Bide, wait, remain.
Bigging, building.
Billie, brother, comrade.
Binna, be not.
Birl, turn.
Blythe, happy.
Boddle, a small copper coin.
Bogle, hobgoblin, ghost.
Bonny, pretty.
Bouk, bulk, body.
Braw, brave, grand.
Brouze, to ride the,
a race on horse-back, formerly performed in some parts
of the country at weddings.
Buckie, a shell.

Callant, a lad.
Canny, quiet, prudent.
Cantrip, a freak.
Carl, fellow.
Carline, a beldam.
Cavey, hen-coop.
Certis, good gracious!
Clamjamfrie, tag-rag and bobtail.
Claver, gossip.
Clavers, gossip, nonsense.
Clewed up, fastened up.
Clout, a cloth, or rag.
Crack, to converse in a lively way.
Creishing, greasing.
Crouse, brisk, confident.
Curnie, the little finger.

Daffing, frolicking.
Daft, crazy.
Deaving, deafening,
Deil, devil.
Deil's buckie, a mischievous child.
Dinna, do not,
Douce, sober, quiet.
Doughtna, dare not.
Dow, can.
Downa, do not like.
Dung, beaten.

E'en, evening.
Eft, a newt or lizard.
Eilding, fuel.

Farl, fourth part.
Fash, trouble.
Fat, _Highland,_ what.
Fit, foot.
Flyte, scold.
Forby, besides.
Forfend, forbid, prevent.
Forfoughten, breathless.

Gar, make, oblige.
Gash, grim.
Gate, way, mode, direction.
Gear, property.
Gilly, Highland attendant or footboy.
Gimmer, a two-year-old ewe.
Gin, if.
Gird, a hoop for a barrel.
Girdle, a roasting pan.
Girnel, a meal-chest.
Gliff, moment.
Gowd, gold.
Gowk, a fool.
Graith, furniture, harness.
Gree, agree.
Greet, cry, weep.
Grewsome, grim.
Grice, a sucking pig.

Ha', hall.
Hantle, a good many.
Harry, rob.
Ha'arst, harvest.
Head of the sow to the tail of the grice,
to take the good with the bad.
Heart of Midlouden,
the ancient gaol of the city of Edinburgh.
Her, _Highland,_ his or him, sometimes your.
Het, hot.
Heugh, a dell.
Hinny, honey!
Hirdie girdie topsy turvy.
Hirple, hobble.
Hurchin, hedgehog.

Ilk, ilka, each; of that ilk, of the property of the same name.
Ingan, onion.
Ingle, fire.

Keb, to miscarry a lamb.
Ken, know.
Kilt awa', run away.
Kye, kine.

Lair, learning.
Lamiter, one that is lame.
Lave, remainder.
Lifter, plunderer, lifter of cattle.
Ling, long dry grass.
Lippen, trust.
Loaning, meadow.
Loon, fellow, rascal.
Loup, leap.
Low, flame.
Luckpenny, a small sum returned by the seller to the buyer as luck
for his purchase.
Lug, ear.
Lunt, a match or torch.

Mammocks, morsels.
Maun, must.
Mislippen, mistrust.
Mistryst, disappoint, surprise.
Mort, a skin of a lamb died of disease.
Muckle, much.
Mutchkin, a pint.

Neb, nose.

Owerby, near, beside.

Partan, crab.
Peenging, whining.
Plack, the third part of a penny.
Pow, the head.

Rampauge, rage.
Red up, clear up.
Red wud, stark mad.
Redd, advise.
Rede, advice.
Reek, smoke.
Reest, roast.
Reiver, robber, rover.
Riven, broken, burst.

Saps, bread softened with water.
Saulie, a funeral attendant.
Scaur, a crag, bluff.
Scouther, scorch or singe.
Scraugh, screech.
Shaw, the woods.
She, _Highland,_ he, sometimes you or I
Shelty, a pony.
Shiel, to shell.
Shieling, a Highland hut.
Shoon, shoes.
Siccan, such.
Siller, money.
Skeel, skill.
Skelping, galloping.
Skep, bee-hive.
Skirling, screaming.
Skreigh, blink.
Sled, a wheel-less cart.
Snapper, stumble.
Speer, inquire.
Speil, play.
Splore, a frolic.
Spunk, fire, a match.
Steek, shut.
Steer, molest.
Stell, to place, shelter.
Stievely, firmly.
Stirk, a steer.
Stot, a bullock.
Streek, a stroke.
Surcingle, girth, girdle.
Syne, since, ago.

Tappit hen, an extra large measure of wine.
Tasker, a task labourer.
Teil, _Highland,_ devil.
Thraw, twist.
Tiernach, _Gaelic,_ the laird or squire.
Tolbooth, the gaol.
Toom, empty.
Tow, a rope.
Troth, sure!
Trow, trust.
Tuilzie, scuffle, skirmish.
Tup, a ram.

Unco, particularly.

Vivers, victuals.

Wad, pledge.
Wadna, would not.
Wae, woe, woeful.
Wame, womb, belly.
Ware, spend.
Warlock, witch.
Wauken, waken.
Waur, worse.
Weasand, windpipe.
Wee, litte.
Weize, direct
Wheen, a few.
Whidding, scudding.
Whilk, which.
Whingeir, a hanger, sword.
Whortleberry, a bilberry.
Woo', wool.
Worricow, hobgoblin.
Wud, mad.
Wuss, wish.
Wyte, blame.

Yaud, a mare.
Yett, a gate.


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