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Aiblins, perhaps.
Aik, oak.
Airn, iron.
Aits, oats.
An, if.
Andrea Ferrara, Highland broadsword.
Auldfarran, sagacious.

Bailie, a Scotch magistrate.
Bairn, a child.
Ban, curse.
Barkit aik snag, barked oak stick.
Barkit, tanned.
Barm, yeast.
Bawbee, halfpenny.
Baudron, a cat,
Bent, the moor or hill-side.
Bicker, a wooden vessel.
Bicker, to throw stones, to quarrel.
Bide, wait.
Bield, shelter.
Bigging, building.
Bike, nest.
Birkie, lively fellow.
Birl, toss.
Bittock, more than a bit.
Blether, rattling nonsense.
Blether, to spout nonsense.
Blythe, happy,
Boddle, a farthing.
Bogle, ghost, scarecrow,
Bole, an aperture.
Bonnie, pretty.
Braw, fine, brave.
Breeks, breeches
Brig, bridge.
Brocan, _Gaelic_ for porridge,
Brogue, Highland shoe.
Brose, a sort of pottage.
Brownie, ghost.

Callant, a lad
Caller, fresh.
Calm sough, a quiet mind or tongue.
Canny, quiet, sensible.
Cannelmas, Scotch term, 2d February.
Cateran, a robber.
Caunle, candle.
Caup, a shell.
Chack, sneck.
Chap, strike.
Chappin, choppin, a liquid measure.
Chiel, a fellow.
Chimley, chimney.
Chuckie-stanes, small pebbles.
Clachan, _Gaelic,_ village.
Clash, scandal
Claut, clot.
Clavers, gossip, scandal.
Clerkit, written.
Cloot, a rag, cloth.
Codlings, baking apples.
Cogue, wooden vessel.
Coost, cast.
Corbie, crow.
Coup, upset.
Cowe, stalk.
Crack, to gossip, jaw.
Craig, the neck.
Creagh, _Gaelic,_ pillage.
Creel, basket.
Crouse, confident, cheery.
Crowdy, a sort of pottage made of oat-meal.
Cuitle up, tickle up, to do for.
Curle, a fellow.
Curlie-Wurlie, twisting.

Daffin', frolicking.
Daft, crazy.
Daiker, (toil) up the gate (way).
Darn, conceal.
Deil's ower Jock Wabster,
all to the devil.
Ding, pull down.
Dirdum, an ado.
Divot, a turf.
Dour, stubborn.
Dourlach, _Gaelic,_ satchel.
Douse, quiet.
Dew, can.
Downa, do not like.
Dree, to suffer.
Duinhewassel, _Gaelic,_ gentleman.

Een, eyes.
E'en, evening.
Ettle, intend.

Fa', _Highland,_ who.
Fashious, troublesome.
Fa'ard, favoured.
Feal, faithful.
Feck, part.
Ferlie, wonderful.
Fizzinless, tasteless, useless.
Flae, flea.
Fleech, wheedle.
Fleg, fright.
Fley, frighten.
Flit, remove.
Flow-moss, wet moss.
Flyte, scold.
Forbye, besides.
Forfoughen, blown, breathless.
Forgather, make friends with, take up with.
Forpit, fourth part of a peck.
Fozy, soft.
Fushionless, tasteless, useless.

Gabble, absurd talk.
Galla Glass, an armed retainer---
``---The merciless Macdonald
---From the Western Isles
Of Kernes and Gallowglasses is supplied.''
Macbeth, _Act I., Scene_ 2.
Gang-there-out, wandering.
Gar, make, oblige.
Gash, sour-looking.
Gate, way, manner.
Gauger, exciseman.
Gaun, going.
Gillie, Highland foot-boy.
Gilravaging, devouring.
Gleed, twisted.
Gleg, quick, active.
Gliff, an instant.
Glisk, a spark.
Gloamin, twilight.
Gloom, a frown.
Glower, gaze.
Glum, sour-looking.
Gomeril, fool, lout.
Gowd, gold.
Gowk, fool.
Gree, agree.
Greet, cry, weep.
Grew, shiver.
Grewsome, ill-omened, bitter.
Grieve, a bailiff, or steward.
Gudeman, husband, head of the house.
Guide, use, employ.

Ha niel Sassenach (corrupt Gaelic),
I have no English.
Ha nun Gregarach (corrupt Gaelic),
It is a MacGregor.
Haggis, a Scotch pudding of minced meat, oatmeal, etc.
Hail, whole.
Hallion, rascal
Harns, brains.
Harst, harvest.
Haud, hold.
Hantle, a number of
Her, _Highland,_ my.
Her-nainsel, _Highland,_ myself.
Hership, plunder.
het, hot.
Hinderlans, buttocks.
Hosenet, a small net used for rivulet fishing; also an entanglement or confusion.
Hough, thigh, ham.
Howe, hollow.
Howlet, owl.
Hurdies, buttocks.
Hussy, jade.

Ilk, each.
Ingan, onion.
Ivy-tod, ivy-bush

Jalouse, suspect.
Jannock, bannock.
Joctaleg, clasp-knife.
Joseph, a riding cloak.
Jouk, (dive) and let the jaw (wave) go by.

Kail through the Reek,
the soup through the smoke: to suffer reproof,
blame, or retribution.
Kail-yard, cabbage-garden.
Kale, greens, sometimes broth.
Kaim, comb.
Kemp, strive and fight.
Ken, know.
Kerne, a retainer or gillie.
Kraem, a stall or shop,
Kyloes, Highland cattle.
Kythe, seem.

Lassock, girl.
Lave, the remainder.
Lawing, reckoning.
Limmer, jade.
Loon, fellow.
Loup, leap.
Luckie, goodie! addressed to a woman.
Lug, the ear.

Malison, curse.
Manse, house, parsonage.
Maun, must.
Maw, to mow.
Mense, sense.
Mint, aim, intend.
Mistryst, disappoint, deceive.
Moul, the sod.
Muckle, much.
Mutch, cap.

Napery, table-linen.
Natheless, nevertheless.
Nowte, black cattle.

Opensteek, open stich.
Opine, suppose, presume.
Orra, odd.
Ower, over.
Owsen, oxen.

Paiks, chastisement, a kicking.
Parochine, parish.
Parritch, porridge.
Pat, pot.
Peers, pears.
Pirn, a reel.
Plack, third of a penny.
Pliskie, trick.
Pock, a poke, bag.
Pock-neuk, one's own means or exertions.
Pootry, poultry.
Pow, head.
Pretty, _Highland,_ brave, smart.
Provost, a Scotch Mayor.

Quean, a flirt.
Queez madan, a French pear.

Rathe, ready, quick.
Rax, stretch.
Redd, clear up.
Reek, smoke.
Reft, seized.
Reisted, roasted, smoked.
Reive, to break, pillage.
Roose, praise.
Roup, auction.

Sark, a shirt.
Sau, sow.
Scart, a cormorant.
Sea-maw, a gall.
Searcher, a town officer.
Sell o't, itself.
Ser'ing, serving.
Shanks, legs.
Shaw, a green blade.
She, _Highland,_ I or he.
Shear, clip, cut, reap.
Sic, such.
Siller, money.
Skart, scratch.
Skirl, scream.
Skreigh, scream.
Skyte, a wretched fellow.
Slabber, froth.
Slink, worthless.
Smaik, a fool, or spoon.
Sneckdrawer, a sly cunning person.
Snell, sharp, severe, terrible.
Snag, a stick, branch.
Soothfast, honest.
Sough, sigh.
Spang, to spring.
Sparry-grass, asparagus.
Speer, enquire.
Splore, a row.
Sporran, _Gaelic,_ purse.
Spreagh, cattle-lifting.
Spune, a spoon.
Steek, shut.
Steer, molest.
Stibbler, a poor preacher.
Stint, stop.
Stot, a bullock.
Stoup, a liquid measure.
Strae, straw.
Sybo, a kind of onion, or raddish.
Syne, since, ago.

Tae, the one.
Tass, a glass, cup,
Tatty, potato.
Thrang, thronged, busy.
Thrapple, throat.
Thraw, thwart, twist.
Through-gaun, a down-setting.
Thrum, a story.
Toom, empty.
Tow, a rope.
Troke, transact, dabble witlb.
Trotcosie, riding-hood.
Troth, truth! sure!
Trow, trust.
Tuilzie, scuffle.
Tup, a ram.
Twal, twelve.

Unco, very particularly.
Unco think, a sad thing.
Usquebaugh, _Gaelic,_ whisky.

Vivers, victuals.

Wabster, a weaver.
Wally draigh, a feeble person.
Wame, belly, hollow.
Wappin, stout, clever.
Warstle, wrestle.
Waur, worse.
Wean, an infant.
Wee, little.
Weird, destiny.
Weise, guide.
Wheen, a few.
Wigmaleerie, gimcrack.
Whilk, which.
Whin, gorse.
Whummle, turn over.
Will to Cupar maun to Cupar,
a wilful man must have his way.
Winnle, turning frame.
Wud, mad.
Wuddie, gallows-rope.
Wuss, wish.
Wyte, blame.

Yill, ale.


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