Abraham & Isaac

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This text is a version of the well-known biblical story (Genesis 22)

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God cwæþ to Abrahame: 'Nim þinne sunu Isaac, and far to þæm dunum, and geoffra hine þær uppan dune.'

Þa aras Abraham on Þære nihte, and ferde mid twæm cnapum to þæm dunum, and Isaac samod.  Hie ridon on assum.  Þa on þone þriddan dæg, þa hie þa dune gesawon, þa cwæþ Abraham to þæm twæm cnapum þus: 'Andbidiaþ eow her mid þæm assum!'

Isaac bær þone wudu to þære stowe, and Abraham bær his sweord and fyr.  Isaac þa ascode Abraham his fæder: 'Fæder min, hwær is seo offrung?  Her is wudu.'  Se fæder cwæþ: 'God foresceawaþ, min sunu, him self þa offrunge.'

Þ a comon hie to þære stowe; and he þær weofod arærde on þa ealdan wisan. Þa band he his sunu, and his sweord ateah. þa he wolde þæt weorc beginnan, þa clipode Godes engel arodlice of heofonum: 'Abraham!'  He andswarode sona.  Se engel him cwæþ to: 'Ne acwele þu þæt cild!'

Þa geseah Abraham ramm betwix þæm bremlum; and he ahof þone ramm to þære offrunge.

God said to Abraham: 'Take your son Isaac, and go to the hills, and offer [ie sacrifice] him there upon a hill.'

Then Abraham arose in the night, and went with two servants to the hills, and Isaac as well.  They rode on asses.  Then on the third day, when they saw the hills, then Abraham said to the two servants thus: 'Wait here with the asses!'

Isaac carried the wood to the place, and Abraham carried his sword and fire.  Isaac then asked Abraham his father: 'My father, where is the offering?  Here is wood.'  The father said: 'God himself, my son, will provide the offering.'

Then they came to the place, and he there raised an altar in the old manner.  Then he bound his son, and drew his sword.  When he was about to carry out [lit wished to begin] the deed, then God's angel called quickly from heaven [lit heavens]: 'Abraham!'  He answered at once. The angel said to him: 'Do not kill the child!'

Then Abraham saw a ram amongst the brambles; and he raised up the ram as the offering.