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This Text is a version of the well-known Biblical story (Daniel 6)

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On Cyres cyninges dagum wregdon þa Babiloniscan þone witegan Daniel, for þæm þe he hiera deofolgield towearp.  Hie cwædon anmodlice to þæm cyninge: 'Gief us Daniel, þe urne god Bel towearp.  Gif þu hine forstande, we fordilgiaþ þe and þinne hired.'

Þa geseah se cyning þæt hie anmode wæron, and þone witegan him geaf.  Hie þa hine awurpon into anum seaþe, on þæm wæron seofon leon. 

On þæm seofoþan dæge ferde se cyning to þara leona seaþe, and inn beseah.  Hwæt!  Daniel wæs sittende gesundfull onmiddan þæm leom.  Þa clipode se cyning mid micelre stefne: 'Mære is se God þe Daniel on beliefþ.'  And he þa mid þæm worde hine ateah of þæm scræfe, and het inn weorpan þa þe hine ær fordon woldon.  Þa wurdon þæs witegan ehteras ascofene betwix þæm leom, and hie þærrihte mid grædgum ceaflum hie ealle totæron.

In the days of King Cyrus, the Babylonians accused the prophet Daniel, because he overthrew their idol.  They said unanimously to the king: 'Give us Daniel, who overthrew our god Baal.  If you protect him, we [will] destroy you and your family.'

Then the king saw that they were unanimous, and gave them the prophet.  They then threw him into a pit, in which [there] were seven lions.

On the seventh day, the king went to the lions' pit, and looked in.  Lo!  Daniel was sitting safe and sound in the midst of the lions.  Then the king called with a great voice: 'Glorious is the God in whom Daniel believes.'  And he then with that word took him out of the pit, and commanded to be thrown in [lit to throw in] those who had wanted [lit wanted formerly] to destroy him.  Then the prophet's persecutors were thrust among the lions, and they straightway with greedy jaws tore them all to pieces.