Anglo-Saxon Plant-Name Survey

ASPNS Bibliography


Bibliography 1: Reference Sources
Bibliography 2: Early Texts and Textual Commentary
Bibliography 3: Plant History Studies
Bibliography 4: Types of Habitat
Bibliography 5: Types of Plant
Bibliography 6: Agriculture, Horticulture and Food History
Bibliography 7: Art History
Bibliography 8: Environmental History
Bibliography 9: Landscape History
Bibliography 10: Medical History
Bibliography 11: Place-Names
Bibliography 12: Dye and Textile History

Date of this issue of the bibliography: 2/11/99

This bibliography is primarily intended for the contributing authors and expert advisers of ASPNS. It is, therefore, biased towards Anglo-Saxon England, but with a wider range of titles in areas where this may be appropriate to ASPNS studies. Criticisms and contributions are welcome. Please contact the compiler, Dr. Carole Biggam, at the Department of English Language, University of Glasgow, or on e-mail to

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