ASPNS Bibliography 1: Reference Sources

1. Reference Sources

1.1 Language Dictionaries
(Sources of quoted definitions)
1.1.1 Dutch, Modern
Van Dale Groot Woordenboek der Nederlandse Taal, twelfth edition in new spelling, 3 vols (Utrecht, 1995)
1.1.2 English, Middle
Kurath, Hans and Sherman M. Kuhn, ed., Middle English Dictionary (Ann Arbor, 1954-)
For as yet unpublished sections, use Stratmann.
Stratmann, Francis Henry and Henry Bradley, A Middle English Dictionary (Oxford, 1891)
Prefer Kurath and Kuhn as far as published.
1.1.3 English, Modern (Dialectal)
Wright, Joseph, ed., The English Dialect Dictionary, 6 vols (Oxford, 1898-1905)
1.1.4 English, Modern (Standard)
Simpson, J.A. and E.S.C. Weiner, ed., The Oxford English Dictionary, second edition, 20 vols (Oxford, 1989)
For all plant-name definitions, and for contentious definitions. Otherwise, use Pearsall.
Pearsall, Judy, ed., The Concise Oxford Dictionary, tenth edition (Oxford, 1999)
Prefer Simpson and Weiner for plant-name and contentious definitions.
1.1.5 English, Old
Cameron, Angus, et al., Dictionary of Old English (Toronto, 1986-)
For as yet unpublished sections, use Clark Hall.
Clark Hall, J.R., A Concise Anglo-Saxon Dictionary, fourth edition, with a supplement by Herbert D. Meritt (Cambridge, 1960)
Prefer Cameron et al. as far as published.
1.1.6 English, Scots
Craigie, William, et al., ed., Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue from the Twelfth Century to the End of the Seventeenth, (Aberdeen and London, 1931-)
For as yet unpublished sections, use Robinson.
Grant, William et al., ed., Scottish National Dictionary Designed Partly on Regional Lines and Partly on Historical Principles, and Containing All the Scottish Words Known to be in Use or to have been in Use Since c.1700, 10 vols (Edinburgh, 1931-75)
Robinson, Mairi, ed., The Concise Scots Dictionary (Aberdeen, 1985)
Prefer Craigie et al. for pre-1700 material as far as published. Use Grant et al. for all post-1700 material.
1.1.7 English, Shetland
Jakobsen, Jakob, An Etymological Dictionary of the Norn Language in Shetland, 2 vols (London, 1928)
1.1.8 French, Anglo-Norman
Rothwell, William, Louise W. Stone, and T.B.W. Reid, ed., Anglo-Norman Dictionary (London, 1992)
1.1.9 French, Old
Atkins, Beryl T. et al., Collins Robert Unabridged French-English, English-French Dictionary, fifth edition (Glasgow, 1998)
Use for translation of Godefroy's definitions into English.
Godefroy, F., Dictionnaire de l'ancienne langue française et de tous ses dialectes du IXe au XVe siècle, 10 vols
(Paris, 1880-1902)
1.1.10 Frisian, Old
Terrell, P. et al., ed., Collins German Dictionary: German-English / English-German, second edition (Glasgow, 1991)
Use for translation of Holthausen and Hofmann's definitions into English.
Holthausen, Ferdinand and Dietrich Hofmann, Altfriesisches Wörterbuch, second edition (Heidelberg, 1985)
1.1.11 Gaelic, Scots
Dwelly, E., The Illustrated Gaelic-English Dictionary Containing Every Gaelic Word and Meaning Given in all Previously Published Dictionaries, and a Great Many Never in Print Before, to which is Prefixed a Concise Gaelic Grammar, tenth edition (Glasgow, 1993)
1.1.12 German, Modern High
Terrell, P. et al., ed., Collins German Dictionary: German-English / English-German, second edition (Glasgow, 1991)
Prefer Wahrig et al. for plant-name and contentious definitions.
Wahrig, G., et al., Brockhaus Wahrig deutsches Wörterbuch, 6 vols (Wiesbaden, 1980-84)
For all plant-name definitions, and for contentious definitions. Otherwise, and for translation into English, use Terrell.
1.1.13 German, Modern Low (Plattdeutsch)
Lindow, Wolfgang, Plattdeutsch-Hochdeutsches Wörterbuch, fourth edition (Bremen, 1993)
Terrell, P. et al., ed., Collins German Dictionary: German-English / English-German, second edition (Glasgow, 1991)
Use for translation of Lindow's definitions into English.
1.1.14 German, Old High
Karg-Gasterstädt, Elisabeth and Theodor Frings, Althochdeutsches Wörterbuch, (1952-)
For as yet unpublished sections, use Schützeichel.
Schützeichel, R., Althochdeutsches Wörterbuch, fourth edition (Tübingen, 1989)
Prefer Karg-Gasterstädt and Frings as far as published.
Terrell, P. et al., ed., Collins German Dictionary: German-English / English-German, second edition (Glasgow, 1991)
Use for translation of Karg-Gasterstädt and Frings', and Schützeichel's definitions into English.
1.1.15 Gothic
Holthausen, Ferdinand, Gotisches etymologisches Wörterbuch (Heidelberg, 1934)
Terrell, P. et al., ed., Collins German Dictionary: German-English / English-German, second edition (Glasgow, 1991)
Use for translation of Holthausen's definitions into English.
1.1.16 Greek, Ancient
Liddell, H.G. and R. Scott, A Greek-English Lexicon, revised by Henry Stuart Jones et al., ninth edition (Oxford, 1940), with a supplement (Oxford, 1968)
1.1.17 Icelandic, Old
Cleasby, Richard, ed., An Icelandic-English Dictionary, subsequently revised, enlarged and completed by Gudbrand Vigfusson, second edition with supplement by William A. Craigie (Oxford, 1957)
1.1.18 Irish, Old
Royal Irish Academy, Dictionary of the Irish Language Based Mainly on Old and Middle Irish Materials, 4 vols (Dublin, 1913-76) [incomplete]
1.1.19 Latin, British Medieval
Latham, R.E., Revised Medieval Latin Word-List from British and Irish Sources (London, 1965)
Prefer Latham and Howlett as far as published.
Latham, R.E. and D.R. Howlett, Dictionary of Medieval Latin from British Sources (Oxford, 1975-)
For as yet unpublished sections, use Latham.
1.1.20 Latin, Classical
Glare, P.G.W., ed., Oxford Latin Dictionary (Oxford, 1982)
1.1.21 Proto Indo-European
Pokorny, Julius, Indogermanisches etymologisches Wörterbuch, 2 vols (Bern, 1959)
Terrell, P. et al., ed., Collins German Dictionary: German-English / English-German, second edition (Glasgow, 1991)
Use for translation of Pokorny's definitions into English.
1.1.22 Saxon, Old
Holthausen, Ferdinand, Altsächsisches Wörterbuch, second edition (Cologne, 1967)
Terrell, P. et al., ed., Collins German Dictionary: German-English / English-German, second edition (Glasgow, 1991)
Use for translation of Holthausen's definitions into English.
1.1.23 Welsh, Old and Middle
Evans, H.M. and W.O. Thomas, Y Geiriadur Mawr: the Complete Welsh-English / English-Welsh Dictionary, eighth edition (Swansea, 1987)
Prefer R.J. Thomas as far as published.
Thomas, R.J. et al., Geiriadur Prifysgol Cymru: a Dictionary of the Welsh Language, (Cardiff, 1950-)
For as yet unpublished sections, use Evans and Thomas.

1.2 Other Reference Sources for Languages
(Intended for languages appropriate to ASPNS only)

1.2.1 English
Cameron, Angus, Allison Kingsmill and Ashley Crandell Amos, Old English Word Studies: a Preliminary Author and Word Index (Toronto, 1983)
Healey, Antonette diPaolo and Richard L. Venezky, A Microfiche Concordance to Old English (Toronto, 1980)
Holthausen, F., Altenglisches etymologisches Wörterbuch (Heidelberg, 1974)
Onions, C.T., ed., The Oxford Dictionary of English Etymology (Oxford, 1966)
Pulsiano, P., An Annotated Bibliography of North American Doctoral Dissertations on Old English Language and Literature (Woodbridge, 1988)
Roberts, Jane and Christian Kay with Lynne Grundy, A Thesaurus of Old English, 2 vols (London, 1995)
Serjeantson, Mary S., A History of Foreign Words in English (London, 1935)
Tajima, Matsuji, Old and Middle English Language Studies: a Classified Bibliography, 1923-1985 (Amsterdam, 1988)
Venezky, Richard L. and Antonette diPaolo Healey, A Microfiche Concordance to Old English (Toronto, 1980)
Wollmann, Alfred, Untersuchungen zu den frühen Lateinischen Lehnwörtern im Altenglischen: Phonologie und Datierung (Munich, 1990)
Wright, Thomas, Anglo-Saxon and Old English Vocabularies, second edition by Richard Paul Wülcker, 2 vols (London, 1884)
1.2.2 Gaelic
MacLennan, Malcolm, A Pronouncing and Etymological Dictionary of the Gaelic Language: Gaelic-English, English-Gaelic (Edinburgh, 1925)
1.2.3 German
Kluge, Friedrich, Etymologisches Wörterbuch der deutschen Sprache, twenty-third edition by Elmar Seebold (Berlin, 1995)
Prefer Lloyd, Lühr and Springer as far as published.
Lloyd, Albert L., Rosemarie Lühr and Otto Springer, Etymologisches Wörterbuch des Althochdeutschen (Göttingen, 1988-)
For as yet unpublished sections, use Kluge or Pfeifer. [2 vols published to 1998, covering A to E)
Pfeifer, Wolfgang et al., Etymologisches Wörterbuch des Deutschen, second edition (Berlin, 1993)
Prefer Lloyd, Lühr and Springer as far as published.
Starck, Taylor and John C. Wells, ed., Althochdeutsches Glossenwörterbuch (Heidelberg, 1990)
Steinmeyer, Elias and Eduard Sievers, ed., Die althochdeutschen Glossen, 5 vols (Berlin, 1879-1922)
1.2.4 Gothic
Lehmann, Winfred Phillip, A Gothic Etymological Dictionary (Leiden, 1986)
1.2.5 Latin
Goetz, G., ed., Corpus glossariorum Latinorum, 7 vols (Leipzig, 1888-1923)
Sharpe, R., A Handlist of the Latin Writers of Great Britain and Ireland Before 1540 (Turnhout, 1997)
Souter, Alexander, A Glossary of Later Latin to 600 A.D. (Oxford, 1949)
1.2.6 Norse
De Vries, Jan, Altnordisches etymologisches Wörterbuch, third edition (Leiden, 1977)
1.2.7 Swedish
Hellquist, E., Svensk Etymologisk Ordbok, third edition (Lund, 1948)

1.3 Dictionaries of Plant-Names
(Intended for dictionaries of modern plant-names. For dictionaries of older plant-names, see Section 3.3).

Bedevian, A.K., Illustrated Polyglottic Dictionary of Plant Names in Latin, Arabic, Armenian, English, French, German, Italian and Turkish Languages (Cairo, 1936)
Clason, W.E., Elsevier's Dictionary of Wild and Cultivated Plants (Amsterdam, 1989) [plant-names in botanical Latin, English, American English, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, and German]
Ulrich, Wilhelm, Internationales Wörterbuch der Pflanzennamen: lateinischer, deutscher, englischer und französischer Sprache zum Gebrauche für Botaniker, insbesondere für Handelsgartner, Landwirthe, Forstbeflissene und Pharmaceuten (Leipzig, 1872)
Vaucher, H., Elsevier's Dictionary of Trees and Shrubs (Amsterdam, 1986) [tree- and shrub-names in botanical Latin, English, French, German, and Italian]
Williams, G., Dictionary of Weeds of Western Europe: their Common Names and Importance (Amsterdam, 1982) [weed-names in botanical Latin, Danish, German, English, Spanish, Finnish, French, Icelandic, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, Portuguese and Swedish]
Wrobel, M. and G. Creber, Elsevier's Dictionary of Plant Names (Oxford, 1996) [plant-names in botanical Latin, English, French, German, and Italian]

1.3.1 Danish
Lange, Johan, Ordbog over Danmarks Plantenavne, 3 vols (Copenhagen, 1959-61)
1.3.2 Dutch
Heukels, H., Woordenboek der Nederlandsche Volksnamen van Planten (Amsterdam, 1907)
1.3.3 English
(For discussions of modern plant-names, see Sections 3.3.3 and 3.3.4)
Britten, James and Robert Holland, A Dictionary of English Plant-Names (London, 1886)
Dony, J.G., S.L. Jury and F.H. Perring, English Names of Wild Flowers: a List Recommended by the Botanical Society of the British Isles, second edition (1986) [English names to be preferred in botanical studies]
Grigson, Geoffrey, A Dictionary of English Plant Names (London, 1973)
Horsfall, Anne, Names of Wild Flowers in Dorset: a Compilation of Names, Latin, English and Vernacular (Wareham, 1991)
Miller, William, A Dictionary of English Names of Plants Applied in England and Among English-Speaking People to Cultivated and Wild Plants, Trees, and Shrubs (London, 1884)
Van Wijk, H.L.G., A Dictionary of Plant Names, 2 vols (The Hague, 1911-16)
1.3.4 German
Marzell, Heinrich, Wörterbuch der deutschen Pflanzennamen mit Unterstützung der Preussischen Akademie der Wissenschaften, 5 vols (Leipzig, 1943-79)
1.3.5 Icelandic
Ingimarsson, Oskar, Ensk-Latnesk-Islensk og Latnesk-Islensk-Ensk Dyra- og Plöntuordabók (Reykjavik, 1989)
1.3.8 Swedish
Fries, E., Kritisk Ordbok öfver Svenska Växtnamnen (Stockholm, 1880)

1.4 Botany Reference Sources
(Selected scientific botany resources)
1.4.1. Journals
B.S.B.I. News
New Phytologist
[online version]
1.4.2 Atlases, Bibliographies and Dictionaries
(For dictionaries of plant-names, see Section 1.3)
Allaby, Michael, ed., The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Botany (Oxford, 1992)
Harborne, Jeffery B., Herbert Baxter and Gerard Moss, ed., Phytochemical Dictionary: a Handbook of Bioactive Compounds from Plants, second edition (London, 1998)
Henrey, Blanche, British Botanical and Horticultural Literature Before 1800: Comprising a History and Bibliography of Botanical and Horticultural Books Printed in England, Scotland, and Ireland from the Earliest Times Until 1800, 3 vols (London, 1975)
Holliday, Paul, A Dictionary of Plant Pathology, second edition (Cambridge, 1998)
Huntley, B.J. and H.J.B. Birks, An Atlas of Past and Present Pollen Maps for Europe 0-13,000 Years Ago (Cambridge, 1983)
Jensen, Hans Arne, Bibliography on Seed Morphology (Rotterdam, 1998)
Mabberley, D.J., The Plant Book: a Portable Dictionary of the Higher Plants (Cambridge, 1987)
1.4.3 Floras and Other Manuals
(For manuals to types of plant (e.g. trees), see Bibiography 5). Reference Sources
Frodin, D.G., Guide to Standard Floras of the World (Cambridge, 1985)
Press, J.R., Identification Manuals: a Guide, 1: Western Europe and the Mediterranean (London, 1986)
[Supplement to no. 44 of B.S.B.I. News)
Simpson, N. Douglas, A Bibliographical Index of the British Flora Including Floras, Herbals, Periodicals, Societies and References Relating to the Identification, Distribution and Occurrence of Phanerogams, Vascular Cryptogams and Charophytes in the British Isles (Simpson, 1960)
Stuart, Malcolm, ed., The Colour Dictionary of Herbs and Herbalism (London, 1987) Plants by Region Regions Not Contained Within a Country
Blamey, Marjorie and Christopher Grey-Wilson, Mediterranean Wild Flowers (London, 1993)
Fitter, Alastair, Collins New Generation Guide to the Wild Flowers of Britain and Northern Europe (London, 1987)
Fitter, Richard, Alastair Fitter and Marjorie Blamey, The Wild Flowers of Britain and Northern Europe, fifth edition (London, 1996)
Polunin, Oleg, Collins Photoguide to Wild Flowers of Britain and Northern Europe (London, 1988)
Polunin, Oleg, Flowers of Europe (Oxford, 1969)
Polunin, Oleg and Anthony Huxley, Flowers of the Mediterranean (London, 1972)
Polunin, Oleg and M. Walters, A Guide to the Vegetation of Britain and Europe (Oxford, 1985)
Tutin, T.G., et al., ed., Flora Europaea, 5 vols (Cambridge, 1964-80) Britain and British Isles
(See also Section
Botanical Society of the British Isles, Atlas of the British Flora, third edition (London, 1982)
Clapham, A.R., T.G. Tutin and D.M. Moore, Flora of the British Isles, third edition (Cambridge, 1987)
Mabey, Richard, Flora Britannica (London, 1996)
Martin, W. Keble, The Concise British Flora in Colour, third edition (London, 1974)
Ministry of Agriculture, British Poisonous Plants (London, 1954)
Press, J.R., D.A. Sutton and B.R. Tebbs, Field Guide to the Wild Flowers of Britain (London, 1982)
Stace, Clive, New Flora of the British Isles, second edition (Cambridge, 1997) Belgium
Langhe, J-E de, et al., Nouvelle flore de Belgique, du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg, du nord de la France et des régions voisines, third edition (Meise (Belgium), 1983) Denmark
Hansen, K., Dansk Feltflora (Copenhagen, 1981)
Rostrup, F. and C.A. Jorgensen, Den Danske Flora, revised by A. Hansen (Copenhagen, 1973) France
Claustres, G. and C. Lemoine, Connaître et reconnaître la flore et la végétation des côtes Manche-Atlantique (Rennes, 1980)
Guinochet, M. and R. de Vilmorin, Flore de France, 4 vols (Paris, 1973-82)
Langhe, J-E de, et al., Nouvelle flore de Belgique, du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg, du nord de la France et des régions voisines, third edition (Meise (Belgium), 1983) Germany
Garcke, A., Illustrierte Flora, twenty-third edition (Berlin, 1972)
Oberdorfer, E., Exkursionsflora, fifth edition (Stuttgart, 1983)
Rothmaler, W., Exkursionsflora, fourth edition (Berlin, 1976)
Schmeil, O. and J. Fitschen, Flora von Deutschland, eighty-seventh edition by W. Rauh and K. Senghas (Heidelberg, 1982) Greece
Huxley, Anthony and William Taylor, Flowers of Greece and the Aegean (London, 1977) [covers only the commonest species]
Polunin, Oleg, Flowers of Greece and the Balkans (Oxford, 1980)
Sfikas, G., Wild Flowers of Greece (Athens, 1985) [covers only the commonest species] Italy
Baroni, E., Guida botanica d'Italia, fourth edition (Bologna, 1981)
Dalla Fior, G., La nostra flora, second edition (Trento, 1963)
Penzig, O., Flora popolare italiana, 2 vols (Geneva, 1924)
Pignatti, S., Flora d'Italia, 3 vols (Bologna, 1982)
Zangheri, P., Flora italica, 2 vols (Padova, 1976) Netherlands
Heukels, Hendrik, Flora van Nederland, twentieth edition by R. van der Meijden (Groningen, 1983)
Weevers, T., et al., Flora Nederlandica, multi-volume work (Amsterdam, 1948-) Norway
Lid, J., Norsk og Svensk Flora, fourth edition (Oslo, 1974) Sweden
Elvers, I., Vår Flora i Farg (Stockholm, 1965)
Krok, T.O.B.N. and S. Almquist, Svensk Flora, edited by E. Almquist, 2 vols (Stockholm, 1947-58)
Lid, J., Norsk og Svensk Flora, fourth edition (Oslo, 1974)
Neuman, L.M., Sveriges Flora (Lund, 1901)

1.5 Other Reference and Introductory Sources of Relevance to ASPNS
(See also reference sources in other sections of the ASPNS Bibliography).


1.5.1 Anglo-Saxon Studies (General) Journals
Anglo-Saxon England
Old English Newsletter Reference Sources
'Bibliography', Anglo-Saxon England (Cambridge, 1972-) International Medieval Bibliography: Bibliography for the Study of the European Middle Ages... (450-1500) (Leeds, 1968-)
Labyrinth: Resources for Medieval Studies.
'Old English Bibliography', Old English Newsletter (Binghamton, NY, 1967-)
'Old English Research in Progress', Neuphilologische Mitteilungen.
Ordnance Survey, Map of Britain in the Dark Ages, second edition (Chessington, 1966)
'Research in Progress', Old English Newsletter.
'Year's Work in Old English Studies', Old English Newsletter (Binghamton, NY, 1967-)
1.5.2 Archaeology
(For Archaeobotany, see Section 3.4) Journals
Anglo-Saxon Studies in Archaeology and History
Medieval Archaeology: Journal of the Society for Medieval Archaeology Reference Sources
British and Irish Archaeological Bibliography (London, 1997-)
For earlier years see: British Archaeological Bibliography (London, 1992-6), British Archaeological Abstracts (London, 1967-91), Archaeological Bibliography for Great Britain and Ireland (London, 1954-87), Archaeological Bulletin for Great Britain and Ireland (London, 1952), and Archaeological Bulletin for the British Isles (London, 1949-50). The years covered by these publications are 1940 to present.
Darvill, Tim et al., The Assessment Gazetteer 1982-1991: Resumés and Bibliographic Details for Completed Archaeological Assessments, Field Evaluation Reports, and Environmental Statements (York, 1994)
Gazetteer of Archaeological Investigations in England (York, 1998-)
Keeley, H.C.M., ed., Environmental Archaeology: a Regional Review, 2 vols (London, 1987) [lists available data]
King, A.C., British and Irish Archaeology: a Bibliographical Guide (Manchester, 1994)
Lavell, Cherry, comp., Handbook for British and Irish Archaeology: Sources and Resources (Edinburgh, 1997)
Wood, Eric S., Collins Field Guide to Archaeology, fifth edition (London, 1979)
1.5.3 Local History Journals
The Local Historian 8- (1968-)
Also see web for abstracts of some articles
This title is a continuation of Amateur Historian 1-7 (1952-67)
Local History News Reference Works
Currie, C.R.J. and C.P. Lewis, ed., A Guide to English County Histories (Stroud, 1997)
Friar, S., The Batsford Companion to Local History (London, 1991)
Gooder, Eileen, Latin for Local History: an Introduction, second edition (London, 1978)
Guy, Susanna, comp., English Local Studies Handbook: a Guide to Resources for Each County Including Libraries, Record Offices, Societies, Journals and Museums (Exeter, 1992)
Hey, David, ed., The Oxford Companion to Local and Family History (Oxford, 1996)
Hindle, Paul, Maps for Historians (Chichester, 1998)
Hoskins, W.G., Fieldwork in Local History, second edition (London, 1982)
Richardson, John, The Local Historian's Encyclopaedia, second edition (New Barnet,1986)
Riden, Philip, Local History: a Handbook for Beginners, second edition (Cardiff, 1988)
Riden, Philip, Record Sources for Local History (London, 1987)
Stephens, W.B., Sources for English Local History, revised edition (Cambridge, 1981)
West, J., Village Records, third edition (Chichester, 1997)

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