ASPNS Bibliography 11: Place-Names

11. Place-Names
(See also Bibliographies 4: Types of Habitat, 5: Types of Plant, and 9: Landscape History).

11.1 Journals

Journal of the English Place-Name Society (1968/9-)
Nomina: a Journal of Name Studies Relating to Great Britain and Ireland (1977-)

11.2 Reference Sources

'Bibliography', Journal of the English Place-Name Society [published annually]
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Smith, A.H., English Place-Name Elements, 2 vols (Cambridge, 1956) [This work will be superseded by Parsons, Styles and Hough above]
Spittal, Jeffrey and John Field, A Reader's Guide to the Place-Names of the United Kingdom: a Bibliography of Publications (1920-89) on the Place-Names of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands (Stamford, 1990)

11.3 General Works

Cameron, Kenneth, English Place-Names, revised edition (London, 1996)
Copley, Gordon, Archaeology and Place-Names in the Fifth and Sixth Centuries (Oxford, 1986)
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11.4 Specific Locations

11.4.1 Regions Not Contained Within a County

Copley, Gordon, Early Place-Names of the Anglian Regions of England (Oxford, 1988)
Crawford, Barbara E., ed., Scandinavian Settlement in Northern Britain: Thirteen Studies of Place-Names in their Historical Context (London, 1995)
Fellows Jensen, Gillian, Scandinavian Settlement Names in North-West England (Copenhagen, 1985)
Fellows Jensen, Gillian, Scandinavian Settlement Names in the East Midlands (Copenhagen, 1978)

11.4.2 Counties
(It is taken for granted in this section that the county volumes published by the English Place-Name Survey should always be consulted). Berkshire

Gelling, Margaret, 'The Effect of Man on the Landscape: the Place-Name Evidence in Berkshire', The Effect of Man on the Landscape: the Lowland Zone, edited by Susan Limbrey and J.G. Evans (London, 1978), p. 123-5 Berwickshire

Johnston, James B., The Place-Names of Berwickshire (Edinburgh, 1940) Cornwall

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(See also Surrey)

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(See also Greater London)

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