Anglo-Saxon Plant-Name Survey

International Medieval Congress Session
Leeds, 12th July 2000

The Anglo-Saxon Plant-Name Survey (ASPNS) presented a session at the International Medieval Congress in Leeds on 12th July 2000. The moderator, Dr Kathryn A. Lowe (Dept of English Language, University of Glasgow) introduced three speakers:

Dr Debby Banham (Dept of History and Philosophy of Science, University of Cambridge) spoke on 'Fruits of the Earth in their Season: the Anglo-Saxon Agricultural Year'.

Ms Noriko Unebe (Faculty of Humanities, Tokyo Kasei Gakuin University) spoke on 'Seaweed: an Anglo-Saxon Seasonal Supplement?'.

Dr Carole Biggam (Dept of English Language, University of Glasgow) spoke on 'Seasonless Evergreens in Anglo-Saxon England'.

The abstract for the session is as follows: In a predominantly agricultural society, the observation of the seasons is vital for survival and fundamental to many folk beliefs and myths. The session explores the seasonal availability of food plants in early mediaeval England, and the significance to the Anglo-Saxons of evergreen plants which appear to defy the changing seasons.

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