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ALLC / ACH 2000

University of Glasgow
Glasgow G12 8QQ 
Scotland / UK 
21 - 25 July, 2000

Programme and Summary Timetable for the ALLC/ ACH 2000 Conference, University of Glasgow.

Summary Timetable

Date Morning Afternoon Evening
Friday 21/7 ACH Executive meeting ALLC Executive meeting 
Tour -see Excursions
Opening reception Registration
Saturday 22/7  Opening plenary 
Session 1
Session 2 
Session 3
Civic Reception, City Chambers
Sunday 23/7  Session 4 
Session 5 
Mid Plenary 
Session 6 
Whisky tasting
Monday 24/7  Session 7 
Session 8
See Excursions Reception, Dinner and Ceilidh
Tuesday 25/7  Session 9 
Closing plenary 
Close and Lunch   

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Thursday 20/7

10:00 - 13:00 Catching the XML Wave: Existing and emerging standards - The Extensible Markup Language (XML) by Dr Michael Sperberg-McQueen, room 610, Boyd Orr Building
14:00 - 17:00 XML Query Languages by Steve deRose, room 610, Boyd Orr Building
10:00 - 17:00 Practical XSL - A one-day hands-on course by Mavis Cournane and Wendell Piez, STELLA Computer Classroom, 6 University Gds

Friday 21/7

9:30 ACH Executive meeting Room G678, English Literature, West Quad
14:00 ALLC Executive meeting Room G678, English Literature, West Quad
14:00 Tour to Stirling -see Excursions
15:30 - 18:00 Registration, Hunter Halls
18:30 - 20:00 Opening reception, Hunterian Museum

Saturday 22/7

9:00-11:00 Registration (continued), Hunter Halls
9:30 Opening Session Room G29, English Literature, West Quad
    Chair: Professor Christian J Kay, School of English and Scottish Language and Literature,     University of Glasgow Harold Short (ALLC Chair) Allen Renear (ACH President) Jean Anderson and Dr Fiona Tweedie, University of Glasgow, Local Organizers, Housekeeping Announcements
    Wecome: Professor John Caughey, Dean of Arts, University of Glasgow
    Plenary: Professor Annelie Meurman-Solin, University of Helsinki, "Structured Text Corpora in the Study of Language Variation and Change"

11:00 - 11:30 tea and coffee, Hunter Halls

11:30 Session 1
H13 G29 G25 Hunter Halls
Text Encoding Computational / Corpus Linguistics The Electronic Classroom Posters and Demonstrations
Chair: Nancy Ide
11:30 1.1.1 Julia Flanders

Writing About It: Documentation and Humanities Computing
Chair: Christian Kay
11:30 1.2
Electronic Resources for Historical Linguistics

1.2.1 Jeremy Smith & Simon Horobin 
The Middle English Grammar Project

1.2.2 Margaret Laing & Keith Williamson
Two Historical Linguistic Atlases

Followed by discusssion

Chair: Peter Havholm
11:30 1.3.1 Charles Bush

WebCAPE -- Language Placement Testing Over the Web
11:30 1.4.1 Michael Fraser
Records to go: Building the Humbul Humanities Hub 

11:50 1.4.2 Matthew Kirschenbaum
LOOKSEE: Software Tools for Image-Based Humanities Computing 

12:10 1.4.3 Ian Gunn
A Wake Newslitter - Electronic Edition

12:30 1.4.4 Chris Jessee, Michael Levenson, Will Rourk & Dave Cosca
Modeling the Crystal Palace

12:00 1.1.2 Antonio Navarro, Alfredo Fernandez-Valmayor, Baltasar Fernandez-Manjon &
Jose Luis Sierra
Integration of markup languages and object oriented techniques in a hypermedia methodology
12:00 1.3.2 Claire Warwick
Technophobes, or the Nintendo generation? A study of the use of ICT in teaching and learning in Modern Languages
12:30 1.1.3 Worthy Martin, Olga Gurevich, Thomas Horton & Robert Bingler
A Workbook Application for Digital Text Analysis 
12:30 1.3.3 Svetlana Sheremetyeva 
Computer-Aided Acquisition of Language Teaching Materials from Corpora

13:00 Text Encoding Initiative open meeting (sandwich lunch provided) Room G29, English Literature, West Quad
13:00  Lunch, Magnus Dining Room, Refectory

14:00 Session 2
H13 G25 G29 Hunter Halls
Text Encoding The Electronic Classroom Stylistics Posters and Demonstrations
Chair: Julia Flanders
14:00 2.1.1 Terry Butler, Greg Coulombe & Sue Fisher

Solutions for the Delivery of Thematically-Tagged Text
Chair: Charles Bush
14:00 2.2.1 Christopher Funkhouser

Teaching Cybertext Writing, Design, and Editing: Language, Image, Linking, Thinking 
14:00 2.3.1 Christian Wittern
SMART project: Methods for computer-based research of premodern Chinese texts
14:00 2.4.1 Rachael Beach
The Digital Performance Archive

14:20 2.4.2 Bertol Arrieta, Xabier Arregi & Iñaki Alegria
An Assistant Tool For Verse-Making In Basque Based On Two-Level Morphology  

14:40 2.4.3 Knut Hofland
The Second version of the ICAME CD-ROM

15:00 2.4.4 Knut Hofland
Working with alignment of text and sound in spoken corpora

14:30 2.1.2 C.M. Sperberg- McQueen, Claus Huitfeldt & Allen Renear
Meaning and Interpretation of Markup
14:30 2.2.2 Peter Havholm & Larry Stewart
A Toolbox for the Electronic Classroom
14:30 2.3.2 Empar Buisan & Montserrat Nofre Maiz
Word order in Latin prose applied to a case of authorship attribution
15:00 2.3.3 Harald Baayen, Fiona Tweedie, Anneke Neijt, Hans van Halteren & Loes Krebbers
Back to the cave of shadows: stylistic fingerprints in authorship attribution 
15:00 2.1.3 Nancy Ide, Adam Kilgarriff & Laurent Romary
A Formal Model for Lexical Information
15:00 2.2.3 Donna Reiss & Art Young
Ekphrasis and the Internet

15:30 - 16:00 Tea and coffee, Hunter Halls

16:00 Session 3
H13 G25 G29 G26 Hunter Halls
Text Encoding Computational / Corpus Linguistics Digital Resources The Electronic Classroom Posters and Demonstrations
Chair: John Lavagnino
16:00 3.1.1      Karl Saeth, Ingrid Falkenberg, Ellen Margrete Nessheim, Stine Brenna Taugbøl & Mette Gismeroy Ekker

Text structure vs. encoded structure - dealing with mixed genres and ambiguous texts 
Chair:Michael Levison
16:00 3.2.1 Christopher D. Manning

Kirrkirr: Software for browsing and visual exploration of a structured Warlpiri dictionary
Chair: Martha Nell Smith
16:00 3.3

Panel session
Charles Lowry, Jo Paoletti, Jason Rhody, Lisa Antonille & Neil Fraistat

Making MITH a Reality: The Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities, Year Two

Chair: Ann Gow
16:00 3.4
Round Table Discusssion


16:00 3.5.1
Claudia Gröpl

16:20 3.5.2  
Jon Mills
A Prolog System for the Automatic Generation of Bilingual Dictionaries

16:40 3.5.3
Bill Kretzschmar
Humanities Computing and Campus Computer/Information literacy 

17:00 3.5.4
Emma Barker
John Venn and the Alumni Cantabrigienses 

16:30 3.1.2 Jill Seal, Claire Warwick & Elizabeth Clarke
Perdita's Progress: Raising Standards in a TEI-based Approach to Cataloguing Early Modern Manuscripts 
16:30 3.2.2 Johannes Fournier
New Paths in Middle High German Lexicography: Dictionaries Interlinked Electronically
17:00 3.1.3 Kari Kraus
Image Description at the William Blake Archive
17:00 3.2.3 David Holmes & Michael Robertson
Stephen Crane and the 'New-York Tribune': A Case Study in Traditional and Non-traditional Authorship Attribution

 17:45 buses leave for Civic Reception, Glasgow City Chambers

Sunday 23/7

09: 30 Session 4
H13 G25 G29 Hunter Halls
Computational / Corpus Linguistics Computers in Literature Digital Resources Posters and Demonstrations
Chair: Michel Juillard
4.1.1 Mirko Tavoni & Eugenio Picchi

The "Biblioteca Italiana Telematica" project: a progress report
Chair: Raymond G. Siemens
9:30 4.2
Panel session
Tamise J. Van Pelt, William Glen Winder, Dene M. Grigar & Susan Schreibman

A 'New' Computer-Assisted Literary Criticism?

Chair: Willard McCarty
4.3.1 Michel Bernard 

The FALMER Project: Toward an Electronic Critical Edition
9:30 4.4.1 Jean G Anderson
Computing in the School of English
4.4.2 Ann Gow

The Humanities Advanced Technology and Information Institute 
4.4.3 Liliane Gallet-Blanchard & Marie-Madeleine Martinet

A case study of an evaluation questionnaire concerning the integration of a hypermedia project in University courses  
10:30 4.4.4 Lissa Holloway-Attaway, Patricia Worrall, Angela Mitchell, Laura Andrews, Christy Desmet & Greg VanHoosier-Carey
Collaborative Campus: Rhetoric, Technology and Classroom Re-Composition
10:00 4.1.2 Greg Lessard & Michael Levison
Poetic Prosthetics
10:00 4.3.2 Andrés Pedreño & Alejandro Bia
The Miguel Cervantes Digital Library: The Hispanic Voice on the Web
10:30 4.1.3 Catherine Macleod & Nancy Ide
An American National Corpus
10:30 4.3.3 Edward Vanhoutte 
Textual variation, electronic editions and hypertext

11:00 - 11:30 tea and coffee, Hunter Halls

11:30 Session 5
H13 G25 G29 Hunter Halls
Computational / Corpus Linguistics Stylistics Digital Resources Posters and Demonstrations
Chair: Mark Olsen
5.1.1 Hans van Halteren

Machine Learning Support for Evaluation and Quality Control


Chair: Lisa Lena Opas Hänninen
Round Table Discussion


Chair: Matt Kirschenbaum
5.3.1 John Dawson 

ACAD - A Cambridge Alumni Database


11:30 5.4.1 Constantina Stamou & Richard Forsyth
Dating Dickinson: An Experimental Approach to Stylochronometry 
5.4.2 Fiona Tweedie & Lisa Lena Opas-Hänninen

A comparison of methods for the attribution of authorship of popular fiction  
5.4.3 Silvia Hansen

Computational Methods for the Study of Multilingual Corpora
5.4.4 Girogri Sidorov, Anatoly Baranov & Mikhail Mikhailov

A System for Dynamic Text Corpus Management 
12:00 5.1.2 Richard Evans
A Corpus-Based Methodology for Identifying Non-nominal “It”: Rule-Based and Machine Learning Approaches  
12:00 5.3.2 Ronald Tetreault
New Models for Electronic Publishing
12:30 5.1.3 Ourania Hatzidaki 
Binomials and the Computer: A study in corpus-based phraseology.
12:30 5.3.3 Ross Scaife, Raphael Finkel, William Hutton, Elizabeth Vandiver & Patrick Rourke
Academic Collaboration On Line: The SOL as a Case Study

13:00 ACH AGM Room G29, English Literature, West Quad (sandwich lunch provided)
13:00 Lunch, Magnus Dining Room, Refectory

14:00 Mid Plenary Session, Room G29, English literature, West Quad
Chair: Dr Seamus Ross, HATII, University of Glasgow
Plenary: George Mackenzie, National Archives of Scotland "Confessions of a Justified Archivist"

15:30 - 16:00 tea and coffee, Hunter Halls

16:00 Session 6
H13 G25 G29 Hunter Halls
Text Encoding Stylistics Digital Resources Posters and Demonstrations
Chair: Mavis Cournane
6.1.1 Wendell Piez

XSL-Characteristics, Status, and Potentials for Text Processing Applications in the Humanities
Chair: Lisa Lena Opas Hänninen
6.2.1 Harald Baayen & Antoinette Renouf

On mock-scholarly, faux-casual, and cod philosophy: patterns of diachronic change in a British newspaper 
Chair: Lorna Hughes

16:00 6.3.1 Melissa Terras
Border Crossing: Engineers, Papyrologists, and the Graphical Use Interface

16:00 6.4.1 Ruth Christmann
Books into Bytes: The "Deutsches Wörterbuch" on CD-ROM

16:20 6.4.2 Serge A. Yablonsky
Construction of Russian Corpus-Driven Dictionary Based and Monitor Corpora

16:40 6.4.3 Amy Isard, David McKelvie, Andreas Mengel & Morten Baun Moeller
The MATE workbench

17:00 6.4.4 Hanno Biber, Evelyn Breiteneder & Karlheinz Moerth
Austrian Academy Corpus - Doing literary markup by means of XML 

16:30 6.1.2 Susan Schreibman
Metainformation Strategies for Electronic Resources
16:30 6.2.2 Anna Loiacono, Angela Maria D'Uggento, Barbara Cafarelli & Rosaria Romita
Primroses and Power: a study on linguistic excellence in political discourse
16:30 6.3.2 Geoffrey Rockwell, Gretchen Umholtz, Michele George, Martin Beckmann & Paul Barrette
Trajan's Column: Building a WWW Image-Database
  17:00 6.2.3 C.W.F McKenna
The statistical analysis of style: how language means in Beckett
17:00 6.3.3 Sue Tickner,  Richard Hooker & Francis Halsall
Digital images for online distance education in the Humanities

21:00 Whisky Tasting, College Club

Monday 24/7

09:30 Session 7
H13 G25 G29 Hunter Halls
The Humanities Computing Job Market Computational / Corpus Linguistics Digital Resources  Posters and Demonstrations
Chair: Allen Renear
9:30 7.1
Panel session
(Association for Computing in the Humanities)
Robin Cover, Julia Flanders, Lorna Hughes, Matthew Kirschenbaum, Wendell Piez & Geoffrey Rockwell
Chair: Thomas Corns
7.2.1 Perry Willett

Textbases and databases: integrating library catalogs with digital libraries
Chair: John Dawson
9:30 7.3.1 Lawrence Woof
Image analysis as a tool for automating the integration of hypertext with digital editions
9:30 7.4.1 Mikhail Mikhailov 
Automatical Text Aligning in a Parallel Text Corpus

9:50 7.4.2 Norshuhada Shiratuddin & Monica Landoni
A Pilot Study in the Use of of E-Books for Learning  

10:10 7.4.3 Ian Anderson
Developing and Teaching with Computer based Courseware in History 

10:30 7.4.4 Gregory Van Hoosier-Carey & Ellen Strain
Griffith in Context: A Multimedia Exploration of "The Birth of a Nation"
10:00 7.2.2 Gillies Blanchard & Mark Olsen
Mapping 18th century structures of knowledge: the renvois system in Diderot's Encyclopédie 
10:00 7.3.2
Round table discussion on Digital Resources


10:30 7.2.3 Zainal A.Hasibuan
Multi Dimension Concept-Based Information Retrieval System

11:00 - 11:30 tea and coffee, Hunter Halls

11:30 Session 8
H13 G25 G29 Hunter Halls
Computational / Corpus Linguistics Digital Resources The Role of the Scholarly Associations in Humanities Education Posters and Demonstrations
Chair: Christian Kay
11:30 8.1
Panel session
Electronic Resources for Historical Linguistics 

8.1.1 Irené Wotherspoon 
Developing a User Interface for the Historical Thesaurus of English

8.1.2 Susan Rennie
The Electronic Scottish National Dictionary: Work in Progress
  8.1.3 Anne McDermott
Early Dictionaries of English and Historical Corpora  

12:30 Discussion

Chair: John Unsworth
11:30 8.2

Panel session 
John Unsworth, Worthy Martin, Thornton Staples & Ken Price

Supporting Digital Scholarship


Chair: Harold Short
11:30 8.3
Panel Session
Association for Literary and Linguistic Computing 

Elisabeth Burr, Laszlo Hunyadi, Susan Hockey, Stuart Lee, Lisa Lena Opas-Hänninen, Allen Renear, David Robey

11:30 8.4.1 Larry Stewart & Peter Havholm
New Tools for Learners

11:50 8.4.2 Robin Shaw
Enriching Drawing

12:10 8.4.3 Michael Hemment, Massimo Riva, Michael Papio & Giovanna Roz Gastald
Caught in the Decameron Web: New Tools for Scholars and Teachers

12:30 8.4.4 Deneka MacDonald & Stan Beeler
Like a Bird on a Wire: WWW and Remote Learners in British Columbia

13:00 ALLC AGM Room G29, English Literature, West Quad (sandwich lunch provided)
13:00 Lunch, Magnus Dining room, Refectory

14:00 buses leave for outings (see Facilities and Excursions )

18:45 buses leave for Reception, Conference dinner and ceilidh, Trades Hall, Glassford St, Glasgow

Tuesday 25/7

09: 30 Session 9
H13 G29 G25 Hunter Halls
Computational / Corpus Linguistics Text Encoding Stylistics Posters and Demonstrations
Chair: Knut Hofland
9.1.1 Michel Juillard & Xuan Luong 

On consensus between tree-representations of linguistic data
Chair: Susan Hockey

9:30 9.2
Round table discussion



Chair: Simon Horobin
9:30 9.3.1 Margaret Urban & Josef Ruppenhofer
Shouting and Screaming: Manner and Noise Verbs in Communication
9:30 9.4.1 Brian Hancock
Subject Specific Search Engines for the Humanities
9.4.2 Alejandro Curado Fuentes

The Academic vs. Subject Corpus: Development of Criteria for the Teaching of ESP according to Lexical Needs in Spanish Polytechnic courses 
10:10 9.4.3 Colin Gardner
Hyperfiction Reading Research: An Experiment in Method
10:30 9.4.4 Licia Calvi
Hyperlectures: Teaching Postmodern Culture on the Web
10:50 9.4.5 Clifford Anderson
Preservation of Emotional Tone Patterns in Human and machine Translations between English and Human French
10:00 9.1.2 Catherine Macleod, Ralph Grishman & Adam Meyers
An Electronic Lexicon of Nominalizations: NOMLEX 
10:00 9.3.2 Joseph Rudman
The style-marker mapping project: A rational and progress report 
10:30 9.1.3 Benjamin T'sou, KK Sin, Samuel Chan, Tom Lai, Lawrence Cheung, KT Ko & Gary Chan
A Jurilinguistic Application of Automatic Speech to Text Transcription
10:30 9.3.3 Milena Dobreva & Monia Camuglia
Comparative Study of the Lexical and Orthographic Variety in the Medieval Slavonic Psalter

11:00 - 11:30 tea and coffee, Hunter Halls

11:30 Closing session Room G29, English Literature, West Quad
Chair: Jean G Anderson, University of Glasgow
Plenary: Dr Marilyn Deegan, Oxford University
Next conference: Lorna Hughes, New York University
Associations: Harold Short (ALLC Chair), Allen Renear (ACH President)

13:00 Lunch


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