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Paradigms Page 3

7. General Neuter Declension

Number Sg Pl
Nom scip SHIP scipu
Acc scip scipu
Gen scipes scipa
Dat scipe scipum

You will notice that, with the exception of the Nom and Acc Pl, the endings of the General Neuter Declension are identical with those of the General Masculine Declension. Many neuter nouns are declined on this pattern, eg. bod COMMAND, gewrit WRITING etc. Many other neuter nouns are declined in almost the same way as the General Neuter Declension, but with minor modifications.

8. The -an Declension

This declension includes masculine, feminine and neuter nouns. The feminine Nom Sg ends in -e, the neuter Nom and Acc sg end in -e; otherwise they do not differ from the masculine paradigm, thus:

Number Sg Pl
Nom nama NAME naman
Acc naman naman
Gen naman namena
Dat naman namum

Like nama are guma MAN, cnapa BOY/SERVANT, and many others. Feminines include heorte HEART, tunge TONGUE, hlǣfdīge LADY, etc. There are only two neuter nouns in this declension: ēage EYE and ēare EAR. A few nouns are declined in almost the same way but with minor modifications.

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