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  1. This component of the Grammar is divided into three parts: the Noun Phrase, the Verb Phrase and Sentence Structure. Other kinds of phrase are discussed in the Paradigms section, or as they arise.

  2. Whereas the relationships between words in PDE are largely expressed by word-order, in OE these relationships are expressed to a much greater extent by special endings attached to words. These endings are called inflexions. A little thought suggests that OE and PDE are not so very different in this respect; we still use a number of inflexions today, even if we do not call them such. Thus, in the sequences TOM : TOM'S, PIG : PIG'S : PIGS, RUN : RUNS, the -S endings could be referred to as inflexions. However, it is true to say that OE has many more inflexions than PDE has. It can be compared in this respect with other languages, such as present-day German or Latin or Classical Greek.

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